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  1. Igor Kokarev

    Video/Movie: make from EARLY .exe file

    Robert, If you have modern Geforce graphics (especially Geforce 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080 series), you may try to use Geforce Experience software and screen recording. It works in realtime with encoding to 1080p.
  2. Igor Kokarev

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Barry, We located and fixed this problem for future PTE 10. It was a deep change in the code of PTE and I'm not certain if it would be safe to insert it for PTE 9. It may require careful testing to make sure that slide style will not be broken. If you and other members ask this change, we'll prepare an updated version 9.0.x and we will need your help with testing of slide styles.
  3. Igor Kokarev

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Barry, I confirm this problem. Thanks,
  4. Igor Kokarev

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Barry, Can you reproduce this problem from a scratch? And then send me a simple test project and created slide style.
  5. Igor Kokarev

    PicturesToExe 9 (v9.0.20)

    PicturesToExe 9.0.20 is available: Fixed problem with error messages on startup of PicturesToExe when there are disconnected virtual folders in Windows Explorer (for example, Adobe Creative Cloud Files). Fixed problem with non-working EXIF and IPTC templates in a text object in the Objects and animation editor. Fixed problem with a missing sound of a video file included as an additional file into a slide style and exported as a video.
  6. Igor Kokarev

    Trying Fonts

    Today I checked how it works. If you choosed a font and closed the list then if you click to a font box again press Up/Down arrow keys it continues to navigate to a next/previous fonts from a previous position. Not from beginning.
  7. Ray, We plan to start public Beta testing of PicturesToExe 10 this winter.
  8. Igor Kokarev

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    Jill, We removed that button from version 8.0, because a new function (button) duplicates it. Since v8.0 it became possible to preview a project from any time point, not only from slide beginning as in old versions. Probably I missed something important.
  9. Igor Kokarev

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    Barry, I took a pause to think and I tend to agree with you suggestion. If it confuse many users we should improve it. Additionally I can add an option in the Timeline Tools menu which always will be available.
  10. Igor Kokarev

    Guest Question On Exif Template

    Lin, OK
  11. Igor Kokarev

    Guest Question On Exif Template

    Please try the updated Beta version: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe
  12. Igor Kokarev

    PicturesToExe used for Video Prep

    Hi Barry, Thanks for this interesting usage of PTE!
  13. Ray, Did you have this problem before you updated Windows 10 to v1803 on this computer? Current version of PTE works better with HD video clips when you export your project as a MP4 video. It's very difficult task to mix HD videos with images and animations in real time (for the EXE format and fullscreen preview). In future PTE 10 we will introduce new video decoders which use hardware acceleration and it should allow playback of projects with HD video clips (and probably 4K videos) in EXE format and fullscreen preview. I spent several months exploring this task and I wrote new code for PTE 10. All code for work with videos was fully rewritten in PTE 10.
  14. Igor Kokarev


    Barry, Earlier before PTE 9 we had only Speed parameters (time modifiers). Our idea was to introduce universal modifiers which can change any animation parameters, including Speed. In future version I plan to intensively use modifiers for future Slide styles. We have an idea of a couple new modifiers which will allow to create new impressive effects (PTE 10 or PTE 11). A modifier(s) is really useful when it can help to replace more complex animations created in many keyframes using 1-2 modifiers. Of course, it's not always possible. Look at my demo which I created using modifiers. Each snowflake uses modifiers to create a random unique motion. Also you can see a pulsing light in windows of the house: https://files.wnsoft.com/picturestoexe/demos/Snow-Dissolve.zip https://files.wnsoft.com/picturestoexe/demos/Snow-Dissolve-src.zip
  15. Igor Kokarev


    Dave, Thanks for the excellent demonstration of Modifiers!