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  1. Lin, Not sure that I agree with this. I just created an EXE on my Laptop which uses the Yananeska Personal Use Font. It is definitely NOT resident on my desktop machine but nevertheless when the EXE was transfered the identical Font shows up - it is not a substitute - it is the real thing. Or have I misunderstood what you said? It might be a good idea if Gary posted the font or sent it to Igor for appraisal? DG
  2. TC, The difference is subtle. It refers to the movement of the slide itself and not the animation within the slide. When on you can see the slide move (animate) when dragged from its old position to its new position. When off it just appears in the new position wherever it is dropped.
  3. Have you checked your Junk Mail folder? It sometimes goes there. Someone will contact you soon. DG
  4. P.S. Most action cameras that I have been in contact with (KeyMission; GoPro etc) will output in just one format - MP4. So if you are being offered a "vast array" of options they are probably coming from the Software that is being used to process the original files. I would therefore ask for either the original files or maybe an AVI which "should" be capable of being inserted into PTE without conversion. Please let us know what happens with as much detail as possible? DG
  5. John, What are the options that are available to you? MOV and MP4 are normal. AVI? DG
  6. Igor, Thanks for the explanation. Jeff, Perhaps it should be added to the OH when you have time? DG
  7. Added three variations to the Open Doors Custom Transition: Open Doors.pteeff Demo Style for the Open Doors CT: Open Doors Demo.ptestyle Follow the instructions written into the Style. DG
  8. Igor, Some might find it useful if the "Audio Track Height" could be accessed via the Right Click Menu for the Track. I would suggest a toggle between 100% and 400% but others might have different ideas. DG
  9. For consistent results, always use the same Track Zoom Percentage. DG
  10. I "think" that if the track height zoom % is altered between adding two points of the same % value you will get a slightly different Decibel Value. Could be a Bug or a Logic problem. DG
  11. DG
  12. Does it really matter? If you set a level in Decibels and then change to % you will always get a figure which is a whole number. Example: -17.879dB = 13% You cannot get a dB figure which is between the equivalent of 13% and 14% in decibels so it sort of proves that the underlying "resolution" is in percentage. You can get 100 steps between zero dB and -inf dB so regardless of what the dB readout is you are working in Percentage mode. DG P.S. Can you find a value in dB which is a whole number?
  13. Not sure what the relationship is between dB and % in this case but PTE (generally speaking) does EVERYTHING behind the scenes in Percentage Mode. So dB would be converted to %. DG
  14. I forgot to mention that Ctrl+Scroll Wheel controls the Horizontal (Width) Zooming. DG