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  1. What has happened to the Startup window?
  2. See here
  3. I have just made a few tests with my given examples. Masks seem to work well now.
  4. No, they do not. One instance goes up to about 1.5 GB. The two others are significantly smaller. Here is another example, a project with only 6 images of low resolution. The screen shot was made short time after after the crash. I repeated this experiment while setting the frame rate from 60 down to 30. Then PTE did not crash, but encoding stopped at 5.1%, while the Time Remaining seemed the grow up to infinity.
  5. I'm sorry, but it did not work. I tried two times to create an UHD video. Both sequences have about 70 slides. In one example the images have between 8 and 10 MP, in the second example the images have 16 MP. In both cases the encoder crashes, see attached screen shot.
  6. - Would it mean that the future players have to be compatible to all kinds of presentations that have been created years before? - I don't think that I can expect from my friends (who do not work with PTE) to install this player software. Why should they do so? - It might not be good to send a new presentation to other people, as you do not know if it will be run with an outdated player.
  7. The O&A button typically is grey when you have selected more that one slide in the slide list or in the timeline.
  8. You can highlight groups of slides in the slide list, open the slide options, and give them all a common time.
  9. Die Version 9 von PicturesToExe steht nun bald vor der Tür. Für Neu-Einsteiger bietet die VHS im Norden Münchens am 29. April 2017 hierzu einen ganztägigen Workshop an: PicturesToExe - Fotos mit Musik präsentieren und mehr Nähere Informationen gibt es hier .
  10. Ein Blick ins englische Forum zeigt, dass inzwischen der Beta-Test der Version 9 in vollem Gange ist. Es sollte daher keine Ewigkeit mehr dauern, bis PicturesToExe 9 verfügbar sein wird
  11. Two remarks on the article on "Framing". I do not see a strong reason why the concept of "Splitter" is outlined in this section on Framing. Furthermore the Splitter is still a subject of development, and I have doubts that a renamed frame will be the final solution. IMO, using "Image Crop" in order to create a non-standard AR is not the best solution. It is not that easy to achieve a particular AR via Image Crop, and the cropped parts of the image are definitively lost for Framing. An arbitrary AR like 17:10 can be easily obtained by using Aspect Crop, and entering 1.7 or 17:10 with the keyboard; and in this case you still can make use of the cropped parts while using Framing.
  12. Question: Do you think that this is a good decision? At least one German competitor offers UHD video export, and other competitors may follow. More and more people buy UHD TVs which may include appropriate media players. Why not offering UHD video export?
  13. I would like to make a few remarks on playback and performance. I did my testing with a sequence including heavy animations. In order to avoid micro jerking, I had to choose 60 FPS; other settings: FullHD, Bit rate 16000, Two pass encoding. With standard settings, only WMP (Windows Media Player) gives me smooth results. I did not manage to find suitable settings for VLC (which still has (solvable) range problems with Nvidia cards), so I do not use this player. After modifying the settings for output and video decoding for MPC-HC, this player also provides very good results. Visually, I do not notice any difference in the quality of images between H.264/420, H.265/420, or H.265/422. WMP does not play H.265/422 (only the audio part, screen remains black). On my desktop computer (i7, Geforce GTX660): WMP and MPC-HC both work well with H.264/420 and H.265/420. MPC-HC also does a good job with H.265/422. What about my 2 notebooks? I have a heavy gaming notebook (i7, Nvidia GTX770M), and a small one (Pentium N3700, intel graphics). H.264/420 (FullHD, 60 FPS) runs well on both machines using both players (WMP and MPC-HC). H.265/420 works well on the gaming notebook, while H.265/422 does not. On the small notebook it is the other way round. H.265/422 runs well, while H.265/420 does not. I have no idea why this happens. So being on the safe side, I presently tend to prefer H.264.
  14. In the project options we see the following presets 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 16:10, 16:9 (missing: 1:1), while for Aspect Crop we have 1:1, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 (missing: 16:10). Why not having all of them in both cases: 1:1, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 16:10, 16:9 (given in the same order)
  15. I do not understand what you say If you have an image with AR 4:3 without any Aspect crop, Framing Y does not have any effect. But if you apply Aspect Cop and change the AR to 3:2, Framing Y has an effect.