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  1. I know what you mean I think. I have one but it is giving problems so if I ever get it sorted I will let you know!
  2. Will do Igor when I have time next week. It's not important in the grand scheme of things. But I will also check exactly where I got it from first just in case I did not get it from this forum. I know it was a fairly old slide style which I needed for a particular show.
  3. Hi Igor and thank you for your response. I had a bit more time today and ran some tests. The culprit was a slide transition that I had used previously (downloaded from the forum). Once I had replaced that the exe file ran OK. Not sure why that particular transition is causing a problem but it proved the fact it was a 'foreign body' that was the culprit. And not Pic-2-exe. Although it is still a bit strange that the mp4 file ran ok! Thank you for your time and sorry to have wasted it.
  4. I have just created an .exe file for the first time since the big 1903 Windows update. I have downloaded and am using v9.0.22. All drivers are uptodate and uptodate with windows updates. When I run a newly created .exe file I get an execution error after the first slide: Exception in module xxxxx.exe at 00088F73 I have tried creating it a few times with same error. I have also created an exe file from a .pte show from a couple of years ago and it runs perfectly. Mysteriously, the MP4 file created from the same project, runs fine. I am flummoxed.
  5. Thank you - sorry for being so dense but the more I know how to use Pic2exe the less I know!
  6. Another thread prompts this question - what is an interactive show? Is it one where a person has to press a key to advance the show? or is it something much more intricate? Just asking as Lin said an interactive show was not supported by video format (MP4).
  7. HI LIn I am not quite understanding this. I thought that the MP4 format which is what can be posted to YouTube supported all components of PTE.
  8. Personally I find the whole 'download, run and delete' bit of the SlideshowClub just too clunky and slow and it really puts me off looking at very many. I would much prefer to just quickly click on a YouTube link.
  9. Hi, Not sure I understand your first sentence. I know I can select particular objects on the bottom RH side of the screen and for only them to appear with their keyframes on the left, but the unselected object/s still go through the motion when I press Play. I don't want the 'unselected' objects to take any part in the Play sequence., temporarily. If we could do a right click on the object in the O&A view, and for Disable/Enable to be on the current drop down list, that would make life so much easier!! Unless I am missing a simple trick? I have ticked the 'ignore objects if not selected' in the Tools box.
  10. I would like the ability in O&A to 'toggle' all the keyframes for an object 'off' and 'on' as a full set. Sometimes when I have a lot going on in a particular slide, I would like to be able to temporarily disable some of the animations so I can work on other ones. The ability to 'switch' off some of the objects would be very helpful. .
  11. Thanks Lin. I'm very new to including video and I think the effect of having the video as a still and then start playing it after a few seconds, would give an element of surprise. Didn't realise that this was not the 'norm'. Exciting times!
  12. Thank you for this. It is very effective.
  13. I have had a 'green screen' as well when I try to do 'linked' video but it works ok in Fullscreen mode. Am using the latest v9? version. Doesn't happen all the time.
  14. No, I do want the very first slide to have the video as a still in the background with the 'picture' over the top. And then, after 5 secs, the 'picture' to remain as is, but the video starts playing. And then after a suitable time lapse, the next slide will start but it, of course, will have the video playing as soon as the slide appears. As I said, if the video is on its own on the slide, I can get it to remain still for the first 5 secs by using the Offset, and then start playing, but as soon as I add an image on top of it, it starts playing right away. Thought perhaps it had something to do with the 'Main object' box being ticked but have now started from scratch and it is all now working as I expect. Stranger and stranger! Just got it sussed - at last! If I change the video to 'Master' and then try to put the Offset time in, it doesn't work - the video starts straight away. If I put the Offset time in while it is still 'single video', and then change it to Master, it works perfectly!! Hurrah!! Surprised no-one has found out that little foible before now...……….
  15. Hello all. I have just tried this and followed the video to the letter I think but I cannot get the video on the first slide to start 5 seconds into the slide showing up. I have tried putting lots of different numbers into the 'Start time' and/or 'Offset ' boxes and the video still starts as soon as the slide starts. I CAN get it to work ie video pauses for 5 seconds, when I only have the video as the only slide, by putting 5 into the 'Offset ' box. What am I doing wrong?
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