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  1. Igor Kokarev

    Hardware antialiasing on or off?

    Tom, Thanks, I see this problem. When an object has a certain sharp angle in 3D space the antialiasing doesn't look perfect or looks completely off. I will think how to fix it in PTE 10. We can easily enable antiliasing from NVIDIA/AMD, but I'm afraid to see visual artefacts in some case. Because large images in PTE are constructed from an array of small textures. And we need a fine control to disable antialiasing on internal edges of such textures. I 'll perform new checks.
  2. Igor Kokarev

    Hardware antialiasing on or off?

    Tom, Send me your project with one slide. I will check it. Antialiasing for Image and Video objects in PTE should work absolutely ideally without any defects. Forced antialiasing from NVIDIA may add a grid of visual artefacts in the middle of an image.
  3. Igor Kokarev

    Hardware antialiasing on or off?

    Tom, Did you set "Edge antialiasing" option for an object in the Objects and animation editor? It seems to be OFF in your example. By default, it's ON in all new Image/Video/Rectangle objects.
  4. Igor Kokarev

    News about PTE 10

    First version of 64 bit PTE 10 (internal Alpha) was successfully compiled and launched on Windows 10 today. Now we have to fix known problems in 64 bit code.
  5. Igor Kokarev

    Objects & Animations Window ?

    Or press F11/F12 hotkey. Same works in the Slide options window for a single selected slide.
  6. Not yet. They confirmed the problem and no further news.
  7. Igor Kokarev

    PicturesToExe 9 (v9.0.21)

    PicturesToExe 9.0.21 is available: Fixed problem with Master/linked video clips after changes in the Slide list. Fixed problem with applying a slide style with a text comment to several slides. Only first slide has assigned text caption. Fixed problem with remembering of File Sorting option in the File list. Fixed problem with adding audio files from the full screen view of the File list.
  8. Igor Kokarev

    AMD Ryzen performance with PTE?

    We purchased a new desktop PC for our office with AMD Ryzen 3 2200G (integrated AMD graphics). It passed all PTE 9 shows at 1920 x 1080 screen resolutions. Absolutely smooth playback. So I think that more powerful AMD Ryzen 5 2400G would be a very good purchase for PTE 9/10. You can install a dedicated video card at any time, if it will be necessary in future.
  9. Igor Kokarev

    News about PTE 10

    My workplace.
  10. Igor Kokarev

    News about PTE 10

    Peter, We'll announce a public Beta version here on the forum for all registered members.
  11. Igor Kokarev

    Fullscreen View of File List freezes [SOLVED]

    Please try the new version: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/picturestoexe-setup.exe It should be final v9.0.21 soon.
  12. Igor Kokarev

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Beta version this winter, final version during 2019.
  13. Igor Kokarev

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Thanks for your responses and this suggestion. We hope to compile and run first internal version of 64-bit PTE 10 in 1-2 weeks.
  14. Igor Kokarev

    Installed Windows update 1809

    We checked Windows 10 v1809 update. The problem with a slow performance on mobile dual NVIDIA + Intel graphics is NOT solved yet. Avoid the update to v1803 or 1809 as long as possible. We're still waiting the solution from NVIDIA after their confirmation of this problem.
  15. Igor Kokarev

    Dvd-Video Disc sound problem [SOLVED]

    Hi, Please try the following: 1. Run VideoBuilder (click DVD video disc from Publish menu). 2. In the Project Options of VideoBuilder > Project tab > Audio Options. Find Audio Format and change from "MPEG Audio" to "LPCM". 3. Burn a new DVD disc. It may help to solve this problem. Usually all DVD players should support MPEG Audio format. LPCM option uses more disc space (uncompressed audio stream).