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  1. Sample video files

    Hi, We're testing new video decoders for future PicturesToExe. Please send me couple of your sample video files (up to 1-3 minutes) which you use with PicturesToExe 9, and especially those files which didn't work correctly with PicturesToExe 9. Add a note a source about a video (camera model).
  2. Bitdefender blocks Slideshowclub

    We apologize for this problem. It's a false positive. I just asked BitDefenders developers to fix this problem. You can help speed up the solution, if you submit your report here: https://www.bitdefender.com/submit/
  3. How to unzip files larger than 4 GB?

    Try free 7-ZIP: https://www.7-zip.org/ We use it frequently.
  4. Rotate png

    Denis, Thanks, we'll check this problem.
  5. How to include a sound in custom transition

    Hi, Sorry, it's not possible to add a sound file to a custom transition. We plan to add this option in future version(s). I agree that it may be useful. We'll check why video plays without sound in a custom transition. I will reply later.
  6. I understand your logic. I'm considering adding a window with some output settings for EXE file. Probably color management could be added there.
  7. Hi, We thought that it's not necessary to frequently change modes of color management in PTE 9. Moving these parameters to the Project Options will cause opposite issue - users will have to set again this option in all projects, or create a template. Color management set to "Current monitor profile" mode (in Preferences) automatically adapts your project for a computer where you run your EXE show. It will work correctly on your display and on another PC with different color profile. Additionally you may try to use a CMD/BAT file with command lines to run your EXE file. You can force to run any EXE file created in PTE 9 with any mode of color management. No need to create a separate EXE file. Simply add one or two BAT files - run this EXE show in sRGB mode or use current monitor profile: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/19805-color-management-in-pte-9/
  8. (Solved) Problem

    Manuel, Try to uninstall PTE 9, re-install it again. When PTE will ask to import settings from previous versions, SKIP this suggestion. P.S. Uninstallation of PTE doesn't delete your slide styles, custom transitions, or project templates.
  9. (Solved) Problem

    Manuel, I remember that you had a similar problem 1-2 months ago. Check for non-latin symbols in a filename of EXE file and ZIP archive. Try to type another simple name to check
  10. Adding options to Slide Styles

    Hello, This feature (parameters) is not possible for slide styles created by users. We plan to introduce this possibility in future version(s).
  11. NAS/Network Missing

    There is an alternate solution: If you work with the main window of PTE you can drag'n'drop files from network resources from Windows Explorer to the Slide list in PTE. Objects and animation editor, Project Options and Slide Options already support adding of files from network resources.
  12. CT for 85% Full Screen Images

    Thanks, Dave! Very good.
  13. audio track from video

    OK, we'll try do it.
  14. NAS/Network Missing

    Hi, We plan to add support of network folders in future version (10.0). We need to test that everything will work correctly. Try to map a root folder on your NAS as a network drive. I also have NAS and I simply connect a root folder as a one drive (with all my sub-folders). Thanks!
  15. Monitor Recommendations (SOLVED)

    Gary, If you prefer set a low brightness, pay attention to this parameter. Many LG monitors are too bright at "zero" brightness level. I sold my recent LG monitor for this reason. Also I recommend to choose only monitors and TVs with flicker free technology. Flickers can cause eyestrain and headache. IPS displays and PLS displays are best, on my opinion. 144 Hz usually available in monitors for gamers and they have TN screen technology which doesn't offer good viewing angles as IPS. P.S. I use Dell P2317H (23").