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  1. Keyboard control is a great idea. Gotta have a little didgeridoo. Beautiful, creative, inspiring images. Sunsets, mountains, oceans, birds "Black point" is the new "saturation" sometimes overdriven. Nice AV overall, well put together. Fun trip!
  2. Thanks, Barry.
  3. 10 minutes. I create a series of several 8-15 min. shows, typically 6 total, accessed via a menu. This can be for weddings or various events. My style is documentary. I find that clients love this style and duration and find myself going back and enjoying them as well.
  4. Thanks, Lin. Amazing job, and so helpful, as always. I still imagine a day when an object or text can simply follow a path such as a Bezier curve.
  5. I am so sorry. I did not know Maureen personally but almost felt as if I did. She seemed so kind and had an amazing eye for beauty. My heart goes out to Robert in his loss.
  6. Wow, Lin!. Thanks!
  7. Lin, in your opinion, how does this compare to Zoom? I know Zoom is a bit more expensive, but I am a fan.
  8. Here is the thing, I used to be a sort of Photoshop guru. I really understood it, used it a lot to make all kinds of graphical whoopie. It came naturally and I mastered a good bit of what it could do other than movie and 3D editing. But, the thrill is over. Lightroom does 99.9% of what I need. Experience helps getting it as right as possible from the get-go in-camera. I go to Photoshop maybe once a month for some project? Little by little I am losing my edge, keyboard shortcuts forgotten, techniques that don't burst to mind--and I don't really care. I wonder for how many other people that is true?
  9. You are offering something really valuable. Thanks!
  10. For all of us Hasselblad enthusiasts, the new H6D-100C has a 5:4 sensor. (Don't I wish I had one!)
  11. You can send links to me from wherever you upload them. I LOVE your presentations! Please keep them coming.
  12. Merry Christmas to you all!
  13. I understand the applications mentioned above consume a lot of computer power. Still I can't image the software consuming more than a few GB or RAM to do so, still within 32 bit range. Elaborate video editing in Adobe Premiere is likely unlimited at 4 GB (although you may see recommendations for more). Perhaps some people are also gaming as they edit video? I am in awe at what some of you are doing, admittedly a bit surprised and pleased. Looks like you are indeed doing some 3 phase, 440 V projects! I am not doubting that what you are doing is far beyond my knowledge and ability, yet I wonder if there are some ways to simplify or streamline the process to be less cumbersome. Of course, software will gravitate toward native (no-emulator-needed) 64 bit. There hasn't been an urgency to do so because there often is little benefit. This is merely my opinion, I in no way speak with knowledge or authority about the inward workings of PTE. Igor can speak to the specifics of PTE, but the difficulties a couple of you are facing may not necessarily be fixed by 64 bit. Accessing more RAM might increase speed, although speed of video processing is likely to be affected by using an SSD, video card or other such factors. A lot of reading and writing is going on and I suspect that is the bottleneck rather than RAM. Just because you have a lot of "stuff," resources, clips, transitions, etc., doen'st mean all that "stuff" is loaded all at once into RAM. It isn't. I am sure you monitor your resources as you go? Maybe a record of bottlenecks would be helpful. Are you actually running out of RAM? Don't assume too much from an "out of memory" message. Is your CPU maxed out? Is the system waiting on read/writes? You can easily monitor all that, and know, and share here.
  14. Converting to 64 bit isn't immediately beneficial or without substantial challenges. There is likely no advantage now, that I can imagine for PTE. Users surely wouldn't be able notice any benefit. It's a little like this: If your computer runs fine on single phase 120V or 220V (sort of like 32 bit), making it capable of accessing 3 phase 440 (sort of like 64 bit) is a waste of time and money and won't help a thing. PTE in this analogy will be fine in a "120V environment" (32 bit) for a long time to come. Now if you are running a huge irrigation pump or factory heating furnace, you might want to set it up to access 3 phase 440. Windows 10 64 bit makes this possible. PTE isn't that kind of software and isn't likely to be in the foreseeable future.
  15. Really cool stuff, Dave. Thanks. Sorry I have not been more active with this version 9 development. This is hitting me at a very consuming time. But I am tinkering and watching with pleasure.