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  1. Thanks Lin, I will study it carefully Saluti Claudio
  2. Lin, I have been reconsidering the issue and I am a little bit puzzled again. With a 32 bit system I could, in principle, have an address capability of 2exp32, corresponding to 4 294 967 296, which just above 4 GB, well above 2 GB (practically the double). So it seems to me that a 32 bit system could allow a maximum of 4 GB, whether a limit of 2 Gb should be given by a 31 bit system. I am a little bit confused with 31 and 32. Could you please clarify where am I wrong? Thanks again Claudio
  3. Thanks Lin. I just wanted to know what was the reason for a 2 GBytes limitation. I think you gave me a reasonable explanation which I was not aware of . So the limitation is not due to a specific sw but to a specific operating system. I am aware of the techniques for reducing the size, but I was stimulated by a friend who uses a different sw for slideshows and was curious to know wheather such limitation was also present in PTE. Now I fully understand the problem Thanks again Saluti Claudio
  4. I have a simple question. Is there a limit, in PTE, for the generation of a 4k exe file? I know of other system where the limit of 2 Giga Bytes can not be exceeded. What is, if any the limit for PTE? Thanks for your help Saluti Claudio
  5. Thanks Gary. I will see your slideshow Saluti Claudio
  6. Thanks Dave, I will follow your suggestion Claudio
  7. Hello, I just made the upgrade to PTE 9 and I have some problems with The Masks. Unfortunately I did not understand the real value of the new parameter Mask Stencil, which was not present in version 8. I refer to the online instructions: "" In the case of "Add Mask Image/video" I realize that images or video can easily be added, and, depending on the color intensity, a mask is obtained, with effects in some way similar to layer masks in Photoshop. I have difficulty with the sentence: "A Video could also be added as either the Mask Stencil or Mask Content" (see last line just before the paragraph Text as a Mask) My problem is : 1. I do not understand what Mask Stencil means. 2. I do not see any way to work on it, because I cannot activate any key frame for it. Moreover, if I add an image on the Mask Stencil it comes out semitransparent and I do not see how to process on it. If I ignore Mask Stencil it is all right, but I think I am probably missing something. Could anyone help on this? Thanks in advance Claudio
  8. Thanks Gary. I downloaded Parapente with no problems. I will wait for the new one until it will be available. Claudio
  9. Thanks Ronnie, Dave and Gary (Gary: I did not yet succeed to download your new show) Claudio
  10. Does anybody know if there are slideshows relevant to the south American state of Colombia?
  11. Jan, congratulations for such a beautiful project. Excellent techniques for video elaboration I might come back to you for some guidance!! Saluti Claudio
  12. Excellent and fantastic! Congratulations!! Claudio
  13. May be I did not understand what you said. If I open a new project the window opens always with 4:3, but I can select the wanted ratio, and it is applied correctly Saluti Claudio
  14. Lin, I had some exchange of mails wiyh Phil Williams and then I finally ordered the Xtenda-a-View Pro 3.0 I am anxious to receive it asap! Saluti Claudio
  15. Thanks Lin I will see it in details. I hope I will have a final solution for this problem. Saluti Claudio