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  2. Hi Igor - I'm not certain this bug in Windows 7 64 bit was ever solved. Just in case something like this were to happen with PTE thumbnails, It's good to know about it. Here's a comment from one of the Resolve users: "I recently encountered this thumbnail problem too - eventually the system becomes unusable as the thumbnail generator seems to consume memory and processor cycles. There are other reports that the problem is caused by "corrupted media files" - once the thumbnail process encounters a corrupted file, the process goes haywire. Initially, I disabled thumbnails by choosing to show icons only (Control Panel | Folder options | View tab, then check "Always show icons, never thumbnails"). Without thumbnails, the problem goes away but without the ability to see your jpg and video files in Explorer. Acting on a hunch, the problem seemed to be due to a media file on the desktop. I moved all media files to a folder, not on the desktop, and the problem went away. I do have side-by-side mp4 files as I create 3D videos. I have other SxS files that do not seem to be causing problems with the thumbnail generator. This is not a new problem in Windows 7 - there are online reports of this going back to Vista. There's no excuse for this defect in Windows to still exist. Ed" Just something to file away in case... Best regards, Lin
  3. Hi Dave Thanks very much I must be getting a bit dim in my old age but every day is a school day. Gogs
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  5. http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/7781/windows-7-bug-eats-memory-when-displaying-thumbnails-of-side-by-side-3d-mp4-files.-really?fbclid=IwAR1zMxn9Hmmklx7iR4gB3ZTcVCZkXEp_NGbPvBQWQPHatiqb8slg8S1BiWg
  6. Right click on your Category title and "Export Category". DG
  7. Hi Dave Not quite sure how you grouped them all into one download I would be grateful if you could explain so that I know just in case there is another occasion. Gogs
  8. Hi, Read this announcement: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/21388-for-owners-of-laptops-with-nvidia-graphics-on-windows-10/ PTE 10 Beta fixes this problem with Windows 10 v1803, 1809, or 1903.
  9. Hello John, I am curious if you resolved your issue. The only way I can resolve mine at present is revert to windows 1709. Thanks, Kieron
  10. Thanks for the story and the music Lin.. What a tender start to my day... Dick
  11. Nice work Gogs, This might make it easier to download: Gordon Gilfether.ptestyle DG
  12. Hi gogs, To combine the Marcel'effect with miror(s) is a very interesting idea with amazing, very nice results. Bravo ! Thanks for the (too many !) styles. Jean-Cyprien
  13. In my early years, I played bluegrass music to help pay my way through college. In those days I traveled about a lot and was fortunate to be allowed the privilege of playing with some world-class musicians. I have many fond memories of sitting in motel rooms at night and jamming with famous musicians like Bill Monroe, Jim & Jessie, Dan Crary, and other famous people who made their livings all their lives as musicians. After my wife Sherry passed away, my girlfriend Lisah Runninghorse Pakula, a very, very talented model, artist, musician, etc., talked me into once again picking up my old Martin D41 because she wanted to continue to entertain. Sadly a stroke took my voice and Lisah was called home to sing with the angels on March 1 of 2018 so we never had the chance to do what she wanted. In this little video, Dan Crary sings and plays "The Stories We Could Tell" and it allowed me to relive some old memories. The cushion on the chair is from a painting Lisah did after I took her to New Mexico to meet clients of mine whom I formerly did photography for. She was so impressed with the little artist enclave of Madrid, New Mexico (pronounced Mad' Drid - unlike the Spanish Town) with the emphasis on the first syllable that she painted a huge work called "The Road To Madrid"... The picture over the fireplace is Lisah and Me sitting on my couch in Colorado made in 2015. We had big plans, but life got in the way I guess... Anyway this is my friend Dan Crary singing and playing in a club years ago - thought it was a appropriate song to bring back the memories... Lin
  14. Greetings, I am wondering why the 'Rotate Clockwise/Counterclockwise' does not work for video clips? For clips that don't need to be converted or trimmed, it would be convenient, or just to be able to view them right-side up before using O&A. Should it? Gary
  15. Very nice styles Gogs, but perhaps more accurately called "spiral effects" than Kaleidoscopic effects. Jean Cyprien produced a Kaleidoscope style which looks like this: Best regards, Lin
  16. Greetings, I understand a new Convert/Trim window is coming in future Betas. However, I find the current method is a bit difficult to set begin/end points for the Trim function. My suggestion is to be able to set the Trim begin/end points while in the MiniPlayer window (Timeline view). The idea is to set the Trim's begin/end points first in the MiniPlayer window, then hit the 'Convert/Trim' button in the main window, as seen in the screenprint. Then the current Convert/Trim window would then open with the already set Trim points and settings/adjustments can be made from there. The current Convert/Trim window is really too small to made adjustments to begin/end points. Gary
