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  1. Masks in PTE 9

    Thank you both for your help. On going to post my pic I realised that the picture wasn't going into mask content. When I clicked on that and then inserted the picture it worked!! Sorry for being thick!
  2. Masks in PTE 9

    Hello I'm struggling with masks in PTE 9. This worked in version 8 but the mask picture in 9 is opaque. I reverted to version 8 but then it wouldn't copy over to to version 9. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Lost transition limes

    The grey line which runs on your screen from slide number 1 to to slide number 2 etc. I know you can go to slide view and change the number but it's much easier when you have the lines. They were showing earlier but they have now vanished!!!
  4. Lost transition limes

    Help: I seem to have mislaid the transition lines which appear when in Timeline view. Does anyone know how to switch them back on again?
  5. Projected Image shuddering

    Thank you Peter and Yachtsman 1. I will check/try your suggestions. Many thanks. Maggie
  6. Projected Image shuddering

    Hello My friend and I have exactly the same model Asus laptop. When I run a sequence on mine, during some animations I get shuddering on the projected image which doesn't show up on my laptop screen. When running the same sequence on my friend's it runs smoothly on both the laptop image and the projected image. We have checked that the graphics card and settings are the same and checked the refresh rate. The only difference I can see is, being the same model, they are both supposed to be 1600x900 screen resolution but mine is 1920x1080 although when I change mine to 1600x900 or to 1400x1050 which is the projector resolution it makes no difference and still shudders. I'm now at my wits end. Can anyone out there help?
  7. Error 740

    Hi Tom I forgot to tell you the operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. I have only created 1 user account but there is another one called updatus user which doesn't show on start up or when you just click into User Accunts in Control Panel. Only when you go into Parental controls does it show up. It says it's password protected but it's nothing to do with me!!
  8. Error 740

    Hi Tom Thanks for replying. I did google the error and tried right clicking and run as administrator but it doesn't work. There was also a mention of ditching all parental controls which I have; still to no avail!
  9. Error 740

    Can anyone help - I can't run PTE 7.5 after download. I get an error message 'The requested operation requires elevation' Error 740. I am running Windows 7.