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  1. Here is a direct link : https://gumroad.com/thedom#oxPl type 0 then click « add to cart ».
  2. Georges, it’s your own choice. if you think it diserves nothing, type 0 and it’s a free download.
  3. je me nomme Christian Vaullerin et j'étais très interessé par votre "production" de styles ...je les ai tous acheté

    mais un disque dur ayant flanché j'ai perdu tous vos brillants modèles 

    j'aimerais beaucoup les récupérer 

    un ancien "client" fan


  4. Any idea when your wedding album style will be available?  I keep checking your new site.  I'm holding onto photos of my son's wedding waiting for this great style.  Also, I actually have some money to buy it -- for now.  ;-)

    Only blame yourself when we bug you to make styles available.  If your styles weren't so impressive, we wouldn't want them so much.  Keep up the great work.

  5. Glad you could work out how to use it.
  6. Thanks for you interest Kburra. I confirm the style is Free. What is exactly the problem with the download ?
  7. I improved the style a little bit. It's free : https://gumroad.com/thedom Lin, your gramophone is an excellent idea !!
  8. Here is the introduction of a slideshow I made tonight for the 80th anniversary of my father. If people are interested, I will convert it and publish it as a free PTE style (including sound FX).
  9. Here is the beginning of the wedding album :
  10. Hi Tauratinzwe, you're right, there is an error in the description. Actually, eight of the en photos are cropped to 3:2 and 2 are cropped to 1:1. I am working on a wedding album. I started from an earlier version of a demo for the album itself but I would like to make something different with various points of view for the pictures of the album. It will probably be ready in 8 days. About the aspect of both styles (photobox and chestbox), I will publish different textures (free) to give a different look to those styles to have the ability to choose the appropriate look depending on the subject of the photos used.
  11. The styles Photobox and 3D wall are now available : https://gumroad.com/thedom
  12. PhotoBox style is now available : https://gumroad.com/thedom
  13. An other variation with other textures. Once the animation is done, it's so easy to modify the aspect with PicturesToExe.
  14. Hi Jak, I plan to release most of my old templates as styles. But you will have to be patient. The wedding photo album and the post card will be in the first ones...
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