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  2. Hi Carmelo, Please use PM for this problem? JEFF EVANS is now coordinating the English Online Help and I am grateful that he is able to spare some time for this. DG
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  5. Hi Dave, After some time, due to family problems, I wanted to resume online PTE manual update in Italian, but I found several problems with the operation of the pages. In fact, when you switch to Edit mode, white pages often appear, but if you return to normal viewing, the content appears again. Other times, while editing, all content disappears and "-false-" appears, with the final deletion of all content. Finally, I can not make links with other help pages because the message page appears that the link page does not exist and I have to create it, but instead the page is present. I'm locked up because I'm afraid to ruin everything done. I would like some clarification. Carmelo
  6. Another Slide Show called The Blue Mountains, but reluctant to post on SSC or I might get accused of hogging it and have to change my name to Eric
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  8. Greetings All, I did a little test to answer my question: I created a short show with only one video clip. The size of the show was 81,692 KB. I then I Trimmed/Converted the one video clip to a 5 second clip. The size dropped down to 15,070 KB, as expected. I then add the audio of the full video clip to the Track. The size increased to 86,389 KB. I then, to this last version with the increase size of 86,389 KB, I 'Convert(ed) tracks to MP3 for exe'. The size dropped down to 11,460 KB. So I conclude that 'Converting tracks to MP3 for exe' is a good way to reduce the size of shows with many video clips. I did a similar test on a large show with many video clips. The show's size was 444,579 KB. When I 'Convert(ed) tracks to MP3 for exe', the size dropped to 404,563 KB. My last question is, why would anyone not 'Convert tracks to MP3 for exe'? Is there an advantage for not doing it? Gary
  9. Yes, thanks. I see that ' Dragging a Video Clip into an Audio Track in the Timeline will also add its Audio to the Audio Track'. So much easier.... Gary
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  11. Greetings Jill and Tonton and all, Ok... I copied to my Desktop the show where I had applied the "do not include file to exe" to each of my video clips. I was surprised that the video clips still played. I was to aware that an exe could still find and play video clips that are outside the exe file. I then played the show on another computer and I got the error messages, due to the missing video clips. Interesting. So, for my purposes, using the " do not include file to exe" feature does not help me at all when I want to create as small an exe as possible, with all the files still within the exe (such as posting on the Slideshowclub). But I will try out the 'convert tracks to MP3' to see that that will me a difference, but I don't expect too much from that. Thanks for the clarification. But some of my questions in my original posting have not bee addresses, such as just dragging down a video clip to the Slides/Timeline instead of going through the Project Options/Add Audio File/select the video and add it to an audio track. Works just the same? If I use an external program to extract the full audio length of 34 seconds from a video clip, the size of the MP3 is 1.3 Mbs (added to the Tracks), will I actually be saving the difference between the original 41 Mbs of the MOV and the 1.3 Mbs of the MP3, or will I still have the 41 Mbs included in the final show's size? The original size of the video clip is 41 Mbs. If I drag down the video clip into the Timeline, is it adding the full 41 Mbs, or only the size related to the audio portion? If I am using only the PTE trimmed/converted section of the video file of 16 seconds, can I delete from video clip from my PC and will the audio portion of that video clip still play if I 'convert tracks to MP3'? Gary
  12. Thanks for that contribution
  13. Gary, as long as the video files are in the same folder as the exe it will play. If you moved just the exe to another computer, then the video would would not be available. The advantage is that the exe file size is much smaller. You then have the individual video files which could be uploaded separately, keeping the file sizes small. A smaller exe file will start faster and possibly play better on a slower computer. With the MP3 file. If you only had one track with a single or several MP3 files then there is no advantage in converting the output to a single MP3. But with several tracks, or mixed format files then converting reduces the file size of the exe. Jill
  14. Thanks for this reply. It makes sense.
  15. I agree that it is probably better to have both values visible. I am just surprised that Igor has bothered to provide a switch in th Tools menu when you can see both values. I expected both displays to show the same value. Jeff
  16. Greetings Tonton, What is the advantage of 'Convert tracks to MP3 for exe'? If this makes the show smaller, why not have it as the default? If there is no other difference in the final exe file, what is the advantage of not doing it??? Seems that if you used the audio from a video clip, there should be no increase in the size of the exe. So what effect does the 'Convert tracks (MP3 and MP4 or AVIs tracks) to MP3 do??? Gary
  17. Greetings Tonton, In your example, I don't see any advantage of just separating out the video files.You still have a large zip file of the video files. That does not help when, for example, you want to post the show in the Slideshowclub site. But, more importantly, when I Published (without using the Safe Executable process) my exe with 'do not include file to exe', 'excluding all of the 26 video clips, the reduced sized exe STILL played with all the video clips. What's going on with that???? How can they be 'excluded' but still play in the exe???? Gary
  18. And now about the video files. For each video, you check the option "do not include file to exe" and then you generate a "Safe Executable file for Internet". After that you insert manually all the needed video files in the zipped folder. This will allow you to install your project in other PCs. Notice that th total zipped file is now 559 Mo, and the ptshow itself is only 53 Mo.
  19. Of course there is a good reason: as using a condom with big hole in it, still You'r going to get pregnant!! false sense of security!!
  20. First about the audio files. All the audio files are read and mixed by PTE and PTE generates a resulting mp3 wich is embeded in the exe file. No matter the original file was in wav, ogg, mp3, mp4 or other exotic audio format. All the audio files that PTE is able to read are mixed and a resulting mp3 file is generated. Under PTE 9 it is even possible to save this mp3 file separetely.
  21. I don't see any reason why this should be changed. In the O&A timeline I can see the global times (which I need reasons of synchronization), while in the animation tab I see the relative time of a highlighted key frame. That's fine for me.
  22. Greetings Tonton, I just did a test with your suggestions to 'convert tracks to Mp3' and 'not include the video clips in your exe' for the 26 video clips I have in this show. Interesting results. The size of the exe dropped from 360 Mbs to 172 Mbs. Quite dramatic. But I don't understand what is going on. If the video are 'not included', what is happening? If the show plays just fine with the video clips being 'excluded', why is this not the default, to reduce file size? Why/when would you want the video clips to be 'included'? When I 'convert tracks to MP3', some of the audio files are MP4 (audio from videos) and MP3s. I don't see any changes made anywhere. So what is going on? If this reduces the final size of the project, why is this not the default? Great discovery but I don't understand why the file size decreased. Thanks.... Gary
  23. I understand all the arguments put forward, but still think that unless there is a good technical reason for removing that piece of existing code, then it should be kept in version 9. It may be a token effort at protecting images, but that's not a good reason for removing it. If there is a good and valid reason for it's removal, I would be interested to hear that reasoning from Igor. Regards Geoff
  24. PTE-9 Promo Pdf
  25. You can't stop people from screen grabbing your images but, you can prevent those stolen images from being of much use to the thief by keeping the resolution and size down. Try saving your slide show images with the 'Save for Web' feature in Photoshop. Personally, if anyone wants to 'steal' my images, I would take that as a compliment! Ronnie West.
  26. And when you include a video in your show, don't frorget to not include the video clips in your exe.
  27. Hi Gary. Just validate the 'convert to Mp3' option.
  28. Regarding the flag obscuring some of the text, would it not be possible to move the flag higher up the screen instead of changing its size? Also the text at the top left at the very beginning I found the color a little weak, maybe a darker color to make it "stand out". Regards John
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