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  1. I agree with Barry, even using a mouse it can be a real pain trying to get the volume exactly where you want it. his suggested a fix would resolve the situation.
  2. I use this feature a lot, I would not like to see it withdrawn.
  3. Hi Ray, happy new year to you and Ann. The sound is much better on your 2nd. try. It's (as usual) a great AV with your special brand of great photography, a really cold morning on Romney marsh, I could feel the cold through the images. Well done. Best wishes, Don
  4. I have posted a sequence on Beechbrook, www.beechbrook.com/pte called "One Toy Soldier", Thanks to Bill Hines for hosting it. The toy soldier is a broken Christmas present, so I thought it appropriate to post it now. Don Foster
  5. Hi Ray, The images were fantastic, the poem was the icing on the cake, very well done. Don
  6. Well done Ray, a real cracker. Best wishes Don
  7. Snapcam, thank you for your comments, really pleased you enjoyed the sequence. I did originally think of using a calendar, but the clock shows the final seconds, not the final day which I thought was more relevant.
  8. Hi Bert, thank you for your comments, pleased you enjoyed the sequence. Best wishes, don
  9. Thank you Morturn and Eric for your kind comments, very pleased you enjoyed the sequence. Eric I will revisit the show and see if I can improve the balance between my voice and the music, thank you for pointing that out.
  10. I have posted a show on Beechbrook called "It's about time". I did the show about 4 years ago, the voice over was very poor quality and I've just got around to trying to improve it. Thanks to Bill Hines for all the sequences he's allowed me to post on Beechbrook. I did not write the original poem in the sequence, I got that from the local church when they posted a leaflet through the letterbox. I rang the church to get permission to use the poem. I had to change the poem to fit with the sequence. The sequence is basically about my life and how I would like it to have been, with some emphasis on how precious this life really is. Hope you enjoy the sequence. Don Foster
  11. Barry, I can only find one word to describe your sequence.......MAGIC!!!, I enjoyed every second, images to die for, a real inspiration sequence. Thank you for sharing. Don Foster
  12. Really like your sequence Ray, I thought the raindrops really added to the images, well done. (I also like the Shadows). Don
  13. Thank you DavyC for your kind words and encouragement, I am very pleased you enjoyed the Shoreham show. I understand what people are saying about the timing in the Farnborough show, when I first did the show and followed the beat exactly some images were on screen for too long some barely on at all and it didn't flow, it seemed disjointed. I will visit it again and see if I cam improve the balance, but I think it would spoil the sequence if the overall flow is interrupted. ( I must admit I love the extended time of Albatross, I would have played it twice but that would have been greedy, I'm not sure I would have had enough images to warrant it). Many thanks Don
  14. Thank you Dave, DG, and Eric for your comments. I felt the transitions suited the music but I'm no musician. My late wife use to chastise me that I was tone deaf, (I couldn't dance either) perhaps she was right. We will never all agree, but if we didn't post our sequences we wouldn't have anything to talk about. Best wishes Don
  15. Thank you for your comments Eric, This sequence won the "Kent County Photographic Association" annual audio visual competition and was also awarded the trophy for best photography. Though you can never please everyone I respect your opinion, but I want the sequence to be different to the Farnborough one. Best regards Don
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