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  1. Stonemason, No, it (16:10) will not be removed - I don't think that is what my post is meant to insinuate. There is an inconsistency in two areas - probably an oversight - that I wanted to bring to Igor's attention. Regarding 3:2 - I think that many would agree with you. But how many readily accessible 3:2 Aspect Ratio Projectors are available in your circle of clubs? I appreciate your Comments about Exhibition Standards - it is my understanding that the PAGB is about to upgrade their standard from 1440x1050 to 1600x1200 - still 4x3. DG
  2. Igor, A couple of issues relating to Aspect Ratio: 1. In Project Options and File/New the Aspect Ratio options are 16:9; 16:10: 3:2; 4:3; 5:4 (no 1:1 ?) wheras in the Properties Tab of O&A the Aspect ratios recognized are 16:9; 3:2; 4:3; 5:4; 1:1 (no 16:10). Should these two areas be consistent in the AR that they offer? 2. The default resolutions for the Various Aspect Ratios for new projects are, again, inconsistent (IMHO). All but 4:3 are based on the 1920 wide resolution. Whilst I am unsure what is the best resolution fo 4:3 I am pretty sure that it should be upgraded from 1024x768 to something like the current 1600x1200 "standard" being proposed in the UK. DG
  3. Thank you Igor. DG
  4. A Multiple Choice Custom Transition with Concertina Doors effect. Concertina Doors.pteeff Choose from three options. Please use with ONLY Full Screen Images in a 16x9 Project (for now ).
  5. Add several images to Slide List, Type in your Title and Apply Style. Title of Show.ptestyle The Option to include the Caption is explained in the Version 8 Online Help File on Creating Styles. This "Blank" Title Slide can be included as a First Slide in a Style and then setting Number of Slides for Beginning = 1. DG
  6. The Style Folder contained everything needed (and more ) but it needed assistance from the user (me) to change the linked status to Master in the first slide. Perhaps Igor will come up with something. DG
  7. Wideangle, if it is any help we have already established that the video is contained within the Style that you posted. In fact the Style contains two videos. Were they both intended to be used? DG
  8. I have updated the "Framing Triptych Universal" and "Framing Triptych Horizontal Uni" Styles to cure a couple of small Problems which were pointed out. Thanks. DG
  9. Bob, Does changing the transition on slide 1 to a Quick Transition solve it? A title slide with no transition should do what you want. DG
  10. More Triptychs. First a Universal Vertical Triptych Style: Framing Triptych Universal.ptestyle Add a single image which is the Same Aspect Ratio as the Project. Next, a Universal Horizontal Triptych Style: Framing Triptych Horizontal Uni.ptestyle Add a single image which is the Same Aspect Ratio as the Project. Next a Demo of the Horizontal Triptych Style: Framing Triptych Horizontal Demo.ptestyle Add 2 16x9 Images to a 16x9 Project.
  11. http://www.slideshowclub.com/search/?type=downloads_file&q=colombia DG
  12. Lin, He is right. There are W10 Laptops which refuse to allow certain software to use the dedicated graphics cards rather than the basic built in card. I think that it might be something related to whether or not the laptop is connected to an external monitor via HDMI. DG.
  13. To get an exact Size/Aspect Ratio use Properties / Native Size. Then (if required) in the Animation Tab click on the "100%" text in ZOOM and choose Original Size. DG
  14. It could be that this part of the code is "unfinished"? DG
  15. Wideangle, After a bit of fiddling I got it to work - see the other thread. Suggestion - why not offer it sans Music and let the User add his own and synchronise to any piece of music? It would reduce the File Size of the Style from 6Mb down to a couple of Kb and make it a much more flexible option. The Jigsaw pieces are great but it is a lot of hassle to get the music "right". DG