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  1. Bruno, Can you check this project in PTE 9 to compare with PTE 10. Watermark (Project Options > Screen > Watermark) is not displayed in the O&A editor. In all versions of PTE.
  2. Raymond, Send me a test project (simple as possible) to show this problem. All project files in a ZIP.
  3. Beta 30 is available: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe Added VideoBuilder as add-on. See the main menu > Publish > DVD-Video disc. Video encoding window shows average FPS (speed of encoding). Video encoding window remembers last used file name for a project. And shows a warning if file already exists. Fixed problem with EXIF Date sorting in some cases.
  4. Hi Frans, In PicturesToExe 10 the Objects and Animation editor was integrated into the main window. It's a united window now. So the O&A editor cannot be shown on another display/monitor.
  5. Hi, PTE 10 doesn't include VideoBuilder for DVD output by default. Because this app is 32-bit, doesn't offer Dark mode and we don't want spend time rewriting outdated app. So we will not declare official support for DVD output in PTE 10. However for compatibility and for needs of existing users we included VideoBuilder as add-on in Beta 29: 1. In the Main menu > Publish > click DVD-Video disc (not in the Publish button menu) 2. PTE will offer download and install VideoBuilder in one click. It will take 5..20 seconds. 3. Now DVD-Video output option will appear in the Publish button menu and in the main menu > Publish. If you burn DVD video, please check how it works.
  6. Bruno, Does this problem occur in PTE 10 Beta?
  7. Yes, PTE 10 styles/transitions/themes cannot be imported to PTE 9. Side comment: PTE 10 projects are mainly compatible with PTE 9 (if you didn't apply a slide style which contains additional images). PTE 9 styles/transitions can be imported in PTE 10. If you find any problem, please let me know.
  8. Barry, We added many changes in the code of slide styles and structure of slide styles. Can you send me just 2 exported slide styles: 1. Which works correctly, imports correctly (created in Beta 29) 2. Earlier slide style which shows missing image (created in earlier Beta versions). I'll check again.
  9. Hi Denis, Thanks we'll check -cover parameter. Probably it can be re-activated. Other working command line parameters in EXE shows: -slide x - slide number -display x - choose a display for EXE show (1 - main screen, 2 - secondary display) -icc auto | sRGB | AdobeRGB | anyprofile.icc -noicc - disable ICC profiles in JPEG/PNG
  10. Hi, If you'll see any error message on closing of PTE or discover freezings (PTE doesn't respond), please let me know. Only for Beta 29 or newer. Stability was greatly improved since Beta 29. P.S. We're working on freezings discovered by members: Gary, mhwarner and lhpict.
  11. OK. We're still working on this problem, it's very difficult to reproduce.
  12. Gary, I set this limit to simplify maintenance of the forum and backups. Please use Send Firefox or WeTransfer for larger files.
  13. Barry, I still cannot reproduce this problem. Can you send me: 1. Entire folder Styles and Transitions in a ZIP archive. It's located in Documents > PicturesToExe folder. 2. And slide style (.ptestyle) which you tried to import. (All these files - are from computer where you tried to import a slide style and it didn't work).
  14. Gary, Did you try to update Geforce drivers?
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