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  1. denisb

    Translation [SOLVED]

    Igor, It's solved. Denis
  2. No Darryll, use the portable version of MPC-HC and put in the same directory your menu.exe and the directory of MPC-HC. In your PTE menu use relative path for MPC-HC.exe. That's what I do Denis
  3. denisb

    Translation [SOLVED]

    Hi, when I want to explain something here, if I open a slideshow, I change the language from French to English. one windows is not translated. If i close PTE and open again the slideshow everything is correct. Denis
  4. With MPC-HC, you can return after playing an mp4 video. with command line and options /play /fullscreen /close with a link "run application or open file" and C:\.......\mpc-hc.exe /play /fullscreen /close video2.mp4 Denis
  5. denisb

    Custom transition with vidéo

    Just put a video in your project. Put this video (it could be the same as the video in your custom transition or another small one.) outside the screen or with opacity=0 or under a still image for example; Denis
  6. Thanks Igor, the problem is solved. Denis
  7. denisb

    Rotate png [SOLVED]

    Thanks Igor, The problem is solved. Denis
  8. denisb

    audio of a video [SOLVED]

    the problem is solved with the new version 9.0.18 BETA. No more sound "click" Thanks Igor
  9. Hi, have a look to the video. We can have a strange behaviour. moreover, I think that this windows could be a little bigger, in order to see the last line. Denis transition.zip
  10. denisb

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Hi Lin, very good quality. I always use 60 fps because my BR disc player (and my TV) accept this framerate. You wrote that "the size of the video file is doubled" when you use 60 fps instead of 30 fps" It's not true. The increase of file size is usually between 10% and 20%. For some custom transitions, the video is better than the exe. And if you need better video quality with PTE, it's possible, just type 110% or 120% for example with the keyboard. Denis
  11. denisb

    audio of a video [SOLVED]

    Hi It's a more general problem With Audacity I create a sinewave 440 Hz La.wav I put two times this sound in a PTE project. At the beginning of the sound, it's not "normal" I export soundtrack in wav, and import it in audacity : The beginning of the first sound The beginning of the second sound PTE transform a wav in wav and the value are very different. Moreover, the values of the same file are different if I put it at the beginning of the soundtrack or not Denis Projet1_May16-2018_17-22-22.zip
  12. denisb


    Jose, the bitrates are between 6000 and 15000 (it's slideshows) For example the bitrate of one of them during time . It's a slideshow with 2 videos (they need more bitrate than the still pictures. Denis I try with 50 original clips from my CANON 70D (bitrate 90 Mbits/s) and it is the same. PTE needs only 400 MB RAM
  13. denisb


    hi Jose, I use a text editor, not PTE text editor I use notepad++, but notepad from windows is good also. When I open then the file with PTE, I never had crash of PTE. To make a test, I put 19 mp4 videos 6 GB, in a pte project and modify in O&A the duration of some videos. Looking at the task manager, PTE need less than 400 MB of RAM far from 32 bits limitation. The problem of 32 bits limitation, in my case, is only when I put some huge still pictures in a slide and open O&A. I use ffmpeg because it's a kind of "Swiss knife" for video. It is used by many soft like PTE for example. And I like command line. Denis
  14. denisb


    Hi Jose, when you optimize the video in PTE, if the video file is "mire_HD.mp4" , the line for reference in the project.pte is: FileName=R:\mire_HD.converted.avi I change, in a copy, just before the generation of theHD video to FileName=R:\mire_HD.mp4 and PTE use my original video. PTE need avi (h263 codec) for the fluidity of real time, but when you make HD mp4, it's not real time and PTE accept mp4 or mov file) For the limit of 4 GB, sorry, I don't understand your first post, I understand it was that the mp4 was larger than 4 GB instead of the crash of PTE when you make the slideshow. I try with ffmpeg to merge mp4 files from PTE and change the container to mkv without re-encoding the video. The 30 videos are made with PTE 9.0.16 quality 100 and same audio bitrate and it works. But the ffmpeg is a command line application. a file named liste.txt contain the list of the video files: file 'vid1.mp4' file 'vid2.mp4' The command line C:\Applis\Video\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -f concat -i liste.txt -c copy out.mkv merge the files to one out.mkv file without re-encoding. Denis
  15. denisb


    Hi Jose, if you consider bitrate, 2-pass is better than 1-pass, but with x264 codec, the CRF (Constant Rate Factor) transformed to Quality in PTE is a better choice. See https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/H.264 Note that quality 100 in PTE 9 is equal to CRF=18 and quality=0 is equal to CRF=34. Denis PS: I concatenate 30 mp4 made with PTE to one MKV file without problem. The resulting file was 15 GB