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    How Do I make a CD Auto-Run?

    I just purchased PicturesTOExe. Very slick. I imported all the photos to a slide show I made last summer, and imported the sound file, created an exe. Now what I would like to do is to put this on a CD, and arrange that this exe is automatically run when the CD is put into the drive. What is the trick for this? By the way, my experience was overall very good, but ran into these problems: 1. The WAV file was 54 Megs, and the program basically froze up. I converted to MP3 and everything was fine. 2. Sometimes the same transition happens multiple times. Like slide 3 transitions to 4, and then does so again, and finally again (each time it blinks back to the previous slide and transitions again). I turned transitions off and have not seen the problem, but I wish I knew why it did that. 3. I initially set the slides to show every three seconds -- the original show was timed to play in eactly this time. But, the slides actually took more than 3 seconds, almost 4 seconds. Apparently the time does not take into account the time to load the slide. I went back and set all the slide transitions on the timeline, and that worked better ... came out perfect.