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  2. Sample video files

    Hi, We're testing new video decoders for future PicturesToExe. Please send me couple of your sample video files (up to 1-3 minutes) which you use with PicturesToExe 9, and especially those files which didn't work correctly with PicturesToExe 9. Add a note a source about a video (camera model).
  3. Bitdefender blocks Slideshowclub

    We apologize for this problem. It's a false positive. I just asked BitDefenders developers to fix this problem. You can help speed up the solution, if you submit your report here: https://www.bitdefender.com/submit/
  4. Yesterday
  5. Bitdefender blocks Slideshowclub

    It'a a false positive - write or email them and let them know... Best regards, Lin
  6. Hi Igor Now Bitdefender is blocking me Slideshowclub, because of Malware threat and it does not allow me the option to continue. I have been using Bitdefender for many years. MUR
  7. Free Music Resource

    Some more brand new tracks for everyone... On my new Dark/Ominous 2 page: "Creepy Street Performer" (looping) http://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ On my Events/Travel 2 page: "Over Haunted Lands" http://soundimage.org/events-travel-2/ On my Funny 4 page: "Strange Toy Trains" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/funny-4/ Enjoy!
  8. OUT AND ABOUT - New slideshow

    Great pictures with wonderful lighting. Thanks for sharing. Roger.
  9. Last week
  10. Hi jt, Having several tracks is not a problem for me, but I undestand easily your preference. That said, as you, I don't understand why it is not possible to link several files to the same slide in the timeline when at the same time, it is possible to do it in the Project options, even if it is red marked. So, I agree with your recommendation.
  11. How to unzip files larger than 4 GB?

    Igor, thank you, it worked now with a 4,35 GB zip file. But I remember that in the past I tried 7-Zip with some other zip PTE files and it did not work. Is there any conditions where 7-Zip does not work? Size limit, for example? Regards, Jose
  12. OUT AND ABOUT - New slideshow

    Thank you boys for your comments. Appreciated. Maureen
  13. I'm sorry to say that I have deleted my topic from yesterday accidentally. So here, I post it again Maybe, that this topic has been discussed before, I don't remember? In the Timeline it isn't possible to link 2 or more audio clips to the same slide. I have often asked myself why this "feature" has been introduced. I don't see any reason for this restriction. In fact, we can circumvent this restriction, as in the Project Options (Audio tab) we really can link several clips from one track to the same slide (marked red, but it works). I often make use of it. I typically cut commentary into very short clips. So I often have 2 or more clips that belong to the same slide, and I want to link them all to this slide. Placing the clips on different track would be awkward. My recommendation for the actions in the Timeline: Allow 2 or more clips from the same track to be linked to the same slide. ------------- There have been 2 replies: 1. jkb just said "+1". (That's fine ) 2. Jean-Cyprien pointed out that it is possible to link several clips to the same slide, provided that they are located on different tracks. He also asks, why I regard the placement of clips to different tracks as awkward. My reply to Jean-Cyprien: From my original post it should be clear that I know how linking works. Regarding a situation as awkward is a matter of personal taste. I prefer to keep my timeline as clear and tidy as possible. And for me a smaller number of tracks is helpful with regard to this aspect. Let me say it again: IMO it does not make any sense to have the present restriction on linking when working in the Timeline. It just seems to be a feature that sometimes forces us to have more audio tracks than we really need
  14. OUT AND ABOUT - New slideshow

    Maureen your thighs must be stiff doing all that climbing, but the end result was worth it:) full screen manual control, but this is one show that pausing is not recommended -- play it again Sam! ken
  15. OUT AND ABOUT - New slideshow

    What can one say - just stunning! Mickp
  16. How to unzip files larger than 4 GB?

    Try free 7-ZIP: https://www.7-zip.org/ We use it frequently.
  17. Is there a way to unzip files larger than 4 GB? I know that in this case we must make a TEMPLATE, ok. Problem is that before knowing this, years ago I made some ZIPs and now I can not find a way to unzip them in order to access respective PTE projects. In case there is no way, I think that PTE should make it impossible to make such ZIPs, since there is no way to unzip. Thanks.
  18. OUT AND ABOUT - New slideshow

    Maureen never disappoints. DG
  19. OUT AND ABOUT - New slideshow

    Beautiful images taken n beautiful light and put together in a beautiful AV production. Looks like nice places to be "out and about" to. Thanks Maureen
  20. A random selection of slides taken whilst 'out and about' during the winter months. Res: 1920:1200 Keyboard control enabled. https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/509-out-and-about/ Maureen
  21. Sound Problem

    Thank you Jill and jt49 for your help Canico
  22. Discontinuity in space-time

    Very good idea Denis
  23. No, that will not work either. Sorry.
  24. You might be able to do it with a Style in which case it is a one click operation for 20 slides. I will check later.
  25. Hi Yes, we can .... add a click sound in the sound track; But let's assume you want to simultate a quick shooting burst with, lets say 10 or 20 pictures, in that case you have to add 20 times the click sound in the track and make it as comment to each slide; Instead, it would be easier to apply a custom transition to 20 slides at the same time...
  26. Thanks to everybody. To Stephen Hawking, for his great contribution to the understanding of space-time and his sense of humor, despite such a terrible illness. MUR
  27. Discontinuity in space-time

    LOL - Beautiful !!!! Best regards, Lin
  28. Animated 3D Music Video using PicturesToExe

    Brilliant. Very Very clever. Someone with loads of imagination and time. Very enjoyable. Roger.
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