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  1. Igor, I see the same as Goddi. I assume that we have to add the extra line CmdLine= ? The file sizes seem rather high at 9.7/4.3gb per minute is this correct? Also does this low compression affect video used in an exe file or is it just when creating video output? We really need a way to keep exe file sizes small when incorporating video. Jill
  2. Lin, As long as there is at least 1 slide in the slide list (even a Blank) you don't have to add the video file. Just go to project options/Audio Select Add audio file & the select video files from the dropdown. You can then easily add the audio from the video without having to add the video itself. Jill
  3. Hi Mike see PM The main thing I can see is that you have the full path name for the sequences which looks like a removable drive. Make sure the Menu & sequences are in the same folder & remove the full path. Also set the Slides to 'wait for Key Press' then you don't need set times for the individual slides. Jill
  4. There are times when I just want the sound from a video without actually adding the video to the slide list. So maybe the button should be called 'add audio from a video file' Jill
  5. I agree with Goddi that to include the audio from a video is not well known. A lot of people who use PTE do not look at the Forum or the documentation - Yes I know they should but they don't & this includes many established AV workers. Currently you have to know to click on the little down arrow to be able to select Video Files when you add an Audio File. Goddi's suggestion of adding an extra link at the top of the Audio Tab is a good one. Jill
  6. I have just downloaded Beta 22 & this is my first look at the colour management features. Firstly let me say I have never set up any profiles on my monitor or projector, I use them as is straight out of the box. I have my camera set to sRGB & I use 'save for web' in Photoshop which sets the image to sRGB. I have never had any problems with the way my images display, they always look as I expect them to - the same in all programs. I give many talks to camera clubs using their projectors & unless the club has 'fiddled' with their projector my images always look exactly as they should. PTE has always displayed images as expected. Looking at beta22 as far as I can tell the default setting (colour managed sRGB) looks exactly the same as earlier betas & V8. However I think for beginners who don't understand colour management it would be better to make the default setting unticked. Which is what I will use - This way images will always display as they have done. For those who think they need lots of different profiles then they can set things up how they want with the new beta. Jill
  7. I never use Slide Styles simply because it always changes the Duration of a Slide. Even if I have made my own Style, I would rarely if ever want to apply the same duration to another set of Slides. I agree with Wideangle that the simple styles that simply apply an effect such as border or colour change & do not add any animation should keep the original duration of the slides & not change it to that of the style. If the style is adding animation then yes it may not work as intended if you shorten or lengthen the duration of the slide to that set by the author of the style, but there should be the option for the user to choose. I also agree with DG that Styles should be additive especially with the simple styles. I may never use them but the user should have more choice over how the style is applied. Jill
  8. I have never used the size in pixels option as I just resize the Mask using the mouse. Trying it with different sizes I can't see any difference? To be consistent wouldn't it be better to have the mouse movement on the text as in other O&A parameters. I find this much quicker to use than the Slider. I would also prefer the mouse movement on the Drop Shadow parameters rather than the Slider if this is possible. Jill
  9. Thanks Igor, this works well. Although the amounts that the image moves by are twice as much as in V8 V8 Pan x increments of 0.139 and Pan y increments of 0.185 V9 b18 Pan x increments of 0.23 and Pan y increments of 0.307 This means we cannot acheive as fine an adjustment as we can in V8. Jill
  10. Igor this will be a extremely useful feature & should be your next priority after getting a MAC version working. A lot of other AV software uses this & it could also entice video workers to switch to PTE. Jill Gary, I have found it under Project Options/Advanced tab. I also have no idea what for/when it would be used. Jill
  11. What I was asking is can a ptshow be run from action on mouse click if people only male that. I am happy with the idea of making the player available as a download. Jill
  12. Igor will we still be able to create a menu with this option. ie Action on mouse click - run application? Jill
  13. Jeff, if you read my post again you will see that I suggest that the order is user definable. Igor can set it up in his order but the user can change it. I agree that a floating palette would be better than what we have now. I spend too much time scrolling up and down. Jill
  14. Igor, If it is at all possible to implement then could we have User Selectable order of items? Like in Preferences/Toolbars the user can select the order & position of the items. In O&A if I am working with Text then I want the Shadow to be at the top of the Tab so it is easy to find. If working with Video I want the Video options to be at the top. If making a Menu then I want the 'Action on Mouse Click' at the top. If we could set up different orders & save them as presets as we can with Toolbars then this would help greatly. Also with the Animation Tab. 99% of the time it is the Opacity I want to change & this is at the bottom, so I have to keep scrolling. Pan, Zoom etc I change with the mouse in the preview so for me they could go at the bottom. Different people work in different ways, so to make the position of the item order changeable by the user would be very useful. Jill
  15. The 22nd Great Northern Festival took place over the weekend of 2nd to 4th December. There were a total of 49 entries, 46 made using PTE. The introduction sequence made use of the new Modifiers & Masks in PTE 9 Form more details and link to Results see post in 'AV events & Festivals' Here Jill