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  1. Barry, Thank you!
  2. Thanks! Fixed. English version was correct.
  3. Versuchen Sie, PicturesToExe 9 zu deinstallieren und erneut zu installieren. (Google Translate)
  4. Hello Craig, Please try to enter again the license key. I recommend to copy and paste the key from the email. I found your order and checked your license key - it was accepted in PicturesToExe 9 successfully. I've sent you personal message with more details.
  5. PicturesToExe 9 includes a Sample project (the main menu > Help > Open Sample Project) to help new users understand PicturesToExe and give ideas what they can do. Also we suggest to watch PicturesToExe 9 Demo on YouTube (or download the EXE file ) Thanks Barry Backham for these demo projects.
  6. Hi, PicturesToExe 9 includes 23 new customizable slide styles and 2 new transition effects. We hope that you will enjoy these new beautiful styles. Special thanks to Barry Backham and Dave for the help with creating of some of these slide styles!
  7. Ivor, Does this problem occur with a Sample project? In the menu > Help > Open Sample project. Send me also a screenshot of your main window (before this problem occur). Can other members confirm this problem?
  8. Thanks, Dave! Nice styles.
  9. Jean-Charles, We plan it in future version(s).
  10. Hi, Please can you uninstall PTE 9 and install it again as you did it earlier? Will that problem occur again? Thanks in advance,
  11. Please can you try to open this video (a demo project) again? In the main menu > Help > click "Welcome demo". Does it work now? "Welcome demo" was available on first run in all versions of PTE during last 10 years.
  12. Hi, The Album style is now in the Basic category.
  13. Gary, Thanks! Corrected now.
  14. Please can you try again or a little later? I successfully download PicturesToExe 9 within 10 seconds now.
  15. Hello, Thank you very much for testing all Beta versions of PicturesToExe 9! With your help the new version of PicturesToExe became better. We've published the final version of PicturesToExe 9 today. If you find any new problems, we'll prepare the updated version 9.0.1 soon.