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  1. FLAC and AAC

    FLAC vs WAV ; they are lossless, but flac is compressed. For the same audio: flac 19132 ko wav 46735 ko AAC (m4a) vs mp3. The quality is better for AAC with the same bitrate. if you want the audio of a Youtube video, you can get the AAC directly
  2. FLAC and AAC

    I would like also. For flac there is also a workaround.
  3. José, look at the zip. First bruges.pte was made to generate the avi ( directly with PTE publish >>avi file ...) The slide time and the transition time are the same. Change the font as needed And look at the result curling .pte : to change the color, change the rectangle color Denis CURL.zip
  4. I agree, Dave and I think Igor can change the "Normal transition" to be consistent with PTE9 (May be in PTE10 ) José, you can make a pte project with your text (white on black) and only the curling transition (one slide) Create an avi video and use this video as a mask in your project Denis
  5. Hi Gary, - put your mp4 video in a new project "use original file" don't optimize it - go to slide option >> transition >> Quick transition - in O&A rotate 180 - Properties you can "Adjust time range" if needed - you can use "color correction" if you need - close O&A - "Publish>> avi file... or F7 - Select the quality and you will get an avi file you can put in your PTE project. It is suitable for PTE. Denis
  6. Rotate, trim the video and you can save it directly to avi Denis

    Hi Jose, I use Quality 100 (that means CRF=18) because I cannot see difference with higher quality with PTE9. The x264 encoder is better now and PTE9 quality 100 is better than PTE 8 quality 100 (the CRF value was 20) For ffmpeg use, if you install it, just put your mp4 and the file liste.txt in the same directory. But I think that you can make mp4 bigger than 4 GB with PTE9 directly: what is important is that the muxer can do that, not that PTE is 32 bits. I try and made a 7.85 GB mp4 video directly with PTE. Denis
  8. Thanks Igor, It's ok now (exe and preview are the same)

    Hi Jose, I try to merge mp4 video of my slide shows with ffmpeg and it works ( 18 mp4 files and the result is 6.3 GB The command line is: ffmpeg.exe -f concat -i liste.txt -c copy out.mp4 and liste.txt is a file containing the list of all mp4 video to be merged: file 'file1.mp4' file 'file2.mp4' file 'file3.mp4' My video are made with quality 100 60 fps Denis
  10. Hi here a special custom transition. It works well with preview and not when I make an exe. Denis test_CT.zip
  11. Hi, with bulkfilechanger you can change files dates http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/bulk_file_changer.html Denis
  12. FPS (Frames Per Second)- effect?

    Thanks Igor for the information. Gary, I use Fraps: http://www.fraps.com/ to measure fps. With my old PC, sometimes with strong animation, the fps is less than 60. denis
  13. FPS (Frames Per Second)- effect?

    Hi, the PTE exe is 60 fps (if you have a powerful PC). I always make my video clips at 30 fps and make all my slideshows in mp4 at 60 fps. My TV and blu-ray player are able to play theses mp4 and I think the fluidity is better. Denis
  14. Assertion Failure [SOLVED]

    I have the same assertion failure when I close the project (only open, preview and close) Denis
  15. iPhone Commentary

    Hi, Tonton Bruno make a record with 4 microphones: http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=40399 It's in French but the text is not important. And some test with audacity to improve the results. http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=40469 Denis