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  3. Display slide number

    I'm working on one I agree, George. I'm working on one right now for our 60th anniversary. Great walk down memory lane.
  4. I have found an interesting possibility in the creation of Caption Styles. If the Text from which the "Text Comment" is made is split into three lines then the Style Application window looks something like this: Note the lines which separate the three sections of the Text Comment. If these lines are preserved then any amount of text can be placed in each of the three sections to produce the end result - a Text Comment in three lines. (Yes I know that you can do it manually). Another tool for Style Makers?
  5. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    OK, great!
  6. Error message

    I was working tonight on a Powerpoint type presentation using PTE with a lot of slides, but no music. Its set up for keyboard operation. I adjusted some text with PTE 9.0.12 and saved the project. The attached error message appeared when I went to publish a show for PC and overwrite the previous exe. The only way I could stop this error message appearing was to re-boot my PC. The save of the project file was fine. It's only happened this one time and I have been working on this project for 2 weeks on and off at least. The only difference is, this morning I installed the test version 9.0.12 Windows 7
  7. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    I tried it on the same project that I found it and all is well. The cursor stays where I place it Many thanks
  8. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Thanks, Jean-Cyprien, Have a pleasant weekend!
  9. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Hi Igor, This new version is OK for me. (And the behaviour of the indexes is correct too). Thanks, and have a good Week End !
  10. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Barry, Please try a new test version: http://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe If everything is OK, I will publish final v9.0.12 on Monday.
  11. Slideshowclub-can not upload a show

    Greetings Igor, Do you see any corrections for this problem? The Slideshowclub currently states that the max size is '273.44MBs'. It is frustrating trying to figure out what can and can not be uploaded. If this can not be fixed (or even increased beyond the 273.44MBs), it would be helpful for the Slideshowclub site to show the true max size for uploads so we don't have to guess or waste time trying to upload shows that are not within the max size limits. Sincerely, Gary
  12. Index of Main object [SOLVED]

    I'm glad! Thanks for the confirmation.
  13. Index of Main object [SOLVED]

    HI Igor, YES, it works as " I " expect ! That is also, as PTE8 worked, and - as you have noted - as the first versions of PTE9 worked (for exemple 9.0.5) Thanks very much ! (A lot of time saved for me !)
  14. Index of Main object [SOLVED]

    Hi Jean-Cyprien, Please try the updated version: http://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe Does it work as you expect with main image indexes?

    Jose, PTE 9 uses same video encoder as PTE 8, it's only newer version. We use default parameters for the video encoder and we set only a few parameters. Anyway we can't do anything with a problem which you described. Sorry. As I understand this situation, it's not guaranteed that any two MP4 video file (even encoded with same parameters) can be joined correctly. I will check again with different parameters later. Try to reproduce this problem with as possible short projects and then send me these 2 projects with all files in a ZIP archive.

    Igor, With former PTE 8, MP4 Joiner always worked 100% correct with my MP4 files always encoded with 2 pass mode, I never used Quality mode. So the problem is not with MP4 Joiner, neither with MKV Toolnix, but with PTE9. I am not interested to create 2 short sample projects, I have my own big projects to join and I would expect to join them but this is not possible using the usual MP4 Joiner or even MKV Toolnix. In this meantime I can let you know that I succeeded to join my projects using a VLC command line which I discovered in the Internet, and it worked perfectly. Point is that PTE9 has something new which does not allow MP4 Joiner to work. Yes, you already said, PTE9 uses different encoders, but I suspect these new encoders have some kind of problem, much anoying, not to speak of my other problem concerning the ghosts, as I already reported you some months ago, including some samples I sent you. May be you should like to receive my actual big PTE9 projects which I want to join. I could send them to you by WE TRANSFER, and you could analyze them. Best regards, Jose
  17. Display slide number

    Ahh, a trip down Memory Lane. Though not actually relevant to your actual question, I did something similar to your project the other year. However before showing some photos from our wedding, I first showed some of the things that were happening in the year we got married. Here in the UK, Junctions 1 - 4 of the M4 motorway were opened (the English section of this motorway was not completed for another six years), the 70mph limit on our Motorways was introduced, and on the railways we had 1,071 miles of track torn up. Hanging for murder was initially temporarily introduced and we had a Bread Strike. Oh and The Beatles played to 56,000 fans in New York's Shea Stadium. I included other news items that I thought would be of interest to family and for a soundtrack used music that were in the Charts in that year, edited so that I had around 40 seconds of each track then segued into the next. Rather than just leaving those old photos gathering dust in an album somewhere, putting together audio visuals highlighting some of those old memories is on my 'to do' list. I just need that kick-start to get going. George

    Jose, I performed quick testing of MP4 Joiner and MKV Toolnix. Both software utilities could work with PTE 9 MP4 files. I created two short test projects (2 slides). Default video parameters (1920 x 1080, High quality, 30p). Can you perform same test with 2 short projects? I'm not sure that MP4 Joiner should work correctly with MP4 files which were encoded with 2 pass mode.
  19. Slide Styles [SOLVED]

    Hi Igor, The "Sorting" problem seems to be resolved now - thanks!! DG
  20. Slide Styles [SOLVED]

    Dave, We fixed this problem today. Please try a new test version: http://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe
  21. Index of Main object [SOLVED]

    Hi Jean-Cyprien, Thanks, I've understood.
  22. Multi images in slide style

    Thanks Gary for confirming this. I was not sure if it was just my computer or not, I hope Igor can fix this in PTE10. Bert
  23. Display slide number

    Apologies for late reply. Here is a Style which does it for Single Slides OR the whole project at once. It places the Slide Number in the Bottom Left Corner. If you want it someplace else, just reposition it and create another Style with a different name. Be aware that Styles will overwrite any existing Animation in a Slide Soooooooooooo.... either apply this as a first step in constructing a show Orrrrrrrrrrrr....... incorporate it into any other Style that you use. Slide Number.ptestyle DG
  24. I have a Google Nexus 5x android phone. The internal camera sensor is mounted upside down (thanks Google) and some video players do not read sensor orientation metadata and play the video upside down. I have used PTE in the past to rotate the video in OA and publish the fixed version. If it's possible to add to add a rotate feature to the video converter I would give it a +1 vote. Thanks, Tom
  25. Barry, Doesn't it depend on which fish you like to eat? I just don't understand why anyone would make comments that are not supportive of someone's suggestion, unless there is some misunderstanding of the problem. If it does not affect them, why make a negative response? I am just a normal user of the program and like to make it more intuitive than it is. Minimizing someone's suggestion might tend to damper others from making suggestions or asking for help. As I said, just trying to make the PTE better. At least, Lin brought to our attention that there must be something wrong with the rotate feature in Slides. Gary
  26. Convert Videos-Allow rotation

    Yes I did minimise what you requested, but we all can't think alike can we. I think there are much bigger fish to fry.
  27. Display slide number

    Thanks for the help.
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