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  1. Thanks
  2. Yes, not in version 9.0. Sorry.
  3. Can you try "Video for mobile device" output option in the Publish menu? Choose a Tablet (1920 x 1080) preset. Will it play on your Blu-Ray player?
  4. Gary, Thanks. I couldn't reproduce both problems. I will check again after my vacation (May 3nd).
  5. Hello, Please try to uninstall and then re-install PicturesToExe 9. If the program will suggest to import settings from previous version, please SKIP this step. I have iMac 4K Retina with MacOS Sierra and PTE 9 works fine with Parallels Desktop + Windows 10.
  6. Gary, Please tell me how to reproduce this error? Send me your project.
  7. Hi, I will be on vacation for 2 weeks from April 19th till May 2nd. I have a laptop and Internet connection all this time. Sorry for possible delays with my replies.
  8. Ellen, Please try version 9.0.9 BETA: http://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe It should fix the problem with a sound in a created video file. The problem happened with projects longer than 30 minutes.
  9. Ellen, We fixed this problem. I will send you a new version tomorrow.
  10. Dave, Thanks, I hope that will able to catch this tricky problem.
  11. Hi Ellen, I confirm this problem with a long project (77 minutes). We'll explore this problem right now. Thanks.
  12. I understand your question. We planned to rework this feature for the new editor of animation in PicturesToExe 9. But I couldn't find better variant. The old code was not compatible with the new editor. Please give us time to implement this feature in the next version.
  13. Hi, This wedding demo was created in PicturesToExe 9 and it uses only built-in slide styles: EXE file Watch on YouTube Many thanks to Barry Backham for this demo slideshow.
  14. Gary, Thanks, I remember about this problem.
  15. Jeff, Thanks, I think it's our omission. We'll check if it can be easily implemented to current version.