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  1. Recovered Project

    Hello Shirley, Call "Save As" for this project to remove this text from the caption. "Recovered Project" title appears if PicturesToExe crashed or it was terminated with Task Manager. Let me know exact version of PicturesToExe which you use. And tell me more about error messages which you discovered earlier.
  2. Number of Issues on Playback of Exe File just created

    Hello George, I'm glad that your solved this problem. Probably it was related with incorrect work of one (or both) antiviruses. I'm not sure that 2 antivirus can work correctly at same time.
  3. Number of Issues on Playback of Exe File just created

    George, I apologize for this problem with slow run of EXE files with presentations on your PC. 1. Do you assign a custom icon for an EXE file (in the Project options -> Advanced tab) ? If yes, try to remove an icon and re-build the EXE file. 2. What antivirus software you use on your computer? Try to temporarily turn it off to compare speed of running EXE files. 3. Do you run the EXE file from a local hard drive (or SSD) or from network drive (WD MyCloud, etc) ?
  4. text color alpha channel

    Example: 1. Text with 50% opacity 2. Text with 100% opacity in a mask container with 50% opacity. Sample project: TextOpacity.pte TextOpacity.pte
  5. text color alpha channel

    Tom, There is a temporary complicated solution: Use a mask for a text with a shadow (100% opacity) and then adjust opacity of a mask container.
  6. text color alpha channel

    Tom, I think it will be possible in PTE 10. We plan to add a inheriable (optionally) opacity for child objects. It allows to create an effect which you want to see.
  7. Slideshowclub-can not upload a show

    Gary, I plan to try again re-configure the server and increase the limit to 273 MB.
  8. FAO Igor

    Dave, I cleared some old messages. It should be OK now. Please try again. Thanks,
  9. Version Mismatch with Objects & Animations

    Hi, Yes, we need to use exactly same version of PTE for all EXE files. It's related with compatibility.
  10. PicturesToExe 9 (v9.0.12)

    PicturesToExe 9.0.12 is available: Fixed problem with “Go to slide...” command if “Slide name” (in the Slide options) was cleared manually. Fixed problem with sorting of some custom slide styles in alphabetical order. Fixed problem with changing of a text caption for “Blank…” slide styles in “Caption” category. Fixed problem with incorrect view of custom transition effects which have multiple variants in executable files for PC or Mac. Fixed problem with incorrect show of transition effects for slides with “Default transition” in some rare cases. Fixed problem with incorrect indexes of main images after copying and pasting objects to another slide. Fixed problem with a position of the cursor in a text box for a Text object in the Objects and animation editor. Increased height of a text box in the Objects and animation editor for High DPI screen mode (125% and more).
  11. Caption Style - three lines

    Dave, Yes, it's unofficial feature of Slide styles window.
  12. Error message

    Barry, Thanks for letting me know. This error is not related with a test version 9.0.12. I think it could happen because antivirus or some software program temporarily locked an access to one of files during creating of an EXE file. We'll try to catch this situation to show more correct error message.
  13. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    OK, great!
  14. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Thanks, Jean-Cyprien, Have a pleasant weekend!
  15. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Barry, Please try a new test version: http://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe If everything is OK, I will publish final v9.0.12 on Monday.