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  1. FWD THREAD TO THE HELP DESK I guess back in the day we used to empty the windows temporary file folder but am not sure how with win10 out of all the membership, there is just 3 of us trying to find a fix and I am trying 2 separate towers so guess you are on your own:( ken
  2. well I guess you wont be using that feature see if you can get them individual page not there from your link but started other system win10/edge and garys collection works
  3. page not there from your link but started other system win10/edge and gary's collection works but Maureen's collection on both systems -- page not there message but individual file of Maureen works ken
  4. Mick tried with another w10/chrome works ken what happens if you click the link
  5. works for me - win10/edge ken
  6. SITE updated lot of info here Ken
  7. had to get the dust off my 3d glasses -- long time since we have seen a 3d show good job Jan ken
  8. Maureen in your second life, consider being a travel guide / teacher for photo clubs topic would be "how to compile a proper slide show" I am sure you would have full house every time!!! without a doubt this one is a keeper ken
  9. Maureen i commented at ken but has disappeared ken
  11. IN THE OLD DAYS, to watch Barry's show's he recommend you change the graphic card setting, but if you read his webpage, no change was required, everything fell in to place ken
  12. Dave we spent a great deal of time on the subject as there were only Carol,Jeff, Hawk, you and I that had the new widescreen TV's, then Ronnie came on board. Barry waited till he got to Aussie Land before he got one I believe - then he picked your brain:) I forgot, Al Robinson from Ottawa -- he had the best of all --widescreen tv + a projector -- he was going on a tour to Texas stopped in Brantford at Hawk's then on to Sarnia -- we traded cd's and he carried on to texas -- shot birds there then head north up the west coast then turned East back to Ottawa. up till then I had gone to an av shop - they gave me a projector room c/w a 100" screen to put my shows on - when I got my 37" Panasonic my wife was amazed to be able to read DaveG's mail 10 ft away:) a different time for sure ken
  13. ALSO SEE RATIO&sortby=relevancy&search_in=titles Ken