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  1. Creations full of artistic qualities and a realization full of gratitude for Indian art and for a loved one... Chrispiand (translation google ...)
  2. Thanks MUR for theses démo with using ''PTE 9 modifiers" Chris
  3. Congratulations for this history work on well known military songs... Regards from France Chris
  4. Thanks Dave . All is right

  5. Congratulations to the grangpa


  6. Hi Tom with this plugin for Audacity I think it is more easy Regards Chris http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Effect_Plug-ins#Panning_.28random.29 Ramp Panning (panramp.ny) View | Download Author: David R.Sky Evenly pan your stereo audio, starting at one point in the stereo field and ending at another. -10 corresponds to 100% left, 0 to center and +10 to 100% right. Parameters: Start position: from [where -10 - +10, default -10] End position: from [where -10 - +10, default +10]
  7. Hello, After Lin exemples with butterflies, a question on vidéo chroma key and PTE. With a vidéo like attached document who have blue and green areas, is it possible to make this two areas imperceptibles with Chroma key option in PTE ? Best regards Chris
  8. Thank All is right now Best regards Chris
  9. HI Lin Thanks for all yours realizations. But I can't download the file http://www.lin-evans.org/butterfly/butterflypte.zip ....Error 404 ? What is the problem ? Thank again ! Chris
  10. Hy Tom This custom transition works perfectly on my PC with all pictures size. Thanks Chris
  11. Thanks Nobeefstu and all participants. After a second try to reinstall PTE, this time from a new download on webside Wnsoft the videoconverter works correctly. Thank you all. Chris
  12. Hello Thanks Lin but I don't make yourself understood (sorry for my english..) This problem appears with all video files even if I rename them and I have'nt any problem using an other PC. Regards Chris
  13. Hi and thanks for your interest, Here is the error message I can see after each application to Videoconverter (by Optimisation or Convert vidéo) for any video files (with any codecs) on my PC (windows 7 and PTE 8 0 7 ). Regards Chris
  14. Hi Could you help me? I can't use the video converter in PTE here is the answer I get : Invalid UTF8 Char (D:\WnSoft\PicturesToEXE\PTE\WnLib\wnUTF8.pas,line 253) Many thanks Regardst Chris
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