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  1. Ray Groome

    Using 4K TV

    Just purchased a 4K TV. Would I get 4K quality from a PTE mp4 slide show if I used the corresponding resolution for the images?
  2. Ray Groome

    TV playback problem

    Hi Igor, Thanks for your message. I have tried remaking the MP4 and using a different USB flash drive, without success. It plays well until the last few minutes when the sound starts to crackle and finally the picture disappears and the TV says 'playback not available'. These faults do not occur when playing back on my desktop. I use the recording parameters you quote- I do not use custom mode. I have also created AVI video files but these cannot be played back on the TV, (but are OK on my desktop). Strange!
  3. Ray Groome

    TV playback problem

    I have successfully made mp4 versions of my pte slide shows for many years and played them back on my 7 year old Sony KDL 46HX703 TV via memory sticks, but now I have found that the latest one I have made refuses to play the final 60 seconds of a 24 minute show! I don't think there is anything wrong with the slide show, which is made using the latest version of pte, and plays back from the same memory stick on my desktop without problem. This problem has not occurred with other, shorter, mp4s. The TV has the latest software. Any ideas, please?
  4. Ray Groome

    Disc burning using Windows 10

    After further experimenting I have now solved the problem of burning the disc when choosing the 'with a CD/DVD player ' option. I was unable to find the burn button, but when I right clicked on the listed DVD/CD drive, there it was! Simple when you know how, but the process was different to what I had used for the past 15 years!!
  5. Ray Groome

    Disc burning using Windows 10

    Thanks for the suggestions. I appear to have made progress with this problem. When I go through the Share and Burn tabs I am presented with a screen asking me 'How do you want to use this disc?' When I clicked on the 'with a CD/DVD player' option nothing happened, and I was unable to burn the disc. But when I clicked on the 'Like a USB flash drive' option it all came to life and the disc was formatted and I was able to progress to the burn ! Don't understand it, but I can live with that!
  6. Ray Groome

    Disc burning using Windows 10

    Dave, I have just upgraded to W10. I have a CD burner built into my tower. John, When I do as you recommend I can only get a screen titled 'Files ready to be written to the Disc' and the Exe file is listed ready for burning. But the burning does not take place and I cannot see how to start it!
  7. I am having problems trying to burn an Exe slide show to a CD using Windows 10. When I right click on an Exe file and choose 'Send to CD player', a screen appears with the file listed, ready for burning. But I am unable to progress further- there is no 'burn' button. Any suggestions, please! Ray Groome
  8. Ray Groome

    Access to Styles

    Dave Yes, thanks
  9. Ray Groome

    Access to Styles

    A lot of excellent work has been done on Styles and I suggest it is time to consider listing these separate from Templates and Transitions, so that they are easier to find. I tried to find an old one - Film Strip- but could not see it listed. Perhaps the titles should be more descriptive?
  10. Ray Groome

    Definition of 'Slide'

    May I ask another basic question: In Project Options/Screen there is the term 'Virtual size of slide' -is this the size of the screen or the size of the slide?
  11. Ray Groome

    Definition of 'Slide'

    Dave Thanks, that's just what I wanted. (I am preparing to give a talk to some beginners, so I was wanting to be prepared for their questions!)
  12. Ray Groome

    Definition of 'Slide'

    Can I ask a 'silly question' ? What is the definition of a 'Slide' in pte. Is it the 'container ' for an image? Your advice ,please.
  13. Ray Groome

    AUTUMN DAYS - new slideshow

    Maureen Excellent, I always enjoy your shows! Photography, music, tasteful animation and transitions- just right. Ray Groome
  14. Ray Groome

    Colour Management

    I fully endorse Urmas's comments. Judging from the above article by datacolor, ProShow Producer are addressing the topic. Ray Groome
  15. Ray Groome

    iPad and Kingston Mobilelite

    Dave, I note that version 8.4 has been down loaded to the iPad and there is an 'install Now' button beneath it, so presumably it has not yet been installed. I don't think I want to try it! (I don't know how to determin the version that is currently installed.) Ray