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  1. In previous Beta versions for certain large JPEG images fullscreen Preview could start with a long delay (5-10 seconds of waiting). Now in Beta 15 Preview should start very fast, as in PTE 9. We optimized reading of EXIF tags in large JPEG images.
  2. Dave, All operations in the Timeline view are traditionally virtual. No real changes in audio files. For EXE file you can use an option "Convert audio tracks to single MP3" in the Project Options > Audio tab. It will optimize size of audio in a final EXE file (all tracks will be mixed into single audio clip).
  3. OK, I will rename it to "Split Audio Clip". Glad that your like this new feature
  4. In Beta 15 we added a new command - Cut Audio Clip in the Timeline view for selected audio clip. This commands splits audio clip into two parts (at the point where you set red vertical cursor). Any comments? P.S. Is it correct to call this command "Cur Audio Clip"? Or maybe "Split Audio Clip"?
  5. Gary, We fixed this problem in Beta 15: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe
  6. Barry, It should be OK in Beta 15: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe
  7. Please try Beta 15. It should be OK now. https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe
  8. Beta 15 is available: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe Added Cut Audio Clip command. Preview starts faster for projects with certain large JPEG images. Preview from a selected slide starts much faster on all projects. Fixed visual problem in complex project reported here Fixed problem with missing background images a of slide style in not saved project. Improves stability and fixed problem of freezings of the main window.
  9. Ron, Probably you need to disable automatic slide advancing? Set in the Project Options > Control tab > "Wait for a key press to show next slide". Or set similar option in the Slide options individually for every slide.
  10. Manuel, Rotation doesn't work for video clips in the File list or Slide list. Only in the O&A editor.
  11. Gary, Thanks for testing. In this special version I disabled auto-refreshing for new/changed files to see if it affects to this problem.
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