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  2. Dave Wilson

    Hi Dave, Of course - but the TV has to have the capability of playing a video from a USB stick. Make an HD video then place it on your USB drive and plug that into the appropriate place on a television and it should be detected and play. When you say produce a slideshow on "Disc" you need to be more specific. Do you mean on a DVD or on a hard drive? An exe show will not play on a DVD or CD unless you have special software which will detect and allow this. If you create a DVD with PTE it will play on a DVD or BluRay player on a TV, and usually a computer which has a DVD drive will play DVD's. Best regards, Lin
  3. Yesterday
  4. Free Music Resource

    Hi everyone, Here are this week's new free tracks: On the Positive/Upbeat page we have: "Boardwalk Arcade" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ On the Sci-Fi 6 page we have: "Dark Future Theme" (Looping) "Dark Future Factory" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-6/ On the Funny 4 Page: "Whimsical Game World" (Looping) "Insert Pepto" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/funny-4/ And on the Puzzle Music 2 page: "Robot's Cube" (Looping) "Thought Puzzler" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-2/ Have a great week! :

    You are right, I wanted to say "transitions", sorry. Jose
  6. Dave Wilson

    Is it possible to produce a slideshow both on Disc & USB Stick to playback on PC & DVD, I have failed so far in my attempts to do so !!!!!!!
  7. Last week

    Hi Denis and Lin, Yes, a great innovative solution! I tried it and it starts to show as a real curling page! Good! Thanks to both of you. By the way, I didn't understand nothing of the former posts from Dave, but I think he is suggesting some kind of update to next PTE version concerning masks... Good! Best regards, Jose

    Hi José, A great innovative solution Denis !! In addition to what Denis has suggested - note that in the included PTE zip file version a different font was used in the sample pte file than Denis actually used for the avi. Just to further clarify, the font used to create the avi or mp4 for the mask stencil will be the font which appears when you use it in your creation. In addition to changing the color of the font by changing the rectangle color, you may also want to experiment with slight opacity changes which will allow the background of the image to slightly show through the font. Any changes to the rectangle (color, gradient, etc.) will be reflected in the text.. Change the speed of the page turn transition in the pte file before creating the avi or mp4 as well as the slide time to change the speed of the transition. Match this speed with your slide which contains the mask stencil. Best regards, Lin
  10. José, look at the zip. First bruges.pte was made to generate the avi ( directly with PTE publish >>avi file ...) The slide time and the transition time are the same. Change the font as needed And look at the result curling .pte : to change the color, change the rectangle color Denis CURL.zip

    Yes, it works... more or less! But the real effect of a real curling page does not really shows without the real page really curling. This is because we only see the text "curling" and this text beeing so small (in my case) we do not get the view of the page curling. Of course, in case the text occupies the full page, we can get "a sort of" curling page effect, but not so good. This is not a PTE problem or even a problem of the this mask solution, but only a problem of the visual effect itself beeing not so nice. See my tests: https://orizaba.sharefile.com/d-sd8d61cb7f394ef38 Jose

    Denis, I would go so far as to say that it is necessary to do this in readiness for version 10. Some CT's are not compatible with version 9. PTE users of Default Styles should not have to wait until version 10 for an upgrade to a CT which has been around for many versions. Version 9.5?? DG
  13. I agree, Dave and I think Igor can change the "Normal transition" to be consistent with PTE9 (May be in PTE10 ) José, you can make a pte project with your text (white on black) and only the curling transition (one slide) Create an avi video and use this video as a mask in your project Denis

    Jose, Most of the "Standard" Transitions and Styles need to be brought up to date to take advantage of Version 9 Techology. I posted a week or two ago that a recently posted Style did not have instructions included in the Style. But Styles are easier in that they can be applied and edited and re-saved. With CT's, some can be duplicated and saved as "Advanced" versions but the "Curling of Page" is one which might need just a little extra. If the Version 9 parameters "Use Background from Slide" and "Transparent background of Slides" (now default) could be added to all variants of the Curling Page Transition then it would do as you ask. Your Text (above the Splitter) would curl in any direction over the Static BG (Below the Splitter). A simple opening book Transition with a PNG TEXT in the first slide verifies this. PTE (and some authors of CT's and Styles) need to drag themselves into Version 9 DG

    Very clever! Thanks for the idea, yes, other effects can be made. José
  16. It is not possible, but for a very short text, it can be simulated. By playing with this idea, other effects can be achieved MUR Curling text-1.zip
  17. French website about styles and transitions

    Pascal - I love your site Diaporashop. So many unique and creative effects I need for my music videos! I will be ordering them soon! All the best :-) Ted Ollikkala Singapore
  18. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    Hi Ken - Thank NASA - They have some pretty spectacular videos of old Sol... Best regards, Lin
  19. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    LIN most realistic of all the shots I have seen ken
  20. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    I like that Tom ... The reason I didn't show stars or the International Space Station, etc., was an attempt to show how I thought it "might" had looked if being viewed through the protective glasses which would pretty much cut all light except the sun when and where visible beyond the moon. I like the idea of the ISS passing by. I'm going to try to photograph the ISS first chance I get with a super clear night. My Nikon P900 has 2000mm optical zoom and with it on a tripod I think I might be able to get a reasonably clean image of it. Best regards, Lin
  21. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    Hi Lin, Very nice. I didn't travel up to Oregon to see the event. My PTE created version from 3 weeks ago based on how I thought it might look. It does have the ISS passing in front of the sun during the eclipse. Also a few stars are visible. :-)

    Thanks very much Lin, yes, I believe this is not possible in PTE. Regards, Jose
  23. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    He may have found his "Juliet" - LOL Best regards, Lin
  24. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    Very good Lin. Almost looked like the sun had a smiling face on it after the moon went across it. Did the Old man in the moon link up with a new friend ? ☺
  25. The recent solar eclipse was a big deal around the world. I missed it because I didn't have suitable protective glasses or protective sun filters to do photographs. So I decided to create a simulation. NASA has made some amazing 4K sun videos, but none of them were totally suitable. The best and most suitable were only slightly over half of the sun. So to make this simulation, I used PTE's great masking capability to create the bottom half of the sun - invert that to create the bottom half and reverse its rotation. In all three masks were used and the video used three times to create the entire orb. The moon was one of my captures which was adjusted using PTE's color filters to set black point for proper darkness. Just a fun project - download either the Mac or PC version below if interested... http://www.lin-evans.org/lin/eclipseofsunpc.zip (about 66 meg) http://www.lin-evans.org/lin/eclipseofsunmac.zip (about 66 meg) Best regards, Lin

    Hi Jose, Because something - even a transparent PNG has to be a background, I don't believe it's possible to do what you want to do. When a transparent PNG file is used with text or even when text is written over a PNG transparency in Photoshop, there still has to be something visible for a background so PTE defaults to a white background when you specify a transparent PNG for the background. PTE uses the background along with the foreground to create the page curl. That's why it's possible to "turn off" the back of an image and have it blank in whatever the background color is when the page turns. Best regards, Lin
  27. Is there some way to use this transition "Curling of page", in which the page is transparent and only some text really curls and shows over the former/under page? Thanks, Jose
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