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  1. Many thanks re error accessing online help.... restart of PC has fixed my problem

    Norman B

  2. Many thanks Igor.... I will try that straight away. Norman B
  3. Hi all I tried to look at the online documentation for P2E 8 this morning, but get a 404 error from a HotGator Web Hosting site... What am I doing wrong? I have tried Google Chrome and latest Firefox.... but still no joy ?? Any suggestions ?? Norman B
  4. Further to my last post... I have finally managed to post a request to the Sales team at Wnsoft, so I will await a reply to my query. Norman
  5. I have also,like Carol, purchased online, a re-validation of Videobuilder via Regnow. I received an acknowledgement from REgnow, stating that a follow up email would arrive within 48 hours. ( I presume containing the validation key) for Videobuilder. Nothing has arrived to date. I have tried to submit a query on Wnsoft's main site, but I keep being asked for a security key, and it clears the submission form ! Any suggestions as what I can do now would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks Norman
  6. Can I also say how impressed with the new look Forum. The content is, as always, full of fascinating, and helpful comments and tips.
  7. Hi... This morning, on running P2Exe 5.5 beta, my Avast virus scanner flagged up the above malicious report on a previously run exe created slideshow file. Every other similar file (P2exe - exe file) also flagged up also. I also scanned the apr.exe file for 5.5 beta, which also triggered a trojan response from AVAST. However, when I scanned the apr.exe file from the 5.1 version, it did NOT trigger the trojan warning. Does this tell me something? I have read a great deal about the possibility of a 'false positive' warning of this trojan with Avast virus scanner. Has anyone hit a similar problem? I notice one more post regarding this, but would have expected a few more today id this is due to the latest avast virus update. Incidentally, one forum suggested that the latest version of avast should be used. I have today downloaded version 4.8 of avast, but trojan problem still there. I have uninstalled p2exe 5.5 beta, and tried to download the new 5.5 deluxe but 80% of downlad and Avast stops the download with the trojan warning. I am at a loss as to what to do next? Any suggestions ? NB
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