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  2. One quick question... If a style is created in version 9 with this extra information, how will it appear in version 8 ?? Will 8 just ignore the additional author and quotes or will the style created in version 9 be not usable in version 8? Yes, I know I could just try it and see what happens - but others might like to have the answer who are not yet creating styles... ANSWER - It appears there is no backward compatibility with styles. A style created in version 9 can't be imported into version 8. On the other hand, styles created with version 8 are forward compatible with version 9.. Best regards, Lin
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  4. I still cannot get to all my slide styles since version 16, the scroll bar will not move. Version 15 was OK although the layout of the window looks wrong with the scroll bar within the slide style names
  5. What has happened to the Startup window?
  6. See here
  7. Stonemason, No, it (16:10) will not be removed - I don't think that is what my post is meant to insinuate. There is an inconsistency in two areas - probably an oversight - that I wanted to bring to Igor's attention. Regarding 3:2 - I think that many would agree with you. But how many readily accessible 3:2 Aspect Ratio Projectors are available in your circle of clubs? I appreciate your Comments about Exhibition Standards - it is my understanding that the PAGB is about to upgrade their standard from 1440x1050 to 1600x1200 - still 4x3. DG
  8. 4x3 is in my opinion inconsistant with most digital SLR aspect ratio's, and the default AR should be 3 x 2. A significant number of laptops, mine included have 16 x 10 AR screens, and I would be disappointed if that ratio were to be removed from PTE. As chairman of one of the major British Photographic Exhibition's exhibitions, I'd like to add that ours along with many other of the BPE exhibitions have moved to 16 x 9 AR rather than 4 x 3
  9. Igor, A couple of issues relating to Aspect Ratio: 1. In Project Options and File/New the Aspect Ratio options are 16:9; 16:10: 3:2; 4:3; 5:4 (no 1:1 ?) wheras in the Properties Tab of O&A the Aspect ratios recognized are 16:9; 3:2; 4:3; 5:4; 1:1 (no 16:10). Should these two areas be consistent in the AR that they offer? 2. The default resolutions for the Various Aspect Ratios for new projects are, again, inconsistent (IMHO). All but 4:3 are based on the 1920 wide resolution. Whilst I am unsure what is the best resolution fo 4:3 I am pretty sure that it should be upgraded from 1024x768 to something like the current 1600x1200 "standard" being proposed in the UK. DG
  10. I have just made a few tests with my given examples. Masks seem to work well now.
  11. That is strange. I think we had a similar problem some time ago where the file size was a problem. It was fixed and now it seem to be back. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks... Gary
  12. Thank you Igor. DG
  13. Since Beta 17 slide style displays author's name and commentary.
  14. We finished the code for Masks objects in Beta 17: It should work correctly now. Please check it.
  15. Beta 17 is available Download: Author of a slide style can add his name and commentary. Improved view of the Tree objects and File tree (under Windows 8/10). File view shows more files in the table view. New slide styles in Borders category. File tree shows connection and disconnection of a removable USB drive. Fixed problem with File info window in the O&A editor. Fixed problem with time positions of keyframes when objects copied/pasted between slides. Fixed problem with copying slides with linked audio clips. Fixed problem with PNG images in Mask Stencil.
  16. Greetings, Thanks all.... I looked at both of Lin's very good tutorials. I have a better understanding about using a 'Custom Window'. The problem with finding these tutorials in Lin's list is that the term 'Custom Window' is not used so my Search did not find anything. But thanks for the info. I would not have found it without your help. Gary
  17. Gary, I couldn't easily fix this problem. It somehow related with server's configuration. The current upload limit is 128 MB per file. I'll try to fix it later.
  18. PicturesToExe 9 should be released in February or March.
  19. A Multiple Choice Custom Transition with Concertina Doors effect. Concertina Doors.pteeff Choose from three options. Please use with ONLY Full Screen Images in a 16x9 Project (for now ).
  20. For anyone interested, this is what I had been trying to achieve as a Slide Style, to create a jigsaw, synced to music, for any image. A project for the future maybe..............! Regards wideangle
  21. Please try version 8.0. It has the new code for DVD burning than old version 7.5.
  22. Gary, I confirm this problem.
  23. Add several images to Slide List, Type in your Title and Apply Style. Title of Show.ptestyle The Option to include the Caption is explained in the Version 8 Online Help File on Creating Styles. This "Blank" Title Slide can be included as a First Slide in a Style and then setting Number of Slides for Beginning = 1. DG
  24. You may want to first try this: Sometimes its necessary to Save the previous version PTE project file in the current version of PTE program you are using. Sometimes PTE program advises this in a message-box when using the file in Video Builder ... but not always. * In your case, your v7.5.6 PTE file should be re-saved in the v7.510 program. Use File | Save As (with a new name) so as not to overwrite your orig project file. * Open that (v7.5.10) Save As PTE project file in Video Builder to be burned. Verify its results.
  25. i had PicturesToExe Deluxe 7.5 .6 installed on my pc and upgrade it to version 7.5. 10 and now i am unable to burn my work on to dvd. After the conversion process when it want to burn to dvd the program gives me the following error.(run time ! program ... ram files \wnsoftpicturetoexe\7.5\videobuilder\burn.exe abnormal program termin how do i fix it
  26. Seems that version 9 of PTE will be of use with this problem so does anyone know when Version 9 will be realeased?
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