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  1. Hi Jean-Cyprien, We still can't reproduce this problem on our computers with Windows 10 and latest updates. I suppose that this problem can be linked with specific font(s).
  2. The problem with AVG antivirus should be solved soon:
  3. EXE files created in PTE use current frequency of a monitor where you play an EXE file. Usually it's 60 Hz. If a monitor supports 120 Hz or 144 Hz this EXE file will play at 120 or 144 Hz (if your video card allows to generates so many frames per second). So it's the key difference from MP4/AVI video file where a frequency is a fixed (30p, or 60p). EXE file always dynamically choose a frequency.
  4. Thanks, Andrew!
  5. Today and yesterday I had to ban 45 ranges (regions) of IP addresses to stop recent spam attacks from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The problem in a fact that now spammers use humans instead of bots and it's very difficult to stop such spammers. We use 4 stages of anti spam protection on the forum againts spam-bots: 1. Two anti spam questions/answers. 2. Google reCAPTCHA 2 for registration. 3. Anti spam database for all Invision Power Board forums for new registrations. And all this protection can't stop spammers-humans now. Probably the only solution is to totally block Pakistan, India, Bangladesh for our forum, if we will not find another solution.
  6. Thanks, I confirm this problem! We'll fix it.
  7. Hello Urmas, Please send me all project files in a ZIP archive. You can try to open this old project in PTE 7 and remove other slides to reduce the project.
  8. Andrew, I sent a report to AVG about this false positive. You can also send your report to AVG, it may speed up the solution: https://secure.avg.com/submit-sample
  9. Hello Andrew, Thanks for you report! It's a false positive. We'll inform AVG about this problem today.
  10. I improved anti-spam protection on the forum. And I plan to watch for this situation to add necessary corrections.
  11. I apologize for this problem. Today I'm reconfiguring anti-spam protection of this forum. It should solve this problem. I will write here when I finish.
  12. Thanksm Mick! We'll check it.
  13. Hi Mick, Thanks for testing. Please let me know - did you unpack all ZIP archive, before run the test application? fontlog.txt file could be created in same folder with the EXE file. Can you check again, please?
  14. Hello Mick, 1. Please download this special test application: http://files.wnsoft.com/test/ComboFont6.zip 2. Unzip this file, and Run ComboFont6.exe file. 3. Click Font List button to show a list of fonts. Let me know if you will see same error message. 4. When you close the test application, it should create a new file fontlog.txt please send it me. It will help me find a reason of this problem.