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  1. Brian maybe you have only to change the graphics card. A GEForce 1050 or 1060 will be the solution, I presume.
  2. Hi Brian. I Prepared a quick show including a slide with 5 png files of 1MB each, and also smooth transitions to check if everything is correctly displayed on a mp4 file. You will find the zipped exe file here. You will find the zipped MP4 file here. And finaly you can watch the project under Youtube. On my PC, all the three shows are perfectly smooth. If it is not the case on your PC, the problem comes from your hardware. If everything is smooth on your PC, there is something wrong in your own PTE project.
  3. Thank you Igor for this recomendation. It is all I was asking for.
  4. Yes but I'm not shure having the optimal parameters. Under Photoshop CC I find an option "Youtube parameters" and it is more confortable.
  5. Hi It would be nice to offer the possibility to just generate the mp4 video file for Youtube and save it localy. After that we would be able to just to open the Youtube page, drag the video from the Windows browser and drop it into Youtube page. Today, as PTE is not able to connect to Youtube, we can't even generate the mp4 video file for Youtube.
  6. Hi. I confirm this problem.
  7. Hi Igor. The present limitations seems to be 25MP instead of 6.4 as you indicate. you can check it with the attached files. This GIF countains 63 images. Eventing.gif has a size of 900*599 pixels. Only 48 images are taken in account by PTE. Eventing_2.gif has a size of 500*300 pixels. All the 63 images are taken in account by PTE. For the two files, when I use the drag and drop method, I obtain a video clip correctly played by PTE, with the adapted length for one pass.
  8. +1 to both suggestions
  9. ... and if we want just to modify the intensity of the effect, we have to duplicate the keyframe and then modify the values for the modifier. Most of the time, I prefer to duplicate a keyframe instead of inserting a new one, and then uncheck some boxes if needed.
  10. Hello. The problem is that the GIF loaded as a video seems to be not always played correctly. Sorry. I was wrong. Every thing is correct under the last PTE version !
  11. Same thing for me;, as you can see on the video. I'll try in % mode. Done. If I use the % mode and zoom to 400% I am able to adjust the volume with a resolution of 1%. But ... I spent 50 years adjusting volume in dB, and for me % is not an appropriate unit to adjust sound volume...
  12. Thank you Dave, this shortcut will be very usefull for me, even if it is not sufficient to solve the (minor) problem I raised in my last video. I just tried using your shortcut but I'm stil unable to find again exactly the same value.
  13. I don't use my Wacom tablet and I found my Logitech mouse (MX Master) precise to adjust the sound level in a track displayed at 100%. I'm not asking for an emergency correction, but it would be more confortable to be able to enter a precise value for sound level. the present system is not easy.
  14. + 1