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  1. Igor Kokarev

    Power of Color Filters

    Manuel, Thanks!
  2. Igor Kokarev

    Power of Color Filters

    Hi Paiche, Thanks for your permission!
  3. Igor Kokarev

    Power of Color Filters

    Hi Paiche, Thanks for these impressive art styles! Please can you give me a permission to include them to future PTE 10?
  4. Igor Kokarev

    Watch Styles

    Thanks, Lin! Two nice simulations of watches from you and Dave at same time
  5. Hi Ivor,

    Having a problem opening PTE 9 - not responding. I have re-booted my laptop but that did not resolve the problem. I took some screen shots as I am  rather challenged on technical matters.The exe works but not the pte.


    Ingrid Gane.



  6. Igor Kokarev

    60 Second Analogue Timer

    Yes, the animation is elegant.
  7. Igor Kokarev

    60 Second Analogue Timer

    Thanks, Dave! Nice implementation.
  8. Igor Kokarev

    Linear Dissolve vs Smooth Dissolve

    Gary, Thanks. Yes, traditional "linear" Dissolve becomes more "smooth" with long duration, whereas smooth Dissolve looks "smooth" even with short duration. All versions of PTE include "linear" Dissolve transition. 15 years ago, one user asked me for a smooth Dissolve and we added it as an experimental option to PTE 4.4.x. You can experiment with smooth transition. See the file link above. If it really looks good, we can include this transition to future PTE 10.
  9. Try a smooth version of Dissolve transition. I used a speed modifier (Smooth) for Opacity parameter to make dissolving more smooth. Do you like it? Smooth Dissolve.pteeff Demo. Smooth Dissolve: https://files.wnsoft.com/picturestoexe/demos/Smooth-Dissolve-Demo.exe Demo. Linear Dissolve: https://files.wnsoft.com/picturestoexe/demos/Linear-Dissolve-Demo.exe
  10. Igor Kokarev

    Power of Color Filters

    PicturesToExe 9 allows construct a series of color filters to create special effects. I prepared two examples, just to give an idea how color filters can be used in extreme combinations: 1. Flaming Sky style Here I used a mask (same image converted to a grayscale stencil) to separate the bright parts of an image (usually sky) and then apply a series of color filters to add saturated paints. https://files.wnsoft.com//picturestoexe/demos/FlamingSky-Color-filters.exe Flaming Sky.ptestyle 2. Engraving style. https://files.wnsoft.com//picturestoexe/demos/Engraving-Color-filter.exe Engraving.ptestyle
  11. Igor Kokarev

    Mp4 Size test

    Barry, Try to encode a simple project into MP4 video. Just 1 JPEG image, 3-5 seconds for a slide, and Quick transition (No Dissolve transitions!). The resulting video file should be very small. Dissolving is a challenge for video compression. Whereas Pan/Zoom/Rotate are more easy task for effective video compression. Check updated WnSoft website, I added 2 video clips as illustrations (encoded in PTE 10): https://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/ First video is only 1.1 MB (900 x 550, 30p, 11s, Quality: 70 for encoding) Second video is 1.2 MB (1712 x 1038, 30p, 12s, Quality: 70)
  12. Igor Kokarev

    Mp4 Size test

    Barry, H.264 encoder used by PTE 9 has at least 20-30 internal parameters which affect to final picture quality and file size. We use standard recommended parameters. When you encode H.264 (MP4) video, PTE always re-encodes source images. Try to re-encode two same JPEG images (Jpg Level 12 and Level 6 which have different file size) into new JPEG Level 12. The final file size will be almost same. It's difficult to predict a final file size, because it will depend on a visual content in images, animations, video clips in a project.
  13. Igor Kokarev

    PP Gallery Transition

    Interesting idea! Thanks, Dave! P.S. Turn on "Edge antialiasing" for both images.
  14. Igor Kokarev

    Opening same project more than once [DONE]

    We added this change for PTE 10:
  15. Igor Kokarev

    The Directors Cut

    Congratulations, Barry! Simple show but very impressive photos.