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  2. Hi Barry, "... and then just ran the mp3 through Audacity noise reduction." Did you find it necessary? That "metallic" voice is not nice. I use to do it and no need of Audacity. Regards, Jose
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  4. If one already has an iPhone I suppose it could be a usable solution. On the other hand if not, something like the Blue Snowball is a terrific value and sooo much less expensive.. Best regards, Lin
  5. Quality audio is like a quality photograph. iPhone photos are good enough for some people who can't see any difference between an iPhone Instagram picture and an image meticulously captured on a tripod with a FF sensor. Likewise, iPhone recordings are good enough for some people. Whether it matters depends if you have an eye or an ear for the difference in quality.
  6. Hi Lin, I did not like Chrome, but I changed from Explorer to Firefox and can now see 1080P. Regards, Bert
  7. Hi All At last I seem to have got somewhere. As suggested by nobeefstu I downloaded and installed Media Player Classic but on initial installation it made no improvement to the stuttering mp4. After much more web research I found an article discussing stuttering mp4 playback (which appears to be a common problem) and this also suggested using Media Player Classic but recommended a change to the options within Media Player Classic. Whilst the instruction on how to change the option was slightly different and probably for an older version of Media Player Classic I could relate the instruction to the new version which is as follows. Select 'View' > 'Options' > 'Output' > DirectShow video and change from Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter) to Overlay Mixer Renderer. I then played the files kindly sent by Tonton and the mp4 was now completely smooth. I have converted my AV to a 1920x1080 Medium Quality 60p HD video (MP4) and whilst a small number of transitions show some very minor stutters the bulk of the AV is smooth making the sequence watchable. I will investigate further. Jill. I have no problem whatsoever with playing exe files they are completely smooth, it was only after mp4 conversion that the problem became evident, I will look at VLC again to see if I can bring about any improvement with that software.
  8. Lin Brilliant for that explanation. Think the penny has finally dropped. Sorry about being such a dummy! George
  9. Hi George, Yes, or some other size which equals 3:2 such as 3000 x 2000 pixels. Set PTE to the 3:2 aspect ratio, put in the three images which are 3:2 aspect ratio then select all three and apply the style which will create a total of 8 images. Then add as many images as you wish of whatever aspect ratio you need which conforms to the requirement for any other style(s) you might choose. Just be certain to move images five through 8 to the end of the entire sequence and also don't forget to correct the names and dates where needed on the images affected by the style. When you use the 3:2 aspect ratio for your original three images, the style will create the other five images in the correct aspect ratio. The images you add other than these original three (a total of eight) can be of any desired aspect ratio suitable for your show and corresponding to the aspect ratios needed for any other styles you may choose such as Dave's album styles, etc. Best regards, Lin
  10. Lin, Yes I understand about the instructions and have watched your actual Video Tutorial on the use of the Style that has definitely helped me. But sorry for being really thick about this but regret to say I still need help and clarification. So for those first three images then, I should be using images that I have first selectively cropped to 1500 x 1000? Must also though add a thankyou for the reference to Dave's Album Style that I will be checking out. George
  11. Brian maybe you have only to change the graphics card. A GEForce 1050 or 1060 will be the solution, I presume.
  12. Hi George, It's only important that you first read the instructions with the style. You need only use the 3:2 aspect ratio for the three images chosen for the style. The first image will appear when the book opens, the second after the first image page turns and the last image which returns to the book before closing. The style creates a total of eight images. All the intermediate images not created by the style which you use in your slideshow can be of whatever aspect ratio you desire keeping in mind that if you use other styles for the intermediate images, they may have their own requirements for aspect ratio. For example, you may want to use Dave's very nice album styles for the main parts of your show. Some of them require a portrait orientation, some a landscape orientation, etc. I chose the 3:2 aspect ratio for the style because it's the default aspect ratio for professional dSLR's which are used by the majority of wedding photographers. Best regards, Lin
  13. Whilst, I think, I do now finally have a basic understanding of Aspect Ratio, putting together a/v's for family pleasure, it is something that I have never really worried about. I use whatever is the default setting in P2E and the resultant exe file plays okay so seemingly no real problem. However I have started thinking about it again as I want to use Lin's excellent Wedding Style (available on this website) for a belated Wedding Book for our son's wedding when the memories of the day came in prints and so now are tucked away in drawers somewhere. Just thought it would be something different for their coming Anniversary. I have therefore now scanned these photos and those of a landscape size range between 2528 x 1414 - 2158 x 1422. As LIn's Style is in 3:2 Aspect Ratio, should I then also be cropping these images to say 1500 x 1000, which I think is a 3:2 ratio? Is this important? George
  14. Brian, do you have the latest version of vlc player? We use this to play many mp4 files, made with various software, in international competitions and find it always plays them smoothly. We also find that while a lot of hardware setups will struggle with an exe, the mp4 usually play smoothly. So I don't understand why you are having the opposite experience. Jill
  15. Tonton. Thanks for the short sequences to test. The results are as follows. The exe runs smoothly with no problems. The mp4 becomes less smooth with stuttering. The Youtube video strangely was not perfect but much better than the mp4 with only slight stuttering at times. nobeefstu. Again thanks for interest. I have been using Windows Media Player and VLC. I have now downloaded Media Player Classic and tried but this has made no difference. It would appear that although I can produce exe files with no problems I may have reached the limit of my hardware with regard to mp4 files. I will have to investigate further. Best regards, Brian
  16. Excellent example of a perfect voice recording! A very good idea as well Barry but, I wonder how many of us have the luxury of a walk in wardrobe?