  17. Here is a short demo of the effect. Gogs Kaleidoscope Demo.zip
  18. I have created a set of Kaleidoscope Effect Styles based on the effect originally created by Marcel. The effect has an images both coming in from a Kaleidoscope and going out to a Kaleidoscope effect. You can use them singly or place images back to back and have the images come in from and go out to a Kaleidoscope. They have been created in 3:2 format. Gogs Kaleidoscope1A Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1A Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1B Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1B Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1C Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1C Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1D Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1D Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1E Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1E Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1F Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1F Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1G Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1G Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1H Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1H Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1I Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1I Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1J Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1J Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1K Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1K Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1L Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1L Spin Out.ptestyle
  19. In PTE, you drag your folder of images into the Slide List and highlight them all - then apply the Style (similar to an action) to all slides. You can use preset Styles or you can apply your required animation, transition etc to Slide 1, make a Style of it and then Apply to all the other images. All of the things you ask for can be done with Styles. If you are still using Version 8 you might benefit from an upgrade to Version 9 to take advantage of the improved Styles facilities. Version 10, when it is officially released will offer even more improvements. DG
  20. Hi Igor, When I click on an option box, say the Comment box, to show the title of a slide, the dialogue box defaults to the centre of the screen. Is it possible to have the box appear by the item I clicked on, or the mouse to move to the box? Can this be done for all boxes that default to the centre of the screen. It will save many mouse miles! Kind Regards, The Peeg
  21. Hello, I don't know whether this is already possible, but in Photoshop I can use actions to apply changes to an image by recording the process and then saving it to apply at will. I have folders that I use every time I make a show. they have the image authors names on. Is it possible to have that folder of slides to have preset timings and fades? As it is, every show I make I have to keep altering them manually, which takes me a lot of time. It would be far easier to be able to drag them from the folder predone. I also wish to know if you could do an 'Action' that would duplicate a slide, title the first and amend the timings, as well as other changes. I feel that these abilities would be very useful. Please forgive me if these are already available, but I haven't found the ability to do this in V8.0.15 Yours Sincerely, The Peeg
  22. The Newsletter can be found on THIS PAGE of our web site. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter and if your a club member, please make sure your members are aware of the resource I have on line.
  23. Greetings, I’ve decided to begin expanding the sound effects section of my website (which desperately needs it) so if anyone has any requests, just let me know. One request that I received on social media is for various coin sounds, so here’s a brand new page devoted to that: SFX - Coins https://soundimage.org/sfx-coins/ As always, feel free to edit as needed. Enjoy!
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  25. Having dual monitors in Windows is great but a slideshow defaults to the primary monitor (display 1). Sometimes you want it to run the slideshow on the other monitor or run 2 different slideshows simultaneously. You could create a shortcut or cmd/batch file with command line option but that takes time. I found it's much easier to use the Windows + Shift + left arrow/right arrow keys to switch the running slideshow to the other monitor. List of commands that save time. I knew some of them but not all. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12445/windows-keyboard-shortcuts List of PTE command line switches https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/20331-list-of-command-line-parameters/ Thanks, Tom
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