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  2. Igor, Super fantastic!!! Thanks for working through this problem and getting it fixed. Gary
  3. See Settings / Preferences / System - Double Click Options. Whatever you set there will be Bold.
  4. Very minor, but just a couple of little inconsistencies in my view. Start a new project and drop a jpg into the slide list. When you right-click the slide, "Slide Options" is displayed in Bold. Why? Similarly, if you right-click in a blank area of the slide list, "Audio comment" is in black. Shouldn't it be greyed out because there is no audio comment present? (Same applies when you are in timeline view.) Regards wideangle
  5. Double click on the audio and then double click on the offset
  6. I like this. New audio tools like this one, and also separating audio from video, continue to make PTE more powerful, and reduce the need to use third-party software. Regards wideangle
  7. Nice feature, but may be it would be nice to have a "synchronise" option to synchroniseagain audio and video when we move audio by mistake. I did this mistake several times, and I had to delete the audio file and extract it again, loosing all my trimings.
  8. Hi Igor thanks for this very nice and useful feature
  9. Yes, it's very fast now Thanks Igor
  10. Yesterday
  11. This is a practical and very useful addition, especially for when I make mistakes, and I make lots of those
  12. Thanks Igor - just wanted to clarify that for everyone.
  13. In previous Beta versions for certain large JPEG images fullscreen Preview could start with a long delay (5-10 seconds of waiting). Now in Beta 15 Preview should start very fast, as in PTE 9. We optimized reading of EXIF tags in large JPEG images.
  14. Greetings, I've never used the 'Cut Transition' function. However, I just noticed that when you are in the Slides View in V9 it does not appear in the right-click menu window. But it does appear in the Slides Views in Beta15 (but does not seem to do anything and perhaps it shouldn't). But it is confusing that it shows up in Beta15 Slides View. Gary
  15. Nice new command ! Congratulations, and thanks a lot.
  16. Dave, All operations in the Timeline view are traditionally virtual. No real changes in audio files. For EXE file you can use an option "Convert audio tracks to single MP3" in the Project Options > Audio tab. It will optimize size of audio in a final EXE file (all tracks will be mixed into single audio clip).
  17. One question..... In an EXE where an Audio Clip has been split what is included in the EXE - The whole clip or just the parts that are used?? DG
  18. OK, I will rename it to "Split Audio Clip". Glad that your like this new feature
  19. Thank you very much Igor for this very useful feature !
  20. Yes, 'Split' seems to be the common term. Gary
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