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  2. Hi Bobtail A poor man click MUR Project1_Mar17-2018_15-31-32.zip
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  4. EXIF text template

    Hi Has anyone had any problems with EXIF and IPTC text templates not working? I am using 9.0.16 and when I try to select any of these options no template is inserted. The options do seem to work. Thanks Mike
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  6. Projector Screen

    Yes, thanks Roel. Regards wideangle
  7. thanks; In fact it is quite possible inserting video in custom transition. It works; but it does not play the video sound. Only the video picture. it could be great to simulate burst shooting effect...
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  9. Rotate png

    Denis, Thanks, we'll check this problem.
  10. Sound Problem

    This is true if you work out linking in the timeline. If you set the links in the project options, you can link more than one clip from the same track to the same slide. They will be marked red, but it works. BTW: This "restriction" really does not make any sense. My commentary is often split into very short clips. So I often make use of linking several consecutive clips on one track to the same slide.
  11. Sound Problem

    You can still move the sound clip even when it is linked to a slide, just drag it along the timeline as normal. To link several clips to one slide they must be on different tracks. Jill
  12. Projector Screen

    Thanks. Works well for the end too. Roel
  13. Sound Problem

    Many thanks Jill. If you later decide to reposition it do you right click again to release it ? Canico
  14. Rotate png

    You're right, how strange - one for the boffins. mickp
  15. Sound Problem

    Click on the slide you want to link to. Then right click the audio clip and select link to slide X. Jill
  16. Free Music Resource

    Here are more new tracks that need good homes in your projects: On my Funny 4 page: "The Crazy Chef" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/funny-4/ On my Fantasy 8 page: "The King's Feast" (Looping) "Haunted Hollow" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/fantasy-8/ Enjoy...and have a good week!
  17. Sound Problem

    Is it possible to 'lock' vocal and music sections when you get them in the right positions on the time lines. I find that when I am maneuvering a section of audio on either at one end of the sequence or the other another section has sometimes moved out of the desired position on either the music or vocal track. Thank you Canico
  18. Rotate png

    Hi, we can rotate clockwise (Ctrl+F) or counterclockwise (Alt+F) a picture in the file list. For a jpeg and a gif picture, it works well. For a png picture, it is correct in the O&A and the mini-viewer but it is not correct in the preview or the exe: the rotation is not the correct one. Denis
  19. How to include a sound in custom transition

    Hi, Sorry, it's not possible to add a sound file to a custom transition. We plan to add this option in future version(s). I agree that it may be useful. We'll check why video plays without sound in a custom transition. I will reply later.
  20. Integrated or Dedicated Graphics

    That system looks really good. If you do any video editing or high resolution photography then 4 TB is not too big. Even larger 8 TB drives are common now. If I had a choice of HD I would get a Hitachi. Even though they are owned by WD I think they are still a better drive. Unlike owning a Mac it's not that hard to upgrade your system later to add more RAM and larger SSD/HD. My personal system is a 512 GB SSD + 4 GB data drive. I only have 128 GB free on the SSD. Tom
  21. I try to create a custom transition with a sound (a camera clic). I open the transition creation screen and then the transition editor screen So I add a movie object wich includes that sound in the transition editor screen; In the transition editor screen things are ok Then I close the transition editor screen and I validate the editor creation screen My transition seems to be correctly registered in the folder specified in project preferences but when applying that transition to a slide, there is no sound. Well I'm probably going the wrong way. Any idea, or another way to introduce sound in custom transitions ?
  22. Hi, I am looking at a Dell offer at the moment which I assume should do the job for PTE, PSCC and LRCC. The GPU is of higher spec. I think than that mentioned by Igor but they (Dell) say there would be little difference in cost to replace it with the 1060. For me I think the 4TB HDD is perhaps a bit OTT but who knows. 1 8th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 6-Core Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz) 1 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2666MHz (2X8GB) 1 256GB M.2 PCIe x4 SSD + 4TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive 1 NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Memory Any comments? Regards John
  23. Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm getting requests for "real world" images, so I've begun a new page for those: TXR - BACKGROUNDS http://soundimage.org/txr-backgrounds/ I've also added new images to the following pages: TXR - BARK http://soundimage.org/txr-bark/ TXR - GROUND http://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ TXR - ROCK/STONE 2 http://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-2/ TXR - WOOD http://soundimage.org/txr-wood/ Enjoy...and have a good week!
  24. Integrated or Dedicated Graphics

    I have the Nvidia 1050 card and it works great with PTE. The prices of the high end graphics cards like the Nvidia 1060 or higher are inflated thanks to the cryptocurrency miners. My next computer will probably be an AMD Ryzen APU. If anybody has experience with PTE slideshows and the Ryzen AMD APU I would like to know how well they work. I'm going to wait for the Spectre/Meltdown to settle down a little longer before I buy another Intel CPU. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3253306/computers/ryzen-apu-review-ryzen-plus-vega-saves-budget-gamers.html Thanks. Tom
  25. Thanks Dave, I thought as much but had to be sure. John
  26. Integrated or Dedicated Graphics

    No, I think that your first thought was definitely correct. Igor has recommended the nVidia 1060 and I personally agree. Bare in mind that there are some 1060 cards with more dedicated memory than other 1060 cards. More is best.
  27. Hi, I know this is an old topic but I need to get up to date. The reason? My trusty eight year old Mac is on its last legs and I need to consider its replacement. I am unlikely to replace it with another Mac as I believe that a PC may be adequate for my purposes now. On discussing a possible build the question of the need for a dedicated graphics card has risen its head. My understanding, based on debate from several years ago, was that a dedicated card was a priority. However I am being told that integrated graphics have moved on considerably. What is the current thinking. Keep in mind I'm talking PC not Mac. Thanks John
  28. Animated 3D Music Video using PicturesToExe

    Yes, as i said - 'a lifetimes work for me' but I'm sure some of our more knowledgeable members will find that fascinating. Mickp
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