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  2. Still Playing With Ideas....

    Thanks Miguel and Henri !! Best regards, Lin
  3. Serif Affinity Photo

    I think I will pick up a copy as backup. Yes, Photoshop just failed to open again a couple days ago while traveling. Adobe knows the problem and can fix it and has multiple times for me. But Affinity will be a modern, developed software that works when PS fails and I don't have to wait until Adobe can fix it. Adobe will remain my primary software, but if I can ever leave, I will. I have lost any loyalty to them due to their new system which fails to meet my needs.
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  5. Serif Affinity Photo

    Hi Wideangle I have also purchased Affinity photo. I have had previous versions of Photoshop in the past starting with version 4 up to the first version of CC but the cost of continually upgrading put me off, particularly as I was a fairly light user and I didn't want to go down the route of subscription software. I still use Lightroom and also used Photoshop Elements. While elements was reasonably good it still had its limitations. Although I am still getting used to the new workflows in Affinity I have found it to be much better editing software than elements and certainly a lot closer to the full version of Photoshop. There are many powerful features that I am just starting to get to grips with and many more still to learn but there are a huge number of tutorial videos on youtube which makes me believe that there wont be much that Photoshop does that Affinity can't and at £49 who can argue with that. Gogs
  6. No Audio on DVD

    In the past I have shared some of my shows, produced on earlier versions of Picture to Exe, by creating DVDs, but for the last couple of years have created mp4s. I have just tried to publish a show on a DVD and while the video is fine, I have no audio. I can publish as an mp4 and audio is fine. I am running PTE Deluxe 8.0.22 on latest Window 10 update Can anyone help ?
  7. Serif Affinity Photo

    I have switched to Affinity as I am not taking as many photos. It is not as powerful for somethings, but more than adequate for most. The program loads quickly. I work on Windows 10 (that was $49 US, ), but there are versions for Mac and now Ipad (which was just given an award). There are hundreds of short and professionally done videos on their site and others that explain almost everything that one would like to know. I am a visual learner so I like that. The Help menu brings up the basics. Here is a list of some https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10119-official-affinity-photo-desktop-video-tutorials-200/#comment-43458 It takes a while to get used to mostly in finding where all the powerful features are located, but then it is pretty easy. The programs takes all the plugins that I own and there is a long list of compatible ones on their site. For those who also paint with Photoshop, it takes all the abr. brushes. I uploaded the tons of Kyle's that were just offered free, and they work well. I have a few from other sources to. I have a Huion tablet and that works. I am sure it works with Wacom. I had a question which I posed on the forum and got a response in a very short time from an employee. So that kind of support is available. It is not a total replacement for Photoshop, but it works well and the free trial might be inviting to those who are thinking of changing from whatever they are using. I am not associated with the company.
  8. FLAC and AAC

    FLAC vs WAV ; they are lossless, but flac is compressed. For the same audio: flac 19132 ko wav 46735 ko AAC (m4a) vs mp3. The quality is better for AAC with the same bitrate. if you want the audio of a Youtube video, you can get the AAC directly
  9. FLAC and AAC

    Could you both be a little more specific on this request? For example, what experiences have led to the suggestion.
  10. FLAC and AAC

    I would like also. For flac there is also a workaround.
  11. Last week

    For the BR Player: Two possibilities. A "remote user" would either play MP4 files straight off the Data DVD (via the Media Player) or transfer from DVD to usb storage (on a PC) and plug that into the BR Player's Media Player. Either way will work and as far as I am aware, no quality issues. It is possible that some "upscaling" dvd players will do the same thing. It would be nice to hear from someone who can confirm this? For the TV: If the TV has a media player then the MP4 has to be transfered to usb storage and plugged into the TV to be read by the Media Player. It does not have to be a "usb stick". You can plug an external HDD or SSD into the TV and it will work. My present Sony TV works with a HDD up to 500Gb. DG P.S. You need to distinguish between conventional DVDs and Data DVDs. A conventional DVD plays at the much reduced resolution whereas the MP4 file played via a Media Player is capable of up to HD resolution. Conventional DVDs are subjected to TV Safe Zone issues whereas MP4 files played via a Media Player are not.

