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  1. 16:36 est link works do a search on Wikipedia for ken burns bio ken
  2. some background info on Ken Burns his name was just mentioned on PBS here in the colonies re an upcoming movie of his Ken
  3. KEN
  4. In my day I had a 500/80 and a SWC -- what a joy to use - both taking picts and darkroom! KEN
  5. max file size 125 mb +- ken
  6. from my 2009 archives ken
  7. FWD THREAD TO THE HELP DESK I guess back in the day we used to empty the windows temporary file folder but am not sure how with win10 out of all the membership, there is just 3 of us trying to find a fix and I am trying 2 separate towers so guess you are on your own:( ken
  8. well I guess you wont be using that feature see if you can get them individual page not there from your link but started other system win10/edge and garys collection works
  9. page not there from your link but started other system win10/edge and gary's collection works but Maureen's collection on both systems -- page not there message but individual file of Maureen works ken
  10. Mick tried with another w10/chrome works ken what happens if you click the link
  11. works for me - win10/edge ken
  12. SITE updated lot of info here Ken
  13. had to get the dust off my 3d glasses -- long time since we have seen a 3d show good job Jan ken