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  1. Thanks guys! Lin
  2. Hi Eric, I am trying to find someone who speaks Dutch who might translate the instructions for making a style. Give me a few days and if I can't find some help, I will try to do the translation myself. If you could create a small slideshow with only a few images and explain what you want to achieve with a style, I will create the style and show you step by step how it was done. Use the Zip feature to zip the entire project and post the zip file to MediaFire or other file sharing service and give us a link. Best regards, Lin
  3. First, how are you trying to open the PTE file? Open PTE first, the use the "file" "open" then navigate to your pte file rather than just clicking on the pte file itself in case that's what you are doing. Perhaps Windows does not yet understand which program to use to open a pte file? Shirley, use the Windows search facility to search for the filename of your show you can't find. Unfortunately I don't have Windows 10 so I can't give you specific help - perhaps someone who has Windows 10 can help here. If you used the PTE "Uninstall" it should have removed all the original installation files. A reinstall should put everything back to normal. Unless the "always use this option" somehow is an erase feature (I seriously doubt that it is) your work should all still be in the folder where it was originally. If you don't know the exact file name to search for, just search for *.pte (star dot pte) and your file should be among those found. Best regards, Lin
  4. Hi Erik The values which go into various places depend on what you are trying to achieve with your style. If you select an image and look in Objects and Animations on the "Properties" tab you will see it's labeled as a "main object" - main objects are numbered so that if you have more than one image on a slide they will be numbered sequentially such as 2, 3, 4, etc. Main objects are replaced by the style with new objects which are the images selected by the style user. There is a very complete explanation in the User Guide linked below: It's best to start with a very simple slide style until you fully understand what these numbers should be. It all depends on how many different variable there are in the style and which images you want replaced with user selected images and which images you want to always stay with the style. If it's a "main object' it will be replaced. If it's not a "main object" it will be reproduced in the style. Please tell me your native language and perhaps we can find someone who can help you... Best regards, Lin
  5. Click on "Slide Style" "Tools" "Create Style" Best regards, Lin
  6. Shirley, See the video I made for you on the Facebook PTE user group... Best regards, Lin
  7. Hi Denis, Thanks for posting this link. The way Tonton did the test is the only way it has any real meaning for users. What Barry proposed, in my opinion, has little relevance because there are way too many variables to sort. When a recording is done using a single microphone in one environment, and this is compared to another made under totally different conditions, comparing the results are relatively meaningless. To me, each of the four results from Tonton's test are quite satisfactory. There are very slight differences, but all were well within the excellent range and to me, demonstrates that any of the four choices would be just fine for AV creation. Best regards, Lin
  8. Probably, if you did a search for Blue Snowball on the forum you would quickly realize that your deduction is incorrect. It's the only microphone I use any more, but I have no real interest in discussions on the quality of audio or serviceability or fitness for AV presentations. It works for me as I've said in numerous posts. I bought it in 2014 and the cost was somewhere around $56 USD,,, Best regards, Lin
  9. Hi Craig, The file "miroIrtain.png" must be modified so that its transparency fits the exact inside dimensions of the modified mirror frame. Keep the outside dimensions of your substitute mirror frame within the parameters of Jean Cyprien's original. If you deviate from this size, too many variables will be affected and you will end up with a huge project which probably will fail. The reason you saw a slight imperfection in the corner of my quick sample was because I did not modify the file "miroirmasque.png" which is the mask that constrains the area which reflects the cube. In order to get your reflected image to be perfectly reflected in the change, you must also modify this file so that the "white" corresponds perfectly with the inside dimensions of the frame. Best regards, Lin
  10. One suggestion - when you get to the point where you overwrite the two files in {AFCB566A-347A-477A-A60A-C55769F41121} (miroirtain.png and miroircadre.png) - rename the originals right inside the file to something like oldmiroirtain.png and oldmiroircadre.png so you can recover the originals if something isn't just right and you need to make further adjustments. That way you can always go back to {AFCB566A-347A-477A-A60A-C55769F41121} and switch back to the original or use your modified files. There is no problem with leaving the renamed but unused files inside the container. If you have problems, send me the frame you want to use and I'll be glad to help you get it straightened out... Best regards, Lin
  11. Hi Craig, Here's a quick sample for you - a zipped exe where I changed the frame... Best regards. Lin Here's an embedded YouTube version:
  12. Hi Craig, It's possible if you have and are fairly adept with Photoshop. You might look at this post from a while back. The file miroircadre.png would need to be modified as well as the file miroirtain.png being certain to maintain the original file dimensions. Then the results would need to overwrite the originals in the file {AFCB566A-347A-477A-A60A-C55769F41121}. Best regards, Lin
  13. If one already has an iPhone I suppose it could be a usable solution. On the other hand if not, something like the Blue Snowball is a terrific value and sooo much less expensive.. Best regards, Lin
  14. Hi George, Yes, or some other size which equals 3:2 such as 3000 x 2000 pixels. Set PTE to the 3:2 aspect ratio, put in the three images which are 3:2 aspect ratio then select all three and apply the style which will create a total of 8 images. Then add as many images as you wish of whatever aspect ratio you need which conforms to the requirement for any other style(s) you might choose. Just be certain to move images five through 8 to the end of the entire sequence and also don't forget to correct the names and dates where needed on the images affected by the style. When you use the 3:2 aspect ratio for your original three images, the style will create the other five images in the correct aspect ratio. The images you add other than these original three (a total of eight) can be of any desired aspect ratio suitable for your show and corresponding to the aspect ratios needed for any other styles you may choose such as Dave's album styles, etc. Best regards, Lin