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  1. Hi Yes, we can .... add a click sound in the sound track; But let's assume you want to simultate a quick shooting burst with, lets say 10 or 20 pictures, in that case you have to add 20 times the click sound in the track and make it as comment to each slide; Instead, it would be easier to apply a custom transition to 20 slides at the same time...
  2. thanks; In fact it is quite possible inserting video in custom transition. It works; but it does not play the video sound. Only the video picture. it could be great to simulate burst shooting effect...
  3. I try to create a custom transition with a sound (a camera clic). I open the transition creation screen and then the transition editor screen So I add a movie object wich includes that sound in the transition editor screen; In the transition editor screen things are ok Then I close the transition editor screen and I validate the editor creation screen My transition seems to be correctly registered in the folder specified in project preferences but when applying that transition to a slide, there is no sound. Well I'm probably going the wrong way. Any idea, or another way to introduce sound in custom transitions ?
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