  17. I am sure I am not the first to think of using an iPhone to record commentary. There have been questions raised regarding microphones and commentary on the forum over the years and it's almost impossible to give advice given the variables in microphones, sound cards and PC's. Some seem to get great results with low cost mic's while others struggle. I tried an iPhone and think the results are far better than I have heard some use on their slide shows, but where you record is obviously important. I chose a walk in wardrobe, so the acoustics were be pretty good. I laid the iPhone down and spoke across it, rather than at the microphone and then just ran the mp3 through Audacity noise reduction. For those who don't do much of this, but want to dip their toe in the voice-over water, perhaps here is a no cost chance to have a go. Mp3 sample
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  19. Brian, Another thing also to consider is your video player (software) used for MP4 playback. What is your current video player on your PC? * Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is recommended for MP4 video files
  20. Hi Brian. I Prepared a quick show including a slide with 5 png files of 1MB each, and also smooth transitions to check if everything is correctly displayed on a mp4 file. You will find the zipped exe file here. You will find the zipped MP4 file here. And finaly you can watch the project under Youtube. On my PC, all the three shows are perfectly smooth. If it is not the case on your PC, the problem comes from your hardware. If everything is smooth on your PC, there is something wrong in your own PTE project.
  21. Hi Bert, As indicated - Internet Explorer only works with the high-quality video format on Windows 8.1 or newer so it's indeed your browser which is causing the problem. Try Chrome - it works in HD with even my XP system.. Best regards, Lin
  22. Hi Lin, Thanks for the response and interest in my problem. To date I have have not had an interest in putting my AV's on YouTube or any other web based/social media site. My AV's are normally viewed by friends, photo clubs and entered into national and international competitions. Normally I produce and run only exe files so until I was asked to produce an mp4 video I was not aware of this stuttering problem. Bearing my problem in mind I will have to seriously consider opening a YouTube account in order that I can upload the sequence for viewing. I will get back in due course if I decide to follow this route. Best regards, Brian
  23. Below are some browser and operating system combinations that support YouTube's high-quality video formats: Google Chrome (all operating systems) Internet Explorer or Edge on Windows 8.1 or newer Safari on Mac OS X 10.10 or newer Firefox on Windows 7 or newer and on Mac OS X 10.10 or newer I use Internet explorer 10, and combined with Windows 7, shows only 720P.
  24. I am a Windows 7 user and can see all resolutions to HD size via Chrome or Windows Explorer
  25. Hi Bert, I don't believe it has anything to do with Win 7. I can see the full range of quality settings to 2080p60 on my Win XP system with both Chrome and Mozilla for an h264 mp4 video, BUT, I can't see an HTML5 with Mozilla at 1080p - the highest I'm offered is 720p after an error message which tells me my browser doesn't support HTML5. What this tells me is that the fallback from HTML5 to an h264 is to a default of 720p. Perhaps it's your browser which is responsible for you not being able to see Barry's video at 1920 x 1080? Best regards, Lin
  26. Brian, Why don't you upload your MP4 to YouTube and let some of us see how it runs over the web. It's possible that it might have to do with your system, but trying to get smooth motion from animation sometimes is difficult with MP4. If you are using PTE 9, you might try converting rather than h264 to HTML 5 and see if that is smoother. Without actually seeing the video it's very difficult to be certain so a link to it via YouTube or other social media would be very helpful. Best resgards, Lin
  27. I have recently been requested to submit one of my AV's as an mp4 file but am unable to produce a satisfactory mp4. The sequence runs smoothly as an exe file on my and other PC's but when converted to mp4 the moving png files inserted in objects and animation become very 'jerky'. The png file sizes in the sequence vary at approx 1 to 1.25 MB. An example is in 1 of the slide position under objects and animation there are 8 layers 6 of which are jpegs ranging from 127Kb to 182Kb and 1 png file of 1.18MB and a second png file of 192Kb. It is only the png images that carry movement. The other jpeg layers simply dissolve. My image resolution is set to 1920 x 1080. I have tried to produce an mp4 at most settings even down to 1280 x 720 but still 'jerky' movement. I have tried reducing quality but obviously the sequence quality drops off making it not worthwhile to submit for viewing. I have used 30p and 60p settings and in some cases the 60p is even worse.I have tried using Pte8 and Pte9 both without success I did for test purposes create an AVI video file and whilst not perfect was considerably better than the mp4 and not far off being smooth. I even tried producing an mp4 from an AVI file but it resorted to 'jerky' movement. My PC is Windows 7 Pro. Processor intel i5 - 2500K CPU @ 3.30Ghz. Ram 16GB. Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6900. Graphics memory available 8918MB. Dedicated graphics memory 1024MB. I have searched the forum for any advice and whilst I note another user has experienced this problem he did seem to rectify . I have tried his way of overcoming the problem but without success. Any help would be appreciated or have I reached the limit of my PC? Thanks in anticipation. Brian
  28. Gary, I think that we reproduced this problem.
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