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  2. LIN jackets and hats -- check your phone Stephen may call ken
  3. some old answers from my collection ken
  4. Laz, ver 9.0.7 was issue today , ken
  5. jackets and hats mate ken
  6. ken
  7. Maureen was a source of info that was given freely -- we worked together trying things - one time she talked to 2 of my grand kids on skype for +- 1 hour conversing just like she was a long lost aunt -- so sad:( ken
  8. this site is still live I found you with ctrl + f on each page k
  9. new site does not recognize me ken cox and there cant get new password ken
  10. Gary the link I gave you was dated jan 13 -- there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then -- sorry for my memory lapse:( ken
  11. good job Dave - hope people save the link:) ken
  12. 16:36 est link works do a search on Wikipedia for ken burns bio ken
  13. some background info on Ken Burns his name was just mentioned on PBS here in the colonies re an upcoming movie of his Ken
  14. KEN