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  1. Same topic. I have reminder on my desktop pc to update to 10.0.03 but my laptop says I’m up to date with 10.0.02
  2. Thank you for your time davegee I have done what you suggested but with no luck. File opened in laptop with the one containing presumably the photographs. This will not open in studio 10. Does it have to be pasted into the software in c drive common files like you would a plug in for adobe photoshop?
  3. I have created manual controlled show in studio 10 on desktop PC. Created zip file, copied and pasted to windows10 laptop. Can I open up these photographs in studio10 on my laptop to save having to redo my workflow even though I do have copies of all the photographs on the laptop. I wish to continue adding to the show. Hope I make sense. disappointed that I cannot now create executable show and play on my MacBook Pro.
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