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  1. Igor Kokarev

    Advanced Swap with Jump CT

    Dave, Thanks for this transition effect! If I can offer small improvement - try to slightly slow down the end of the transition to make it more smooth. P.S. I found a small bug in PTE with a mouse wheel when I scroll a list of variants of this CT. We'll fix it later.
  2. Igor Kokarev

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Thanks, Lin! I also find interesting the option to create MP4 video with 60p mode for smooth animation. And future PTE 10 will support hardware encoder for MP4 video, so video encoding will work faster in 3-5 times on modern video cards. There are two problems: 1. Large file size of a created video. 2. Slight banding on smooth gradients in some scenes.
  3. Igor Kokarev

    audio of a video

    Denis, Thanks, I confirm this problem with audio. This issue appeared since v6.5. I'll try to find why it happens.
  4. Igor Kokarev

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Thanks, I've understood.
  5. Igor Kokarev

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Gary, I think it's was a false positive. I created a new EXE show in PTE 7.0 (final version) and Windows Defender shows nothing for this file.
  6. Igor Kokarev

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Gary, Do you remember exact version of PTE which was used for that EXE file? Also can you try to create again a new EXE and check if the problem with Windows Defender will occur again?
  7. Igor Kokarev

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Gary, The most likely it's a false positive. Add this file to the white list in Windows Defender and send me it in a ZIP archive. I will check version of PTE. And then I will send a report to Microsoft.
  8. Igor Kokarev

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Thanks. Can you try to run the following 2 EXE shows on your laptop with NVIDIA graphics: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pte8022.exe https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pte8023.exe
  9. Igor Kokarev

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Hi, Did you see this problem with PicturesToExe 8? Before our solution (8.0.23). I added the patch in v8.0.23, but I couldn't reproduce the problem on my laptop. Only in PTE 9.
  10. Igor Kokarev

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Thanks for the confirmation! I published official version 9.0.17 and 8.0.23. And I posted a summary of the problem with the solution: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/20609-solution-of-the-problem-with-laptops-with-nvidia-graphics-and-windows-10/
  11. Description of the problem: PicturesToExe, and executable shows don't work, error message appears. This problem occurs on laptops with dual NVIDIA graphics and updated version of Windows 10 (April 2018 update). PicturesToExe 8 and 9 are affected. Solution: Install the updated version of PicturesToExe 9.0.17 or install the updated previous version PicturesToExe 8.0.23 Alternate solutions If you need to run old versions or old executable shows on a laptop with NVIDIA graphics and Windows 10 (April 2018): A. Select a shortcut with PicturesToExe, or select an EXE file with a slideshow. Click right mouse button to show the context menu > Run with graphics processor > choose "Integrated graphics" (or Intel graphics). Intel video card will work correctly. B. Or connect an external monitor as a primary display to your laptop. PicturesToExe will work correctly. P.S. I bring our apologies for this unpleasant problem! We tend to think that there is a bug in NVIDIA drivers under updated Windows 10, because that error occurs when PicturesToExe tries to initilize graphical mode of DirectX. In the updated version we masked the error message to provide the correct work of PicturesToExe. Also I sent a report to NVIDIA with a description of this problem and we hope that it will be fixed in future updates. Discussion of this problem here
  12. Igor Kokarev

    PicturesToExe 9 (v9.0.17)

    PicturesToExe 9.0.17 is available: Fixed critical problem with work of PicturesToExe and executable shows on laptops with dual NVIDIA graphics under Windows 10 (April 2018 Update). More details here Improved compatibility with video players for created MP4 video files. Fixed problem with wrongly created executable slideshow for Mac. This problem occurred only in Windows 10 if a file name of a project was very long. Fixed problem when Missing files window didn’t display missing icons (.ico). Fixed problem updating of buttons in custom windows.
  13. Igor Kokarev

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Thanks for the confirmation. We found a solution to avoid this problem. We'll publish official versions of PicturesToExe 9.0.17 and PicturesToExe 8.0.23 on Monday. I also sent a report to NVIDIA about this problem with PicturesToExe 9. We hope that this problem will be fixed in the new drivers or update of Windows.
  14. Igor Kokarev

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Please try the updated version 9.0.17 Beta: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe Does it fully solve this problem on laptops with NVIDIA dual graphics under Windows 10 (April 2018 Update) ? PTE 8.0.23 Beta: https://files.wnsoft.com/picturestoexe/previous-versions/picturestoexe-setup-8023.exe
  15. Igor Kokarev

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Yes. We also hope that NVIDIA (or Microsoft) will fix this issue in the new drivers. I will work on it. Indeed it's a serious fault in the new drivers (or new Windows 10). I think that other software products can be affected, not only PTE. I don't observe this problem on the dedicated NVIDIA video card in a desktop computers and latest Windows 10. Only laptops with dual NVIDIA graphics are affected.