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    Yes, we have a serious dilemma. I understand that VideoBuilder has problems, but its code is very old. We should spend months to rewrite it. DVD is a dying technology and of course we'd like to spend our time to add more important features which will be used by all users. On other hands, I understand that DVD is still useful for many users, as mentioned above. Anyway future Mac version will not include VideoBuilder.
  2. More text options

    MUR, When you type text or add new text lines, the size of a Text object is changing, but visual size of an letter remains same. Only future Rich Text object probably will make possible what you want to have.
  3. More text options

    Lin, I think it's impossible. Only plain text when it's copied from any external text editor to PTE. Because MS Word or HTML5 have very complex text formatting which never can be 100% copied. It would be a nightmare to try preserve a text formating according all embedded text styles (CSS, HTML, etc).
  4. More text options

    Jill, Thanks, I think that we need word wrapping when user types text, right? So it should be a special new object - Rich text.
  5. More text options

    OK, thanks for your opinions.
  6. More text options

    Question: In PTE the Text object shows a green selection rectangle with 8 dots to resize a visual size of an object. Then text will become larger or smaller. In Powerpoint these 8 dots in the selection frame don't changes visual size of an Text object and it adds space for more text letters. How to combine both conceptions? 8 green dots to resize Text and 8 (say blue) dots to adjust space for the Text? Will not this look too complicated?
  7. More text options

    Barry, I can say even more - this feature has my personal priority. I'd like to add two improvements: 1. Text effects (styles). 2. Rich text object (with editing like in Powerpoint). Regarding p. 2 we're trying to find a good interface to implement this feature. Powerpoint doesn't offer keyframe based animation like in PTE.
  8. Advanced Options

    This issue will be fixed in the nearest update (v9.0.15)
  9. Advanced Options

    Barry, I agree, we'll make names of custom windows not case sensitive in the next version (or probably in the next updates). Also you can choose a name of custom window from a list - click a small triangle icon on the right side in this field.
  10. Advanced Options

    Hi Barry, Custom windows in PTE 9 should work as earlier. The only difference, a new custom window is now blank (no objects). I attach a sample project created and saved in PTE 9.0.14. Project1_Dec4-2017_17-33-38.zip
  11. Can not mute video - 9.14 (SOLVED)

    Gary, We didn't change the code related with video playback or audio. O&A editor is exactly same. I didn't find attached links to the files.
  12. PicturesToExe 9 (v9.0.14)

    PicturesToExe 9.0.14 is available: Reduced memory usage during encoding of a video. This helps to avoid a problem of missing images (black pictures) in a created video, if project contains many large images on one slide. Earlier you could observe a problem (black pictures) with a slide style "10 portraits" for large images. Fixed problem with freezing of the Objects and animation editor after copying/pasting some objects between slides. Fixed problem with non-working EXE presentations which are larger than 2 GB. Max allowed size is 3.9 GB. Fixed problem with missing “Help” custom window from projects saved in versions 8.0 and 7.5.

    Thanks for testing! It seems that some old hardware players are not fully compatible with H.264 video, if video from two different software programs cannot be played correctly. We recommend to create AVI video for these players. PTE 9 uses latest version of H.264 encoder, and PTE 8 used the old version (2009 year).

    Luc, Can you try the following test video files on your TV where earlier you had the problem with PTE 9 files and let me know about results: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/video/pte9_1080_30p_q100_aac192.mp4 https://files.wnsoft.com/test/video/pte9_1080_30p_q100_aac-160.mp4 https://files.wnsoft.com/test/video/pte9_1080_30p_High.mp4 https://files.wnsoft.com/test/video/pte8_1080_30p_High.mp4 https://files.wnsoft.com/test/video/ProShow_Slideshow_1080_30p.mp4
  15. PTE 9.0.14 Beta. Creating EXE files larger than 2 GB

    Yes, of course