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  1. I rarely use DVD's now, but I find them useful for distribution to people who only have a TV and no PC. Yes they do exist. Also they are as far as I can see the only way to make a continuouss loop as MP4's can't be used for this purpose. So please keep the DVD facility "as is" Thanks, Peter
  2. Is there a way to make a MP4 repeat automatically like a DVD or .exe slide show. Thanks Peter
  3. I think the problem is with the Olympus Software. If I convert the raw images to jpegs before making the timelapse, it works ok. Thanks for your patience. Peter
  4. It was created using Olympys Viewer as a time lapse, hence the jerky appearence. Could that be the problem. I've created a few others using Olympus Viewer with no problem. I have tried re-doing the Time lapse creation several times, with the same problems. Thanks
  5. I have deleted and re-converted several times to no avail. The link to the file is https://www.dropbox.com/s/vfszx57hirl9y2z/_dylan and Megan.mp4?dl=0 Thanks
  6. I hve put it in my Dropbox, which I could share. I too have used the converter with no problem until now. I don't think I made any modifications. I have it set to convert automatically, and that's what I did.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have used the Mp4 without modification abnd that works. I have used an external converter to change to avi, and that works as well. The file that shows the cannopt find file in the slide list does work in preview, but unfortuntely it is difficult to work with in objects and animation (to add a mask for example) as you are working blind.
  8. When I drag an mp4 from the file list to the slide list, it says converted file cannot be found. When I check in Windows explorer, I can see and play the converted avi.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I think I can live with the last used list of fonts, now that I've learned to scroll up. Am I right to assume we will have to wait for version 10 for the new features?
  10. Thanks Lin, an answer I could understand. I did notice that when you add text, by scrolling up(!) you can see the last used which is a workaround. If you have already changed the font, the last used list is at the top. Strange. Peter
  11. So is this a bug or deliberate downgrade to facilities.
  12. In Version 9 I cannot find the "Save and use by default" as described in the "Add a text object". This is shown in the Version 9 "how to", and was in previous versions, but seems to have disappeared in version 9. Any help? Thanks
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