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  2. Please forgive me - but I've scoured the forums and can't find this topic anywhere. If it's here - if someone would be so kind as to guide me to it. I'm using 9.0.22 on Windows 10, and when I publish to HD Video, or Video for Mobile Devices - the audio does not play. When I publish to an executable - it works, no problem. Is there a setting or issue I'm missing? Sorry - I'm still a bit of a newbie. Thanks for any help in advance. Melanie
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  4. Hi, Tell me in more details. 1. Do you mean Publish option, creation of a MP4 video from your project? 2. What pixel size of your video? 1920 x 1080, 30p? What time duration? 3. What version of PicturesToExe? 4. Check Task Manager for CPU loading from other apps.
  5. MP4 conversion has slowed down drastically taking hours to convert fairly short shows
  6. Bert, OK. If you choose again "Windowed..." mode in the Screen tab, you can find a special text field "Caption of the show". Clear any text from this text field and set back "Fullscreen" mode.
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  8. Me too, like Pierre, would like to know during the process of creating a slideshow, whether a certain file (photo or video) has already been used or not ; This is to avoid unwanted repeats. The bold apppearance of file names is a good visual aid, but is limited to files directly inserted via the Timeline, and does not apply to embedded objects via "Objects and Animation".
  9. Pierre, I agree and I have asked for this in the past. I'd also like to know which files have been used in the show, whether Main or not. I'd like to delete some of the unused files but not necessarily all unused files. Having to create a Template or do a Backup In Zip does not really address the problem. If every image/file had some indication that it has been used in the show, it would be most helpful. Gary
  10. Hi Igor, This morning I decided to take a new look at it. I remembered that before the show I am working on now, I had made a show with only panorama images and had in "Project Options" changed the screen size to 3:1 (1920x640). When I started with the show I am working on now, I changed the screen size back. BUT I found out that instead of to change it back to "Full Screen" I had changed it to "Windowed with Borders" and this made for the confusing "New Project 1" screen showing up on top of my PTE screen. I have set the screen size now to "Full Screen" and everything looks O.K.now. Thanks for responding. Bert
  11. Bert, Tell me in more details, add a screenshot. I'm not sure that I rightly understood this problem.
  12. An alternative way to go: Create a "Backup in Zip". Unzip the backup to a new folder. In most cases this folder contains what you want to see. There may arise problems in cases where the images come from different folders, and if these folders contain objects with identical names.
  13. You can do this automatically by creating a Template when your project is finished. All USED objects are saved to a folder specified by you in Manage Templates. The completed project can then be instantly opened at any time (without the unused objects) from the File/ Templates Menu. DG
  14. In the file list, when an image file is used by the project, the name is in bold characters, only when the image is inserted in the file list on the Main window, but not when the image is inserted by add object in Main O&A Window. This would be helpful, when your project is finished, you can easily remove the unused images (filename in not-bold characters). Is this possible? Thanks Pierre
  15. You might also try some blur at the end of the fade out and start of the fade in. DG
  16. I have worked for some time on a show, and after making changes have renamed the show with: Name A, Name B, etc. After the last save, when I work on the show now and use the "little Bread" button or the "Preview Button" on the top, the preview starts in a new window on top of the PTE screen that I am working on. And it is called "project 1". When I use the preview button with the 4 arrows, it works as it should be and the preview is in full screen. I have reinstalled PTE 9-22 but that did not help. Maybe I have changed a setting but having checked everything I can not find what the reason for this "Project 1" preview can be. Any ideas????? Bert
  17. Dave, You came through with your transition just as I had sussed it out using a white rectangle. I see you used a simpler way round for the fade through white. The only thing I didn't do was add the speed modifiers - brilliant, thanks again for putting me on the right track. Lin, I see where you're coming from too - thanks.
  18. Two Fade Transitions: Advanced Fade will Fade through whatever colour is set for background of the two slides: Advanced Fade .pteeff Fade Through White will fade through white regardless of the BG colour for the two slides. Fade Through White.pteeff DG
  19. Create a new Fade CT and add a White Rectangle below Slide 1 and Slide 2. You cannot edit the existing Fade Transition DG
  20. Hi, You need to change the background from the default black to white. Best regards, Lin
  21. I'm trying to alter the fade transition from fading through black to fading through white. I assume this needs a new custom transition to be generated but I'm not having any luck editing the existing (built in) fade. Any pointers please?
  22. I do use the ratio 16/10 a lot, not so much because my graphic computer screen (LaCie 526) is also a native 1920 x 1200, but mainly when I do not want to crop my photographs (at 4/3 ratio) too much to fit the 16/9 HDTV standard. Please leave that ratio as a standard choice.
  23. Hi Peter If your need is just to print the names of files inside a PTE project folder you can try this useful freeware you will find on internet : Cathy Daniel
  24. Hi TC Unless you have changed the default pathnames, the folders containing your Slide Styles, Templates and Transitions are all to be found by following Documents -> PicturesTo Exe. I guess that these must have got deleted or corrupted at some point. From my point of view, as I build up new Styles and Transitions etc, every so often I will go in there and take a backup copy of those three folders, so that if anything were to happen, I could always copy them back into that folder. Regards wideangle
  25. Thank you Igor The script is password protected, so I cannot modify it, but I have contacted the author, and he has promissed to make the modification within a week or two. Regards Peter
  26. True. My point was that someone might activate this feature and then just go about their day. Then, a program that used to function does not work, as with the Adobe Premiere. But there was no error message or warning as to why it did not continue to open. It opened to the Welcome screen and just stopped. I only happened to put 2 and 2 together and figured it was this new feature. So I added it to the trusted apps list and now it works. But, I'm not having any problems with PTE 9.0.22 not being on the 'trusted app' list. Gary Added later: If a program works without it being add to the activated 'trusted apps' feature, and then added to the 'trusted apps' list, is it then 'protected'?
  27. You need to modify this script. Count of slides and time points are now recorded in [Times] section of .pte project.
  28. It would seem that somehow that the Slide Styles have been deleted. To get back to the status quo I had to delete the Slide Styles PTE thought were there and then recreate them. The Slide Styles previously imported and still remembered by PTE had to be deleted and re installed. Oh we do live and learn! TC
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