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  1. smokinggoldfish

    Renaming frames and mask containers in O&A

    Many thanks DG, I feel a bit foolish for asking now - it seems so obvious and simple! sg
  2. Is there a way to rename frames in O&A? I copied and pasted one frame to get six identical ones. But I would like to rename them to make them more meaningful. And the same question about mask containers. And while we're at it - is there a way to swap one video file for another in O&A, or do I have to delete it and insert another? See the screen shot from a portion of the O&A interface. Smokinggoldfish
  3. smokinggoldfish

    Seasonal Greeting

    I have had fun making these displays using PTE9. Here's one with a seasonal message. smokinggoldfish https://youtu.be/842zLt6EO8E
  4. smokinggoldfish

    Piz Buin ascent

    This was one of the highlights of a recent trip to Austria, staying in mountain huts and doing a few peaks. smokinggoldfish https://youtu.be/e7DwMuwL5vI
  5. smokinggoldfish

    Goodnight Salford Quays

    A lovely evening at Salford Quays in Greater Manchester, watching the sun go down over the Ship Canal. The sun sets behind the swing bridge that connects Media City with Trafford Wharf. 1,368 still images put together in PTE to make this movie. I took the images at 1 sec intervals, but they are displayed at 0.04 sec intervals, speeding things up by a factor of 25. Unfortunately my Nikon D7000 camera only allows 999 images in one time lapse session, so you may be able to spot the slight hiatus when I had to reset the camera for the next set! sg https://youtu.be/XEMGvb3QQqE
  6. I have a little compact camera, a SONY RX100 that is great to carry around for stills and for video. But the microphones pick up a lot of wind noise, so I experimented to find a way to suppress it. I thought others might find this useful so I put it on YouTube. Of course this little video was all put together with PTE. https://youtu.be/aglggdlDp-Y SG
  7. smokinggoldfish

    Night Falls

    I made this little sequence as an exercise to see if I could sync several streams of simultaneous video, mask them and animate them. It was also for a mini competition in our club (Wilmslow Guild AV group) that had the brief "Suddenly". It took a while to get the hang of it. Masking and layers seem upside down in PTE if you're used to Photoshop! But what a powerful programme we have in PTE. Marvellous capability! I made a second version that did not have the final part, but just ended suddenly, and I think I prefer that. This is the original. Comments welcome. sg https://youtu.be/S4zJfKbtcak
  8. smokinggoldfish

    The Truth about Bananas

    I made this with 2 of my grandchildren, to teach them and others about the value of science and the scientific method, to have fun, and poke a little fun at some of the stuff we see on TV... It's on YouTube:
  9. smokinggoldfish

    PTE doesn't want to stop

    Further to this problem of PTE not stopping: When previewing part of the project in the time line view the problem often occurs if I have mixed wav and mp3 audio present. But if I use the slide view for the same part of the project then it runs smoothly and always stops when I click the pause button. So that is a handy work-around. SG
  10. smokinggoldfish

    I want my Avatar back! [SOLVED]

    Many thanks for your tip Stearman, as you can see it worked! Now if I could just change my title too...... sg
  11. smokinggoldfish

    I want my Avatar back! [SOLVED]

    I would like to be known on this forum as "smokinggoldfish" and for my little image to appear, as before (ever since I joined the forum years ago). Now I am just plain rgrover. What can be done to get this back?
  12. smokinggoldfish

    Making Progress

    Thanks Tom for your kind remarks. This was shown at the Great Northern Festival recently, and at the end I said I was thinking of making a new piece of art called "Making More Progress" so if anyone had any iPhones or Tablets or iPads they didn't want I'd be happy to take them. Imagine drilling through a big iPad! Seriously though I have made my point and won't be making a Mk II version. sg
  13. smokinggoldfish

    Making Progress

    Thanks Stearman65, you seem to have changed your name too! I am puzzled why my smokinggoldfish name has disappeared and has become my login ID.....my cover has been blown! Can you shed any light on this - it seems to be caused by the new website? Thanks for your comments and good luck with up cycling. The pieces you show look to be in excellent condition, sg
  14. smokinggoldfish

    Making Progress

    This is a show I made to illustrate the waste that new technology generates as a by-product. Comments welcome! It's on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8ivbR978oD4 sg
  15. smokinggoldfish

    PTE doesn't want to stop

    Thanks davegee and yachtsman1, when I made .exe files with/without the mp3 conversion I saw how much smaller they could be. Amazingly so! For example when saved with the mixed wav and mp3 audio tracks my file was 964 Mb, when saved with the mp3 option chosen it came down to 429 Mb. I can't see why there should be such a huge difference but there is, and I've seen the same effect on another sequence. In future I'll always use this option. While running the sequence in preview mode the problem of PTE not stopping also only seems to happen with mixed wav and mp3 audio. If I convert all the audio to mp3 first the preview runs smoothly. (Maybe this is something that will be improved in the next version?) Thanks for your help, sg