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  1. Thanks Lin Once again you are there to help. Thank you. After I posted the topic last night I continued to try for the icons and found they seam to work when you save the show in a root directory of a hard drive or usb stick but were less likely to work in a sub directory. I had no trouble with icons in previous versions of P2E running Windows 8 so I'm thinking it may be a Windows 10 glitch. So I'll wait and see if it changes in the next Windows update. Thanks again Lin Jim
  2. Hello all I would like to have an ICON with each of my presentations. I make ICONS with ICOfx and they seam to be proper ICONS but when I assign them to my EXE files in "Program Options" nothing happens. All I get is the Blue and silver start button for every show. I assume it is something that I am doing wrong. Can anyone tell me what it is I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance Jim
  3. Hi Lin.   I managed to do what I wanted with the revolving text. You didn't have an explanation in the tutorials you referred me to and I already had the text revolving as in the "X" round Jupiter.

    I used version 7.5 and hopefully the files and PTE file will be with this message. Also I added  the text of my initials with some PNG letters from Photoshop so both can be used.

    I doubt if this is new to you but if it is please feel free to use it as you wish.

    All the best


    Letter J.png

    Letter H.png

    Letter P.png

    Version 7.5 Rotating text 2.pte

  4. HI. I've been trying to make an "Intro" for my AVs. in the intro I wanted to have text rotating around an object. I managed to do this but only with the text revolving in a flat plain, see picture capture 004. Lin Evans makes, what looks to me, as being just what I want in his Text demo tutorial. However doesn't say how he gets the text to revolve and go up and down, see capture 002. I asked Lin about this and he referred me to the forum and his demo. The text revolving around the planet is what I've been trying to achieve. If Lin reads this perhaps he would explain what makes the text behave in this manner. Many thanks Jim
  5. Hi Lin. I've followed your tutorials for some time now and have learned a lot, for which I thank you. At the moment I'm trying version 9 and noticed in your rotating text example, "PTE 9 Text Demo" your have the text revolving around Jupiter in a plain so that they appear to be isometric. I have had the text revolving around the "equator", so to speak, in the past. Can you tell me, or make a tutorial, on how you now have the text in this more advanced way.

    Many thanks


  6. In an A/V is there a way to return to a menu at the beginning of the show from a slide or the end of an AVI video without having to press a key or mouse button? I made a tutorial show with several AVI's of my own making. They ran one after another in the show but what I wanted was at the end of each AVI the show to return to the menu, without having to press a key or button, and then wait for another selection to be made. The only way I could think to get round this was to copy the menu slide and place a copy in between every section of the show. This works but doesn't seem right to me. Can anyone help me?
  7. Hi Lin

    Thanks for you post. I agree with what you said about needing to be selective with what is on view. I never envisioned having 1000's of objects I generally only have a hand full. However  a French guy by the name of Jean-Cyprien directed me to a program which runs alongside P2E called OAK and can be found at this link http://syp.pagesperso-orange.fr/setup_OAK1.zip .

    Once again thank you for your help


  8. Hi  Yachtsman1

    Thank you for your post about multiple object tree. What I was after was a program that  Jean-Cyprien told me about. It's called OAK and it shows all objects on their own line and all the keyframes on those lines at the same time.Here is a mashup I made in Photoshop to illustrate what I mean.

    Multiple object keyframes.jpg

  9. Hi  Jean-Cyprien

    Many thanks for you information. The OAK program is just what I wanted I've started to use it already.

    Once again thank you.


    1. Jean-Cyprien


      You're welcome, Jim, and I'm pleased this program could be helpful to you.
      I hope the version 9 will be able to offer us someting like this. Is it just a dream ?

      Best regards


  10. Hi One of the things I have trouble with in p2e is, when using multiple objects you only see the key frames for the highlighted object. I saw a slideshow program recently which showed all the key frames of all the objects on different lines, one above the other, with the selected object's keyframes highlighted. This way I could see when key frames are conflicting with each other. I think this would help everyone who struggles with key frames.
  11. Hi I've been making tutorials and slideshows for some time now but one thing I've not been able to do is collect a number of tutorials in the AVI format into the one show and have the show go back to the menu at the end of each AVI clip. So far i have been copying the MENU slide inbetween each AVI clip. I think a "marker" similar to the "action on mouseclick" that can be embeded in a slide at the end so as to send the program to another slide or action, such as sound effect, automatically.
  12. will Pictures to Exe ever be available for tablets?
  13. Hi I am a newcomer to forums so please forgive me if i'm in the wrong area with this question. I am trying to make a menu out of a revolving number of images, something like a revolving cube only i'm using eight images. When I set up the image as a hyperlink it does not work. Can this be because the images are "Children"images inside "Children"frames.I've also tried adding text but this again is "Children"text and this didn't work either. I'v been fighting with this problem now for several evenings and am wondering if it at all possible. Any help would be gratefull.
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