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  1. Auto Update will suggest Save a project before close PTE and install the update.
  2. Hi, Since PTE 10 updates can be downloaded and installed automatically in several clicks. PTE clearly informs that suggested update is free or it's a paid upgrade to new version (in future). So it's maximally clear for users. First update 10.0.1 is now available throught Auto Update feature. Installation works automatically - you just need approve start of installation. No question more.
  3. Gary, Do I understand rightly, that this freezing occurs when you set a filename for output file same as input file? So encoding is logically impossible. I reproduce this freezing and we'll add a protection for this case.
  4. Thanks for the project files. On my opinion background music keeps same sound volume during all playback, and during voice comments. Two observations: 1. Sound volume of background music on 1st track is set to 67%. See the orange line with enabled Envelope Tool. 2. Sound volume of voice comments is too high - 200%. See the orange line in Envelope Tool. It may distort quality of sound, because sound peaks of voice comments frequently rich 80-95% of maximum sound volume. So setting 200% sound volume you cut some high parts of your voice comments.
  5. Sorry, the link is expired. Please upload the file again and send me a link by a personal message.
  6. Gary, Thanks, I'll check tomorrow.
  7. PTE AV Studio 10.0.1 is available Dowload: https://files.wnsoft.com/pteavstudio/pteavstudio-setup.exe Or use Auto Update feature: Main menu > Help > Check for Free Updates. Sleep mode will not be activated during video encoding before a job is completed. Fixed problem with a Border option for portrait videos. Fixed problem with rearrangement of buttons in toolbars in Preferences. Fixed problem with Shadow option for a Slide object in a custom transition with multiple variants. Fixed problem with import of custom transitions created in versions 8.0 or earlier. Fixed problem with a preview of transition effects in the Project Options after resizing.
  8. Igor

    Chroma Key

    Hi, I just checked, this Chroma key for video clip should work. Use Eyedropper tool (icon) and move mouse cursor to capture the necessary color (green) from screen preview.
  9. Thanks for your responses! Please start a new topic in Troubleshooting.
  10. Hi George, You can rename a slide style and rename a Category of slide styles. Also move slide style from one Category to another Category.
  11. Hi Geoff, PTE 9 and PTE 10 use same format of .pte project files. Excluding some changes in slide styles (if you use them). So mainly there is no need to re-save old projects created in PTE 9.
  12. Gary, It's difficult to check for a problem without a sample video file. With my iPhone portrait video it's OK with a border and assigned aspect to 3:4.
  13. Jean-Cyprien, We decided not to activate this feature for a fullscreen preview. Because Mini Player already works in a windowed mode.
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