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  2. It was good to hear today that PictureToExe 9 has now been released. In October 2014 Igor wrote: "The next version 9.0 will work only on PC. I think that PicturesToExe 10 will be available for Mac. We'll try." Is there really any reasonable expectation of seeing a Mac version within the next 2 years? Peter
  3. There are ways to avoid the problem. Nevertheless, this bug should be fixed!
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  5. Hi Jean-Cyprien, We still can't reproduce this problem on our computers with Windows 10 and latest updates. I suppose that this problem can be linked with specific font(s).
  6. Hi, For several members of the French forum it is now impossible to change the font name because PTE stops and freezes with an error "Frame Engine Exception" . The problem happens after a Windows 10 update. It seems that PTE can not read the list of fonts ? A forum member reports that a Windows updating has deleted some of his font files. Thanks - Jean-Cyprien
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  8. Thanks Igor, I've had a similar reply, I'll see what happens. Andrew
  9. Many thanks. I understand the problem, I will try to find a solution. JL
  10. Thanks, Ken. Obviously the link has now been fixed. Maureen
  11. Thanks Igor for the information. Gary, I use Fraps: to measure fps. With my old PC, sometimes with strong animation, the fps is less than 60. denis
  12. The problem with AVG antivirus should be solved soon:
  14. EXE files created in PTE use current frequency of a monitor where you play an EXE file. Usually it's 60 Hz. If a monitor supports 120 Hz or 144 Hz this EXE file will play at 120 or 144 Hz (if your video card allows to generates so many frames per second). So it's the key difference from MP4/AVI video file where a frequency is a fixed (30p, or 60p). EXE file always dynamically choose a frequency.
  15. Greeting Denis... How do you determine what the fps are of an exe??? Gary
  16. Hi, the PTE exe is 60 fps (if you have a powerful PC). I always make my video clips at 30 fps and make all my slideshows in mp4 at 60 fps. My TV and blu-ray player are able to play theses mp4 and I think the fluidity is better. Denis
  17. Hi Gary, I use Windows, sorry, I don't know nothing about Mac, I can't answer to that. Concerning Mercalli: you always must stabilyze clip by clip, never stabilyse 2 or more clips joined together (as recorded), because Mercalli doesn't know how to stabilyze "different" things! When is the case of old 8mm or Super8 movies (digitized), stabilyzation is a must because of the natural handy trebling when recorded and cameras had not any stabilyzation option, so, after using Mercalli the movie is much more smooth and pleasant. Jose
  18. Greetings, This project is a very short show that I made from some GoPro video clips using their Quik video editing program. The Quik program is very limiting and basic but kind of fun to play with. But you need PTE to add beginning/ending frames and text. Have a taste of my Salmon Soup. (I published it at 60fps.) Gary
  19. Greetings Jose, I will take more care in choosing the FPS when I create my MP4s. It should make a difference, as you stated, to increase the FPS based on the embedded videos' FPS. I took a look at the 'HandySaw DS' program's info. Seems interesting but have not tried it yet. I have the Mercalli program but have not used it for a long time. I should get back to trying it out but it was a bit confusing when I first tried it. But stabilization is very important. Thanks for the info. Gary ADDED LATER: But I just notice that when you Publish for a MAC, you have not input to select the FPS. How come????
  20. Hi Gary, I always have same kind of doubts and "sensations". Anyhow, I think that we must separate 2 cases: PTE project including video, or not (only slides). I am mainly interested in case when PTE project includes video clips. In this situation, all kind of videos (all kind of original frame rates - fps) when converted using PTE Converter, all are converted into AVI files with exactly the same frame rate as the originals. I mean, PTE Converter can give 12fps, 16fps, 18fps, 24fps, 25fps or 30fps, respecting the original. My theory is that I must publish HD MP4 files using a multiple of converted AVI files' frame rate used (whenever possible, so excluding 12fps, 16fps, 18fps and 24fps). I mean, when I use AVI files 25fps, my MP4 is 50p. When using AVI files 30fps, my MP4 is 60p (always progressive, never interlaced). Does this makes a difference? I "think" yes! In fact, I should like to hear a professional explanation for this. All this considering that I never sacrifice quality because of bigger files and more disk space used. In case of slides only, I would say that the best should be 60p, as all animations, etc., should be smoother. By the way: 12fps, 16fps, 18fps and 24fps are old frame rates used in old 8mm and Super8 movies, which when digitized frame-by-frame, produce AVI or MP4 files with exactly these frame rates, which fact produces a fantastic quality. I use to send my old 8mm and Super8 movies to "" (Germany), service and quality are super! When I receive back the movies and files, I separate all individual clips (using software "HandySaw DS"), then I use software "Mercalli" to stabilyze each clip, one by one, before using PTE Converter and editing my final movie as a PTE project. The final result is a fantastic quality of my old movies, better than seeing them projected in a screen, like in old days. I hope that all this information can be useful to some of you. Regards, Jose
  21. Greetings, I normally Publish a project as HD Video using 30fps. However, I recently Published a project at 60fps. I 'think' I see a difference. This project is all video clips. In one of the clips, the movement of people walking does seem to be smoother. But I am not sure if it is just my ‘wanting’ it to be smoother or I am really detecting it. I tried it on another project that has some video clips and I did not detect any smoother motion in the clip when I compared the project Published as 30fps vs. 60fps. I understand that I ‘should’ see a difference because there are more frames to smooth the motion. The penalty is, of course, a larger file. My question is, should I always, to be safe, just output all MP4s using 60fps if there are any videos or any animation of stills? If the animation of stills is only with slight panning or zooming, should there be any improvement in smoothness? Would 60fps even affect a project that is only still images with no animation? When a project is Published as an exe, I am assuming there is no way of affecting the fps? Is there a ‘rule’ when to use 30fps vs 60fps? Gary
  22. Thanks, Andrew!
  23. Today and yesterday I had to ban 45 ranges (regions) of IP addresses to stop recent spam attacks from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The problem in a fact that now spammers use humans instead of bots and it's very difficult to stop such spammers. We use 4 stages of anti spam protection on the forum againts spam-bots: 1. Two anti spam questions/answers. 2. Google reCAPTCHA 2 for registration. 3. Anti spam database for all Invision Power Board forums for new registrations. And all this protection can't stop spammers-humans now. Probably the only solution is to totally block Pakistan, India, Bangladesh for our forum, if we will not find another solution.
  24. AVI is just a container format. Devices typically do not care that much for the container, but of course there may be problems with the video or audio codecs used inside!
  25. You are Lucky Gerard, I get six to ten every day which I don't think is acceptable
  26. There is an odd behavior of V8 and V9 in cases when you have a slide with a name that is different from the name of the included main image, and if you then delete the slide name. Example: You insert a new blank slide, open its O&A window, and insert some main image, say MyImage.jpg. Save the project. Now open the project file with a text editor, and you will see for your new slide "SlideID=Blank". Open the project again, open the new slide's options and delete the slide name "Blank". Click OK and save the project. The slide list now shows our new slide with the name "MyImage". But if we look at the project file again, we see "SlideID= ". If we now open some other slide and insert a Go To action to our new slide with name "MyImage" but with empty SlideID, the Go To command will not work.
  27. Don't know why the link doesn't work. Probably best to go straight to the link at the top of this page. Maureen
  28. Can't find the page !
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