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  1. Igor this will be a extremely useful feature & should be your next priority after getting a MAC version working. A lot of other AV software uses this & it could also entice video workers to switch to PTE. Jill Gary, I have found it under Project Options/Advanced tab. I also have no idea what for/when it would be used. Jill
  2. What I was asking is can a ptshow be run from action on mouse click if people only male that. I am happy with the idea of making the player available as a download. Jill
  3. Igor will we still be able to create a menu with this option. ie Action on mouse click - run application? Jill
  4. Jeff, if you read my post again you will see that I suggest that the order is user definable. Igor can set it up in his order but the user can change it. I agree that a floating palette would be better than what we have now. I spend too much time scrolling up and down. Jill
  5. Igor, If it is at all possible to implement then could we have User Selectable order of items? Like in Preferences/Toolbars the user can select the order & position of the items. In O&A if I am working with Text then I want the Shadow to be at the top of the Tab so it is easy to find. If working with Video I want the Video options to be at the top. If making a Menu then I want the 'Action on Mouse Click' at the top. If we could set up different orders & save them as presets as we can with Toolbars then this would help greatly. Also with the Animation Tab. 99% of the time it is the Opacity I want to change & this is at the bottom, so I have to keep scrolling. Pan, Zoom etc I change with the mouse in the preview so for me they could go at the bottom. Different people work in different ways, so to make the position of the item order changeable by the user would be very useful. Jill
  6. The 22nd Great Northern Festival took place over the weekend of 2nd to 4th December. There were a total of 49 entries, 46 made using PTE. The introduction sequence made use of the new Modifiers & Masks in PTE 9 Form more details and link to Results see post in 'AV events & Festivals' Here Jill
  7. The results of the 22nd Great Northern Festival are now available Here It was a great weekend with people attending from all over the UK, Ireland & the Netherlands. The Sequence played to Introduce the judges can be seen on our website www.gnfestival.org.uk It makes use of the new Modifier feature in PTE 9 & also text stencil Masks feature. Jill
  8. I agree this could be a very useful feature. My way round it at the moment is to move the time bar to where I want the next transition to begin, look at the exact time as shown in the play bar below the mini preview window. Then drag the next slide to roughly that position and manually adjust it's start time in the box at the left of the timeline window. But being able to drop in markers at various points would be better. Jill
  9. Ok I Spoke too soon I opened up another PTE window, which automatically tried to open up the Template that I just created above. It says I have missing files!!! It looks like I still have some pointing to the old Template that I have finally managed to delete. Maybe that is why I couldn't delete the Template until I had saved it as a new one. Jill
  10. Igor, I think I have found the reason for the duplicate files. I have muted the video sound & then added the sound via the Timeline. However the sound file in the Timeline was picking up the old Template file. So even though I had changed the video it was still using the old sound. I have now been able to create a Template. After creating the new Template it has now let me delete the old Template folder!! So hopefully everything is now OK Jill
  11. I have just tried to delete the old Template from my Templates Folder. It first says I need to provide Administrator permission to delete it, I click OK. It then says I need permission from Owner-PC - I have never seen this message before when deleting files Jill
  12. Igor, there is still something very strange going on with this project & Templates. Last night I completely removed the video from two slides following the problems in the posts above. I reinserted the video on both slides making sure that it was picking up the file from the same place E:\My Pictures\...... I set the first slide to be 'Master Video' & the second slide to be 'linked video' I saved the Project with a new name. The .exe file created correctly & the video played as expected. Today I opened up PTE with the same project that was saved with the new name last night. Both slides have the correct path name in O&A - E:\My Pictures\...... but when I try to create a Template I get the message saying there are two files with same name. It is still somehow looking for the old file in the Templates folder. The Template that created last night (see above posts) was Spotlight-New-4.pt But it thinks there is a file in Templates\SpotlightV9b12-Start-3d.pt I attach the latest .pte file Spotlight-New-4a-b8.pte Jill
  13. I have just opened the Template that I created earlier & the video file is still showing a blank file path. Also it shows the video as 'Single video clip' when it should be a 'Master Video' on Slide 1 & 'linked video' on slide 2 Jill
  14. Hi Dave, No I don't have 'do not include in exe' ticked. The video is included in the Template but when I run the .exe where the video should be it shows 'missing file' See bug report HERE Jill
  15. Igor, I have just downloaded beta 8 & tried to make a Template of the above project. It has created the Template this time, but when I create an .exe with beta 8 the same video file (as above) is missing in the .exe It runs correctly in Preview. When I look in O&A the video does not have a file path & even if I try to change it it still shows blank in the path name. Jill