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  1. Hi, Please try a new version 9.0.14 Beta: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe This updated version allows to create EXE files (and safe executable files) larger than 2 GB. EXE files larger than 2GB created in previous versions v9.0.x didn't start (error message). Does it work correctly now?
  2. PicturesToExe 9 (v9.0.13)

    PicturesToExe 9.0.13 is available: Fixed problem with drag-and-drop of multiple audio clips in the Audio tab of the Project Options. Fixed problem when video encoding doesn’t start if a project contains audio files with certain non-latin letters. Fixed problem with copying text from PicturesToExe to another text editor.
  3. DVD Building

    Does it happen with all projects, or only with certain project?
  4. Video Clip Won't Convert

    Hi, Can you try to clear the list of files (click Remove button for each selected file). And then convert video file(s) again.
  5. Origami

    Dave, Thanks, I just sent you reply in PM. P.S. Just an idea. Try to add slight dynamic shading to collapsing edges (sides) to get more realisting view. I used this approach in my Album 3D style.
  6. This is a low level small point re text

    Thanks, Barry
  7. Origami

  8. Origami

    Dave, Nice work! Can you reproduce this error? Do you have latest version 9.0.12?
  9. This is a low level small point re text

    Barry, Can you try a new Beta version: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe
  10. Transition starting too late.

    It may depends on nature of a transition effect. Only Quick transition (no transition) gives instant result. Probably you mean another problem. Please publish a short test project where we can see this issue.
  11. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    We fixed this problem. It happened in case of certain non-latin letters in filenames of audio files. Please try a new Beta version: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe Let me know about a result.
  12. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    I confirm this problem with encoding of a video. We'll fix this problem in the next update. Please wait a little. Thanks!
  13. TV playback problem

    Ray, Does this problem occur with all new MP4 video files created in PTE 9 ? Try to play projects (MP4) with different durations - 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 24 minutes. Send me any sample video which has this problem with your TV. I will check on my TVs. P.S. You can also try to create MP4 video with custom parameters - 1-pass bitrate (say 5000 kbps). Or try 48 KHz for audio instead of 44 Khz. Will it help?
  14. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    Please try to create as possible short and simple project to reproduce this problem. And send me all project files in a ZIP archive. I'll check. You can use Dropbox or Google Drive to send me a download link.
  15. FRozen

    Can you reproduce again this error message?