    Dave, Please see my response to your latest post in a DUPLICATE original posting within the GENERAL section of the Forum. CONFUSION REIGNS John

    Dave, i want people to play MP4s from the DVD. I don’t understand what you mean by being able to transfer to USB for playing on a TV MEDIA PLAYER. I am guessing now but is a TV Media Player like Windows Media Player or VLC on a computer but on a Modern TV ? If this is correct then I think you are saying that both methods may be a possible way of viewing dependant on the users hardware. To make myself clear the user may be able to play it like a conventional DVD or play it through a Media Player. Presumably they would have to load the DVD into a computer then copy the MP4’s to a USB stick, plug that into their TV and then play it through the aforementioned Media Player? Surely not! Apart from my ignorance of this subject I think we are getting into a further mess here. I am responding to this within the GENERAL section of the Forum though previous responses have all been in the TROUBLESHOOTING section. For some reason two versions of my original post exist. I don’t know how this happened but I recently posted in the GENERAL area version requesting the Moderator to remove this version and somehow your last post was directed there! John

    John, Just to clarify what your aim is. Do you want to play the MP4s from the dvd or do you intend that the MP4s be transfered to usb for playing on a TV Media Player. Both are possible depending on the users equipment. DG
  16. Hi, Views and advice please. Firstly, is it worth purchasing software for burning MP4’s to DVD or perhaps using one of the “free” offers? Secondly, have you any suggestions in either the free or paid for categories? (Perhaps more importantly, which should I avoid?} I would like to be able to create my own menu page using my own image. I have an occasional need to make multi copies. I would prefer a Mac option though I do have Parallels and also run Windows but when Igor comes up with a Mac version of PTE I’ll be “pulling down the blinds”on Windows. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks John

    Thanks that's what I thought Dave. All this talk of streaming and USB made me wonder if I was totally out of date. I'm going to make a separate post on subject of burning/menu software. John

    MODERATOR Should this not be removed from here as another copy exists in Troubleshooting. John

    John, With a modern BR Player you can write the MP4s to a Dvd as data and play via the Player in the BR Player. DG

    Hi, Confusion strikes again I'm afraid. I accept I should start with an MP4 file. If I don't use a DVD/BR disc how do I provide people with a copy of my show? I can't believe that I give them a USB stick or expect them to download it from some source. Am I missing something? Cheers. John

    I tend to look at this differently. You say some people may be attracted to PTE by the fact a DVD is possible. How many would be tempted by obsolete technology from all those who view the software as potential customers? Impossible to guess? How many would be turned off by the fact that old, out of date technology is still included. You could make an argument that keeping DVD authoring can make the software look dated and old. How much time, money and effort should go into making it work efficiently, when the ground beneath your feet is constantly changing? It makes no sense and we also know that from questions on this forum and elsewhere about quality. Most who do use a DVD are surprised by the quality of the result they get. It has to go. DVD RIP
  22. I would like it if PTE would allow to import audio clips of types FLAC and AAC. For AAC there is a workaround, but not a nice one. BTW: In the Online Help, I cannot find the information which audio types are accepted by PTE. It would be nice to see it.

    Having read through this thread I agree with most that's been said about the future of DVD and whether it's a good choice for outputting slideshows. However it is a feature offered in PicturesToExe, which may attract some people when deciding to buy the software, and should therefore work efficiently. Geoff
  24. Saving all the styles together

    Dave...Yes, I see now. If I highlighted all of the keyframes for the cube in O&A, and changed the Zoom for the Control Frame, all sides of the cube changed. I'd would have figured that out. Nice work. Gary
  25. Saving all the styles together

    Remember that the original was not my Style. I don't make Cubes that way. All that you needed to do was Zoom the "Control Frame" in my Modified Style. DG
  26. Saving all the styles together

    Dave, Yes, I think I was not being too clear. I didn't want to just 'zoom' in on the images. I wanted to increase the actual size of the cube. At 100%, it was too small. I tried 150%, too big. So I have settled on 130%. Seems ok. When I tried the adjustments on other cube styles I had, nothing seems to work. With your 'Cube Modified' style version, the 'Frame1', etc., adjustments are working to increase the size of the cube. The 'Framing' helps to adjust the image within each of the cube's sides. Thanks for the help. Someone else who has PTE asked me how to do it so the discussion has helped me to to understand it and get it working. Gary
  27. Saving all the styles together

    Did you just want to make the whole cube bigger? DG
  28. Saving all the styles together

    Dave... I got it to work. But, with your 'PTE Cube Modified' style, I changed the 'Frame1; Frame2; and Frame3 ' to the 150%, not the actual image icon, as you are showing. I did use the Framing to adjust the cropping of the image within the Frame 1,2 and 3. Seems to work now. With the other Cube Styles I had, this method did not work...not sure why. Thanks... Gary
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