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  1. Hello Melanie, Please send us 1-2 sample files which don't work correctly, we'll check it. Attach these files to your reply.
  2. Hi, Tell me in more details. 1. Do you mean Publish option, creation of a MP4 video from your project? 2. What pixel size of your video? 1920 x 1080, 30p? What time duration? 3. What version of PicturesToExe? 4. Check Task Manager for CPU loading from other apps.
  3. Bert, OK. If you choose again "Windowed..." mode in the Screen tab, you can find a special text field "Caption of the show". Clear any text from this text field and set back "Fullscreen" mode.
  4. Bert, Tell me in more details, add a screenshot. I'm not sure that I rightly understood this problem.
  5. You need to modify this script. Count of slides and time points are now recorded in [Times] section of .pte project.
  6. Microsoft recently introduced a new feature of Windows 10: Controlled folder access. This mode prohibits any apps to save any documents in My documents, My images, My videos, and on desktop. Even Notepad and Paint apps can't save any documents in these folders! And users will see a meaningless error message on attempt to save a document. Some users accidentially enabled this option and I received two messages from PTE users recently. Symptoms of the problem in PicturesToExe: 1. Error message during the installation of PicturesToExe: "IPersistFile::Save failed; code 0x80070002. PicturesToExe cannot create a shortcut on the desktop. 2. User cannot create a video file, or an EXE file in My documents folder. 3. Creation of a slide style, or creation of a transition effect doesn't work (because the storage of styles and transitions is located in My documents by default). Solution: A. Disable "Controlled folder access" feature in Windows 10. B. Or add PicturesToExe to the list of trusted apps. More info from Microsoft https://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-preview-build-183517-now-available-slow-ring-insiders
  7. After version 10.0 PicturesToExe will offer download and install a new updated version (10.0.1, 10.0.2, etc) like other products. This code is already done.
  8. Gogs, Laptops for gamers with single NVIDIA video card (for example, Geforce 1060) do NOT have this problem. Advice: you can use Device Manager in a computer shop to check Video card tab to see if it really has only single video card (no Intel graphics). Usually all other laptops with Geforce 1050, 1030, 920M, or other Geforce models have dual graphics: NVIDIA + Intel. These laptops with Windows 10 are affected by this problem. All laptops with AMD graphics are NOT affected. Just I recommend to choose powerful models with fast graphics, and if it possible check EXE shows or PTE in such laptop before you purchase it. All desktop computers (NVIDIA or AMD) are NOT affected. My personal choice.
  9. I know users who show animated panoramic JPEG images (15000 x 1440) in PTE 9 without any problems. One image is only 86 MB in system memory. Good luck!
  10. Kev, Thanks for the details. PTE and other apps always unpack JPEGs to bitmaps in system memory. So 15000 x 30000 in RGBA format = 1.8 GB. Of course, PTE loads optimized reduced image if output size if small (thumbnails). But anyway loading of such images is painfully slow. Even in PTE 10. I created two JPEGs at 15K x 30K and they worked in PTE 10 (with slow loading). I believe that it's possible to optimize your images in Photoshop according kind of planned animation (panning, zooming, etc). For example, if you use only horizontal panning from left to right, simply crop the image keeping only working part. And then resample image size to have a height in pixels around 1080-1440. It would be quite enough for 1080p screens. Also you can split the original panoramic image into 2 or more images, if you plan to change a direction of animation. For example, use 1st image for horizontal panning, and then add 2nd image for zooming. Even PTE 9 will work much faster and better with such optimized images. P.S. PTE 10 Beta will be available for testing soon.
  11. John, Many thanks for all your efforts to help me and other PTE members to solve this problem! I very appreciate it. It's sad that NVIDIA and/or Microsoft work so slow on this issue. Especially if remember that this problem affects at least 2 software products - PTE and Proshow. P.S. I can recover access to your original forum profile if neccessary.
  12. Hi Kev, Future PTE 10 will be 64-bit app, and it will handle very large panorama images. However even PTE 9 should support reasonably large panoramas. Probably you need to optimize a pixel size of images according your target screen. What pixel resolution of your screen? Can you create one sample panorama animation with a reduced pixel size (which works without problems) to demonstrate your idea. I will check if it possible to optimize the images without loss in quality.
  13. Regrettably not yet. I suppose that it's a result of a wrong optimization of power consumption in Windows 10 in laptops with dual graphics. Unlike 3D games PTE doesn't produce high loading of CPU and a video card, thus Windows 10 wrongly reduces speed of a mobile NVIDIA graphics. Probably we could "fix" this problem by adding fake (useless) calculations in CPU and video card to force Windows 10 "think" that PTE need all power of mobile NVIDIA card. I'm really wondered why Microsoft and NVIDIA still didn't fix this problem.
  14. John, Rob wrote in his first message that his video card is Geforce GTX 1060 6GB. I suppose that it's a desktop PC or powerful laptop with single NVIDIA graphics (no Intel dual graphics). So I'm sure that for this task future PTE 10 will work very good. Because PTE 10 handle video clips much better and faster. Proshow will not give you better result. While we're working on PTE 10, please consider output to a HD MP4 video for your project. It will provide smooth playback for your movie. The only limitation - a lack of interactivity which available only in an EXE format.
  15. Please try HandBrake - a free open source video converter from France: https://handbrake.fr/ Personally I also use this great software program. A. If you plan to create a final show as an EXE file: In HandBrake: in Output Settings > Video tab > Video Codec > change "H.264" option to "MPEG-4". You can keep other options by default. It will create a video file optimized for PicturesToExe 9. B. If you plan to create a final movie in a HD file (MP4), keep all settings by default in Handbrake. Just adjust CRF parameter (lower is better quality), try to set CRF = 18.
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