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  1. Igor Kokarev

    News about PTE 10

    Thanks for your suggestion. Please post a new topic here: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/forum/9-suggestions-for-next-versions/
  2. Igor Kokarev

    Flip 3D Version 2 Custom Transition

    Hi, I highly appreciate your opinions and no doubt that your knowledge of this subject is very high. Dave, thanks for your excellent transition! I'm sure that Lin's comments were friendly discussion. No need too worry
  3. Igor Kokarev

    Png Images

    Jose, 64-bit version of PTE will help you. We're working right now on this task. I hope that PTE 10 will be 64-bit.
  4. Igor Kokarev

    Master/Link video annoying problem (PTE 9.0.14)

    Please try a new version 9.0.21 Beta: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe It should fixed issues with Master/linked video clips.
  5. Igor Kokarev

    Master/Link video annoying problem (PTE 9.0.14)

    I think that we fixed this problem. New version will be published very soon.
  6. Igor Kokarev

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Personally I would prefer only 64-bit for everything - PTE and EXE slideshows. I understand your point about customers who still have 32-bit Windows. And probably we need to offer two options for EXE shows: 32 bit and 64-bit. What other members think about this?
  7. Igor Kokarev

    Png Images

    Barry, These Photoshop options affect only to a PNG file size. And no difference of memory usage in PTE, because PTE unpacks PNG to a bitmap in memory. You can check memory usage of PTE in Task Manager. If it close to 1.9 GB you may quickly reach "out of memory" error.
  8. Igor Kokarev

    Png Images

    Barry, Send me a short sample project with PNG where this problem may occur. I will check its memory usage. Being a 32-bit app, PTE 9 can use only up to 2 GB of system memory. With a special trick we can extend this limit up to 3.9 GB. 6000 x 4000 PNG image takes 96 MB - width x height x 4 bytes (RGBA). 1 copy of image in PTE, 1 copy in system memory of Direct3D engine, and 1 copy in a video memory (all these copies share common address space of 2 GB). In total we have 288 MB just for one 6000 x 4000 image. PTE uses 1 player in the main window (preview area), 1 player for the Slide list, 1 player in the editor of animations. The editor loads only one current slide. The preview player in the main window loads 3 slides in advance (with all their images). Of course, we use several tricks to economy memory, for example, we calculate current size of a preview player/ or in a EXE and proportionally downsize PNG/JPEG images before loading. The most effectively it works for JPEG. JPEG format allows to load already downsized copy of an image if we need to show a small copy of an image (it saves times of loading and memory usage). For PNG we have to load a full size copy and then downsize it before pass to a video card or DirectX. So only 64-bit version of PTE may help improve this situation. And PTE will able to use all memory of your computer. And we're working on 64-bit version of PTE right now. With 64-bit app out of memory problem should not occur, because all moderns computers have at least 8-16 GB of system memory. P.S. All 3D games load textures (images) in a lossy format (something like JPEG with a strong compression), it reduced memory usage in 2-4 times. PTE loads images to textures in a video card using lossless format (RGBA) providing original image quality.
  9. Igor Kokarev

    Glass Pane Style

    Hi Tom, Thanks! Impressive.
  10. Igor Kokarev

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    Thanks for all your responses. Already not, last MPEG-2 patents were expired recently. Thanks, it's an interesting idea.
  11. Igor Kokarev

    24p - 23.976 vs 23.98 fps

    PTE 9 passes framerate 23.976 (as "Single" float variable) to the video encoder. And then the encoder internally sets 23976 / 1000. In theory it should be 23.976p Probably your video software recoginizes 23.976p video only if a video clip has 24000 / 1001 framerate values and not 23976 / 1000 which is exactly same framerate? In PTE 10 I fully reworked the code which works with low-level video encoder and I can pass 24000 / 1001 to improve compatibility.
  12. Igor Kokarev

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    Any thoughts what we should do with VideoBuilder (DVD video) in PTE 10? Now we're fully rewriting the main code of PTE 10 to prepare Mac version, 64-bit, Dark/Light interface. VideoBuilder is a very old part of PTE. Of course, we can spend additional 3-5 months and fully rewrite it, but DVD video format becomes outdated and less popular with every year. Should we remove VideoBuilder, or keep it "as is" without official support?
  13. Igor Kokarev

    Flip gradient fill colors

    Tom, I recall this idea every time when I set gradient colors in a wrong order. We'll try implement it in PTE 10.
  14. Igor Kokarev

    Master/Link video annoying problem (PTE 9.0.14)

    Denis, Thanks for your short test project. I see this problem and I will check if we can fix it quickly for PTE 9.
  15. Igor Kokarev

    Unable to Move Audio Files (SOLVED)

    Probably there is a specific software utility which changed behaviour of keyboard? For some reason, PTE "thinks" that Ctrl key is always pressed and it destroys a correct work of the Timeline view.