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  1. Hi Lin Nice effects. You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the good work. Gogs
  2. Hi Dave Thanks very much I must be getting a bit dim in my old age but every day is a school day. Gogs
  3. Hi Dave Not quite sure how you grouped them all into one download I would be grateful if you could explain so that I know just in case there is another occasion. Gogs
  4. Here is a short demo of the effect. Gogs Kaleidoscope Demo.zip
  5. I have created a set of Kaleidoscope Effect Styles based on the effect originally created by Marcel. The effect has an images both coming in from a Kaleidoscope and going out to a Kaleidoscope effect. You can use them singly or place images back to back and have the images come in from and go out to a Kaleidoscope. They have been created in 3:2 format. Gogs Kaleidoscope1A Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1A Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1B Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1B Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1C Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1C Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1D Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1D Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1E Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1E Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1F Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1F Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1G Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1G Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1H Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1H Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1I Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1I Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1J Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1J Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1K Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1K Spin Out.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1L Spin In.ptestyle Kaleidoscope1L Spin Out.ptestyle
  6. Hi David In Objects and Animation have you added the text as a child object i.e. does the text look like it is nested under image object. If so it will move with the image. You should make sure that the text is a separate object like shown in the attached image. When adding the text in objects and animation make sure the image item is not highlighted before adding the text. Gogs
  7. Thanks Igor. I had spotted Dave's post. Sounds like good news. Gogs
  8. Thanks for clarifying that for me Igor. I know what to look out for now. Gogs
  9. Hi Lin What a great collection of Native American Art. It is good to have memories of happier times and the slide show is a fitting tribute to your late wife Sherry. Gogs
  10. I have been following this topic for a while now as I have been considering buying a laptop with nVidea graphics but I am being a bit put off considering the problems being discussed on this forum. Are nVidea graphics cards (assuming this problem gets resolved) the best or even recommended graphics cards for P2E or are Raedon graphics cards suitable and if so has anyone noticed any problems with these. Gogs
  11. Really cool. Forgive the pun. Gogs
  12. Hi Lin well done. That is a really good effect, I will have to try it sometime. Gogs
  13. Hello Dave Thanks for the style. An easy and quick way to group either images or videos which could be used as an introduction menu. Gogs
  14. gogs

    mp4 Quality

    Hello Dave Thanks again. I had changed the setting to 0-255. Have also made sure nVidea is up to date although the graphics card is probably around 5-6 years old. I am much happier now and comparing on my own PC the Exe files and mp4 videos there is very little or no difference. I have never uploaded anything to Slideshow club before but might give that a thought. Thanks again for your help. Gogs
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