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  2. Gary, Check new PTE 10.0.2. We fixed issue with freezing of a video converter when source and destination file names were same.
  3. PTE AV Studio 10.0.2 is available Dowload: https://files.wnsoft.com/pteavstudio/pteavstudio-setup.exe Or use Auto Update feature: Main menu > Help > Check for Free Updates. Added support of video files as audio clips in a project without visible video clips in EXE shows. Fixed problem with remembering of parameters for an applied slide style when same style chosen again. Fixed problem with not always working Lock All Tracks command. Minor improvements in a video converter.
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  5. Thanks, I'll remove Slide number option from next update 10.0.2. It will be available only for status bar. You'll need to press Reset button to update your existing toolbar configuration to hide this deactivated option. New installation of PTE will appear without this option.
  6. Good idea, Igor, as I may have forgotten the work-around next time it happens to me. And many other users can have the same issue. But first, the efforts are devoted to the much awaited Mac version, right?
  7. Igor

    Mac file

    Thanks, Lin, for detailed explanation. Projects files of PTE 9 and 10 are mainly compatible (excluding slides with certain slide styles). You can create your project in PTE 10 and then open it in PTE 9 to build the executable show for macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlier (not for Catalina). You can use your existing license key from PTE 10 to activate PTE 9.0.22. Later when Mac version of PTE 10 is ready, you will able use PTE 10 for Mac shows.
  8. I see this question with same file names raises periodically. So probably we'll solve this issue in future version. PTE will rename duplicating file names automatically.
  9. Continue using PTE 9 when you want to produce a Mac App until the Macintosh version of PTE is released. Yes, it works on the current Macintosh OS but it will NOT work on the latest Mac operating system which is yet to be released. This is why the feature was discontinued. There are major changes being made to Mac which will make what version 9 can create obsolete. The developers have GOOD reasons for discontinuing - you'll have to take the developer's word - they know what they are doing.. Best regards, Lin
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  11. I was able to trim both sections of video with PTE 10. The mediainfo time of playback was a few mSec different than displayed by PTE 10 and in Word document. 1:02:20 0:36.240 Gary's MPG file lost audio when trimming blank begin and end sections. All of the tests were very fast due to hardware encoding. Tom Windows 10 Ryzen 7 2700x Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB
  12. With Inherited opacity for child objects the result will be same like if you add several objects into a Mask container in PTE 10 and then adjust opacity of Mask container. It means one united alpha for all child objects.
  13. Hi, We had no choice for this. Old executable player for Mac doesn't work on new macOS Catalina. I can offer you alternate solution for Macs with previous macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlier: 1. Create new projects in PTE 10. 2. Install PTE 9.0.22 using your existing key from PTE 10 or PTE 9. 3. Open your project created in PTE 10 in old PTE 9 and build a Mac show for macOS 10.14 Mojave. Projects in general are compatible between PTE 9 and PTE 10.
  14. Hi, Removing the feature "create Mac-executable..." wasnt good thing. It was crucial thing on my workflow; I did presentation on Windows desktop workstation and used my mac laptop to present the show. Now its impossible
  15. PetriP

    Mac file

    PtE v9 was able to produce Mac-version that worked just fine with the latest Mac Os. This was crucial element on my worklfow. I did presentations on Windows desktop pc and used my Mac laptop to present them. Now its impossible - making video is not a valid solution.
  16. Sorry, but it is not clear to me if your answer refers to the first part of my question (single alpha channel), or to the second part (all objects with their own alpha channels)
  17. Of course, yes. It's the most important condition for this feature.
  18. Last week
  19. It is not the solution, but try "hide child objects" MUR
  20. I guess we have a real clue. My context is roughly the same. Video 8 tapes converted to DVD format (I don't know by what tool, but could ask). VOB files converted to MPG files and / or MP4 files (Format Factory software). One difference, I've not observed the loss of the sound track, but I've not really checked
  21. Will it work with a common alpha channel (as we have it when using a mask); or will each object have its own alpha channel?
  22. Hi Igor, What I observe occurs with MP4 format and MPG format as well. You underline several questions and you are right: Trimming not accurate: this is true. In the past I used Pinnacle and the cut was decided at the image level. This is fantastic. But for the present job I do not need that precision and I'm not willing to implement such a sophisticated software for simply cutting pieces of videos dedicated to be integrated in PTE projects. But at the present moment, its a bit more than not very accurate ... This is not my main concern and I could cope with "not accurate" cuts. The main concern is that I place start and end points, but the video is converted entirely (often, not always) exactly as if the start and end points did not exist. My second question was about loss in quality. As I just want to cut pieces of videos, it is unusefull to reincode them. As much as the original file is not very good quality, a Video 8 format from the 80's converted to a poor dvd format...
  23. Hi Barry, I just watched your learning video and I must say that it's greatly and clearly explains how to use PTE AV Studio 10 to create a simple Audiovisual show. Thank you! Hope to see the next chapter about the Objects and animation editor!
  24. Igor, Here is a link to a short video clip where I have a problem doing a Convert/Trim. It is a clip that I captured from a Hi8 video tape using a Roxio Capture device. It converts to MPG format. When I try to trim off the initial portion and part of the ending (in a Convert/Trim process), many times the Trim sections remain and it just converts the entire clip, with no Trimming. And, many times when it does manage to Trim the clip, the audio portion is not there. So, it could be just a problem using the Roxio to capture analog video. But just in case you want to see the problem, here is the video clip. Not a big problem for most but it is for me since I have a lot of Hi8 tapes to bring into PTE. If you are curious: https://send.firefox.com/download/fdcb690cb00e1fa5/#LWv-pD-NWYvBUt8Ug2tjqw Gary
  25. Jill, Yes, I understand and agree. I also want to add this feature soon. Just we had many internal discussions, how to better implement it. Alternate solution for all existing versions: using of a Mask container and control opacity of a Mask object for all embedded child objects. The most likely it will be an option for any object: "Inherit opacity for child objects".
  26. Yes please, this will be a big Plus. The project I am currently working on I have a group of objects - in a frame that I want to change opacity at the same time. Now I have to select each individual object & change it's opacity. To be able to adjust the parent & have all the objects change together would be a big time saver. Perhaps have a new type of frame that will allow inherited opacity? Jill
  27. Sheer magic Thank you to you both. I have changed the names of my two 'remote' instances of the "RondRouge" image (instead of only one of them previously) and copied one into my current project Folder, alongside my new images. Then I asked to "Create the backup in ZIP" and it worked perfectly. I was almost there but not quite, and now realise that the "local" folder of the project takes precedence for all objects scattered around my disk. Great. A big thank you, again.
  28. Follow orizaba's advice and create the new folder with all images. Then change the names of the original folders (temporarily) and copy your new project file to the new folder. When you open it, PTE will not find the images in the old places, but it will find them in its own folder. Save the project file, and PTE will change the paths. Then you may rename the original folders again.
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