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  1. Brian, do you have the latest version of vlc player? We use this to play many mp4 files, made with various software, in international competitions and find it always plays them smoothly. We also find that while a lot of hardware setups will struggle with an exe, the mp4 usually play smoothly. So I don't understand why you are having the opposite experience. Jill
  2. Glad you have solved it. Jill
  3. If not all of the icons are showing on the projector it sounds as though some settings have been changed. Make sure that the projector resolution is correct via control panel and that you are duplicating the display rather than extending. The reason I suggested trying a PTE project is when you Preview if there are two screens is laptop and projector it will ask which you want to display it on, screen 1 or 2. Try with both to see what happens. If the message does not appear then it suggests that the screen is duplicated and the problem lies elsewhere. Jill
  4. John, can you see the laptop desktop etc via the projector? Have you tried opening a PTE project and previewing that? I cannot think of any reason that the show would not project. Does it appear on the laptop screen but not on the projector? Give us some more details so we can try to help you further. Jill
  5. +1 to both suggestions Jill
  6. Hi Igor, I am away from home at the moment, so can't send anything. Will check again later next week when back and see if I can reproduce the problem. Jill
  7. In PTE9.0.9 I am changing some Text in O&A. Normally as I type the box will expand to fit the new Text, but it isn't always. I have several Slides with the same Text, on some Slides the box will expand to the new Text & on others it won't. Also the first time I tried to move on to the next Slide, using the arrows at the top right of the O&A screen, I got an Exception Violation. Sorry I didn't manage to capture this. Jill
  8. Gary, as long as the video files are in the same folder as the exe it will play. If you moved just the exe to another computer, then the video would would not be available. The advantage is that the exe file size is much smaller. You then have the individual video files which could be uploaded separately, keeping the file sizes small. A smaller exe file will start faster and possibly play better on a slower computer. With the MP3 file. If you only had one track with a single or several MP3 files then there is no advantage in converting the output to a single MP3. But with several tracks, or mixed format files then converting reduces the file size of the exe. Jill
  9. I think this is now set on by default. There is no option to change it in version 9. Jill
  10. Hi Jenny, In Project options /Advanced Tab make sure that Syncronize soundtrack & Slides is ticked. To Link A sound clip to a particular Slide go into Timeline view, Click on a Slide then Right Click on the sound file & choose Link to slide n where n is the Slide number you clicked on. This will ensure that the sound stays in postion even if you move the slide. If the S;ides are adjusting to the length of the sound track then you may have somehow set - fit all slides to sound In the timeline view there are 3 horizontal bars. If you click this a drop down menu will appear - the first is fit all slides to sound track - make sure this is NOT ticked. Hope this helps Jill
  11. Gary, I agree with you on this one. I too find it frustrating if I adjust the speed of a video & the length of the slide is not altered. Especially if I am trying different speeds to get the right effect. But I also agree with Tonton, that if a video is just one of the Objects on a Slide then the length of the Slide should not be adjusted. So a check box is a good option. I would also like to see this happen if I manually adjust the length of the video by dragging in the sliders at left & right - ie crop the video duration. Again a check box to allow adjustment of the Slide duration. Jill
  12. Jim, you can drag'n'drop from windows explorer to PTE. Just open up an explorer window, open PTE9 & then drag from explorer & drop into the slide view in PTE. You can do multiple images at once by selecting them in explorer first. Jill
  13. Hi David, Yes of course you can still open old sequences in V9. Hope to see you Friday at WGAV - I can go through things with you if you need. Jill
  14. Gary, surely it is the actual image that matters not what type of file it is. If you have the same file name with different extensions then you must have created them yourself? So why not give them a different name when you create them. Having the same name with different types is bound to lead to confusion. The full screen view of slides works as a light box, you can see all of your images and rearrange them easily. You can see which are video files and which are single images or PNG files by the way they display. As I said before, once an image is in the slidelist it's type shouldn't matter Jill
  15. Gary, you should be able to tell what type the file is in the Filelist by it's Icon. Once you have added it to the Slidelist/Timeline does it matter - you should know what you have added? Jill