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  2. Barry, Thank you!
  3. Thanks! Fixed. English version was correct.
  4. I changed timeline size and soundtrack size with no problems. I can start playback and end it at any point.
  5. Versuchen Sie, PicturesToExe 9 zu deinstallieren und erneut zu installieren. (Google Translate)
  6. Nun habe ich ein Update auf PicturesToExe 9 gekauft - leider stürzt das Programm ständig ab - ohne hinweis warum ! Win 7 Grüße
  7. Hello Craig, Please try to enter again the license key. I recommend to copy and paste the key from the email. I found your order and checked your license key - it was accepted in PicturesToExe 9 successfully. I've sent you personal message with more details.
  8. Hello, I just purchased the V9 upgrade and received the following error message when entering in the new license activation key: "The license key entered for this product is incorrect or the key is damaged." I have uninstalled and reinstalled V9 but get the same message. Do I also need to uninstall all 22 V9 beta versions before the new key will work properly? Thanks. -Craig
  9. PicturesToExe 9 includes a Sample project (the main menu > Help > Open Sample Project) to help new users understand PicturesToExe and give ideas what they can do. Also we suggest to watch PicturesToExe 9 Demo on YouTube (or download the EXE file ) Thanks Barry Backham for these demo projects.
  10. Hi, PicturesToExe 9 includes 23 new customizable slide styles and 2 new transition effects. We hope that you will enjoy these new beautiful styles. Special thanks to Barry Backham and Dave for the help with creating of some of these slide styles!
  11. Thanks Igor. DG
  12. Hi Georges, Thanks!! Glad you find it useful !! Best regards, Lin
  13. Here are this week's new free tracks: On my Quiet 2 Page, we have: "Desert After Rain"_Looping "Vast Places"_Looping "Autumn Leaves"_Looping On my Upbeat Page, we have: "Calmer Times"_Looping And on my Sci-Fi 5 page, we have: "More Introspective Machines"_Looping Enjoy!
  14. Ivor, Does this problem occur with a Sample project? In the menu > Help > Open Sample project. Send me also a screenshot of your main window (before this problem occur). Can other members confirm this problem?
  15. Thanks, Dave! Nice styles.
  16. Hi Igor 1. The problem only applies to version 9. I have just tried version 8 and it works OK. In fact as I said above it is one of my normal ways of working, so it took me by surprise. I did note that in version 9 the size of the slide and music tracks can be made much bigger than version 8 probably of the order 25 - 30% bigger. 2. Have just tried another project, different images and different source of music and I get exactly the same results. What I have discovered is that if I dont enlarge the the image track and only enlarge the soundtrack (but not to the maximum size), then there is a degree of control but it is very erratic and not at all precise. Ivor
  17. todo list PTE 10 : Blu-Ray Video 4k H265 64Bits ...
  18. Jean-Charles, We plan it in future version(s).
  19. Igor, Why not blu-ray with PTE?
  20. Imported Style creates a PERSPECTIVE Category expanding the Perspective Pan Styles in the Borders Category to six Styles. Demo Style included. Perspective.ptestyle DG
  21. Hi, Please can you uninstall PTE 9 and install it again as you did it earlier? Will that problem occur again? Thanks in advance,
  22. If you have a BD player it should have a USB port to play an MP4 from. You can write an MP4 (HD) to a DVD/Bd as data - the BD Player will play it through its media player - its the same thing. DG
  23. Hi Igor and your team. I agree with all the good things already expresed. MUR
  24. Hey Lin ~ I opened it in audacity and exported it as a wav file and had the same issue. But interestingly if I just change the order of the music it seems to resolve. So I'm just changing some stuff around to make it work that way. Thanks for your help~
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