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  2. Barry, Thanks, I confirm this bug. A result of recent change in translations. We'll fix it. P.S. I moved your post into a new topic.
  3. Gary, It's not possible. We hoped that a standard Maximize icon in the title of this window shows a hint that this window can be resized/maximized.
  4. Hi, I discovered that hardware acceleration for video encoding doesn't work correctly on AMD graphics. AMD ignores "Quality" parameter to adjust compression. I reproduced this problem also in popular HandBrake video converter. So PTE doesn't support this option and CPU is used to encode video. I found a direct contact of AMD programmers who work on this code. They started to work on the solution. It may take some time to update drivers/or video encoders. Once AMD finishes this work, we'll add support of AMD graphics for video encoding. P.S. Currently HW acceleration for video encoding is available for NVIDIA and Intel graphics.
  5. Another issue. I've just cleared all styles, transitions and installed beta 28 I created a folding style from scratch using masks with white border and text. I then created a derivative (same style) but with a black border and text. If I apply the style with a white border, its fine. If I then change my mind and then apply a style with the black border, it doesn't change. I have to apply the black border for a second time before the slide style is applied. Later. I took these two styles to my other Windows 10 PC via a USB and they will not import into beta 28 on that other machine
  6. My styles window has question marks before labels
  7. I'm still having problems with styles working correctly in Beta 28. It appears that most do and I'm getting troubles with those using masks. Enclosed below is a short video displaying what I'm getting and also the offending styles. https://www.mediafire.com/file/xg2v0yqyvpewfpo/beta_28.zip/file
  8. Yesterday
  9. Greetings Igor, In the new Betas, it is nice that we can now enlarge the Trim window. But, for new users, it might be helpful to add handles to the Trim window. At first, it was not easy to notice that it could be enlarged. Something like this: Gary
  10. Thank you Igor. I will continue to troubleshoot. It occurs to me, that I noted this problem the next day after a Microsoft update to my Windows 10 (64 bit). Thing that seems so strange to me, is that the large video files load, but the much smaller .jpgs won't.
  11. Pascal, Try Beta 28. This problem should be fixed now: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe
  12. Denis, We fixed this problem in Beta 28: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe
  13. Beta 28 is available: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe Theme can include same slide style multiple times. Improvements in Themes and Slide styles window. Fixed problem with PNG images with color profiles in EXE show. Fixed problem with Blur effect with negative Pan Z parameter of an object.
  14. Igor, I sent a link to the project in ZIP to your PM. I tried to reproduce the problem with and without Table View, but haven't been able to yet. Gary
  15. Greetings Igor, Earlier, I was having a similar problem when I did a Ctrl-Z. I got 'Not Responding'. I didn't report it because I thought it was just me doing something wrong. However, here is a video screengrab of what was happening. I was just zooming in on an image and then did a Ctrl-Z to Undo that action. I grabbed the upper right handle and dragged it out. Then did a Ctrl-Z. Got 'Not Responding'. It would happen several times. Similar problem? Gary 1.00«-+»x Ctrl-Z.avi
  16. Gary, Please send me this project in a ZIP. Also try to reproduce this problem when File list shows thumbnails (not table view).
  17. Hi Robert, In theory it possible for network drives. Do you have 100 Mbit router or 1 GBit fast router? How old your computer? And version of Windows? I checked with my 1 Gbit router and network drive on WD MyCloud. PTE 10 shows image as fast as local files on HDD drive. 20 Megapixel images appears less than in 1 second in the Timeline view or File list.
  18. Denis, Thanks, I see this problem in EXE show (no color profiles in PNG).
  19. Hi, Do you mean that sound volume of music on another track becomes lower (quieter) ? Normally it should not happen, if you didn't change manually audio clip with music (using envelope tool, or sound volume control).
  20. PTE 9 cannot import styles from PTE 10. PTE 9 will show a warning for styles created in final version of PTE 10, if you try to import a style.
  21. The examples of png https://filebin.net/v1vl43jejsyhaqgg
  22. Gary, Thanks, interesting problem. I could reproduce it once after many attempts.
  23. Tom, Thanks, I confirm that "Sort By" menu doesn't work in the popup menu of the File list. But it works in the main menu > Settings > File List Sort Order In Beta 27 we fixed one problem with work of menus, and it could cause this new problem. We'll fix it.
  24. Denis, Please send me 2 these PNG images in a ZIP.
  25. Hi, if I use png with adobeRGB98 or profoto icc profile, the colors of the miniviewver, and the preview are correct. The HD video is good, but the colors of the exe are not correct. Denis
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