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  1. Greetings, The latest version at the PTE site is 9.0.10. During one discussion with Igor (I can't find where exactly it was), he had me download 9.0.11 to fix a problem. So, what is the latest version? If I have 9.0.11, should I dump it and go back to 9.0.10 or is there really a 9.0.11 out there??? Gary Later: I found where I got the 9.0.11
  2. Igor, Yes, I did not think of the 256 vs 128 kbps. Thanks... Gary
  3. Greetings All, I had not used this feature in the past. So I just tried it on a couple shows. In the first test, I had only a couple slides with an audio track that lasted much longer than the actual slides. So the result was that the 'converted' show was about half the size of the 'non-converted' show. Ok. But then I tried it on a much larger show where the many audio files ended with the end of the images in the show. The unexpected result was that the 'converted' show is actually larger than the 'non-converted' show. Is there any explanation why this would happen? Gary
  4. Sure...just go to the four-arrow icon in the lower right hand corner. Gary
  5. Igor, I am using 9.0.11, and have not seen any error messages. However, there still is an annoying thing happening. When you have highlight an image (slide) in the Slides, and then switch from the Slides to the Timeline, the image does not move or re-position. This is good. The image (slide) stays in the relative same position. However, when you switch back to Slides, the image (slide) gets moved to the far right of the screen (does not stay in the same relative position). It would be nice to keep the highlighted image (slide) in the same relative position as you switch back and forth between the Slides and Timeline views. Gary
  6. Phil, I copied a bunch of MP4 PTE shows to a DVD as data and tried to play them on my JVC BD player. They don't play. Am I missing something? I looked at the documentation and 'MP4' was not even mentioned as being a format it plays. Maybe my JVC BD player is too old? Can, in fact, DVD players play MP4's? Gary
  7. Igor... Yes, the problem is fixed. I tried it several times, closed/reopened PTE, different images, no problems. Thanks... Gary
  8. Igor, I installed your new '11' beta link above, but it still installs as version '10', with the same problem. Wrong link? Gary
  9. Greetings Igor, I re-installed 9.0.10 today and I still get the error messages and the files in the File List get pushed down with 'Lin's 16:9 Border Window Style'. I tried it on a few different projects. In some shows, the problem does not occur, in others it does. I don't know what the difference might be. Gary
  10. Greetings Barry, I tried what you suggested to put a still image (or title slide) as the first image, instead of the black blank slide. I figured out that it has to be a 'quick' transition, not a dissolve, or else you still get an initial black beginning. And the short length of the video is bummer, too. But then I thought it can be downloaded and assume it would still download the entire show if it is more than the 3 minutes. Not sure yet if this possible. But if you try to download from Flickr, you have to 'sign in' and that, too, is something I'd not want viewer to have to do. So back to the Slideshowclub, waiting for Igor to fix the max size upload restrictions. So it seems good for single images, but not for videos..... Gary
  11. Greetings Barry, I could not find any limitations on the file size. Can you tell us the file size limitations or total upload limits? Gary
  12. Yes, Igor, I did download 9.0.10, today. Gary
  13. Igor, No. I tried it with 9.0.10, but I still get the errors. If I try the Style on the first image, I get the error messages. Then, I try it on a second image, I don't get the error message. Seems to happen only when I first try to use this Style from Lin. Gary
  14. Bert, I have Win10 and Firefox browser. When I play a Youtube, I am able to choose the quality when I click on the 'cog'.
  15. Greetings Igor, It seems that V9.0.10 is an improvement in the positioning of the selected image when you change from the Timeline to the Slides view. The selected image (or slide) at least stays within the screen as you are switching between Timeline and Slides. But it would be better if the selected image (or slide) maintained its relative position as you switched back and forth between the Timeline and the Slides view. For example, when you switch from Timeline to the Slides, the image (or slide) always jumps to the far right of the screen, not maintaining its original position. But much better so far Thanks... Gary