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  1. I have also dB in the timeline, but I want dB to in the project option if I choose dB in preferences I would like a VU meter. Actually, I use Audacity as a VU meter.
  2. I agree for the second point: set the global volume of the slideshow For the first point, as I think you know, we can put the volume of each clip from 0 to 200% with the keyboard, so it's less important. I would prefer a dB indication.
  3. Hi, verify that Loudness equalization is not ticked . Look at the link If it is on, just do the inverse of https://pureinfotech.com/normalize-sound-volume-windows-10/ Denis
  4. Could it be a loudness equalisation ? Sorry, it's in french Denis
  5. Hi, what I do : -select some slides -select comment -select insert text template -select what you want Denis
  6. Igor, no more jump. It works well. Thanks Denis
  7. Hi, I use ALT+Enter in MPC_HC, Pot Player or VLC. What I use also is the mouse-wheel to change volume in these tree video players. I think it's more interesting that double click Denis
  8. Hi Tom: Yes I compare file sizes . I know it was the same in PTE8 and 9 but I often use this possibility. With PTE it is easy to adjust the mix between for example comment's track and music track. But if you want to adjust the loudness of the mix, it's not easy as you cannot adjust the overall loudness of the slideshow. So I export the audio, put it as a new track ans adjust the loudness and mute the comment and music tracks. To get an optimized exe, I must ask PTE to convert tracks to MP3 for exe. Denis
  9. Hi, if you mute one audio track, the audio files in the mute track are still present in the exe Denis
  10. Hi Igor, it seems that Slideshow.exe -cover doesn't work. Can you tell us what arguments are still working( -icc) Denis
  11. The examples of png https://filebin.net/v1vl43jejsyhaqgg
  12. Hi, if I use png with adobeRGB98 or profoto icc profile, the colors of the miniviewver, and the preview are correct. The HD video is good, but the colors of the exe are not correct. Denis
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