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  1. Discontinuity in space-time

    Very good idea Denis
  2. Rotate png

    Hi, we can rotate clockwise (Ctrl+F) or counterclockwise (Alt+F) a picture in the file list. For a jpeg and a gif picture, it works well. For a png picture, it is correct in the O&A and the mini-viewer but it is not correct in the preview or the exe: the rotation is not the correct one. Denis
  3. audio track from video

    Hi Manuel, of course I know and PTE can transform it in mp3 also but it's not the question. Denis
  4. Custum transition and Blank slide

    Igor, in CT1.pte, I put a rectangle in Slide 3 and the CT work . I understand that when I enable "Transparent background" , The CT between 1 and 2 is correct. If I use a transition, I know what to do, but imagine a PTE user which simply use Custom Transition. It is not obvious. The "normal transition" of PTE like "slide" or "Push" cannot used with slide with background objects and the splitter. I think that the "transparent Background of slide" enabled or not could be unticked by the user of the CT as an option. If you want that "Push" , "Slide" ou "Gates" transition could be used with background object and with blank slide like now, It could be a solution. Denis
  5. Custum transition and Blank slide

    Hi Dave, your CT doesn't work with blank slide I try advance gate and advance Vee; see the result CT10.pte
  6. Custum transition and Blank slide

    I think that, for my custom transitions, there are problems either when the blank slide is the first or when the blank slide is the second depending of how the CT is constructed. I show on my first example adding a rectangle is one solution. J-C, the solution you proposed work on the example, but when I make a CT, I want it work with background objects and splitter for background objects, I must thick "transparent background of slide". I just want to know if I must put a rectangle on a blank slide or if Igor think It is interesting to modify PTE. Denis
  7. Hi, add some blank slides if you have problems with the order of slideshows Denis menu.zip
  8. Hi, using a CT between a blank slide and a normal slide doesn't work: It is replace by a quick transition. Denis CT1.pte
  9. Hi, I think it's your antivirus !!! Bitdefender, for example, delete this file during install. Denis
  10. Demo of Advanced Custom Transitions

    Nice job Dave. when I make Custom Transitions, I try to make them compatible with different aspect ratio. I put a slide1 or slide2 with opacity=0 as the parent of the mask container. The mask container is put in cover mode. I modify your Advanced Gate. It can be used with different aspect ratio. Denis Advanced Gate_slide1.pteeff
  11. audio track from video

    Hi, you can add a video as an audio track: project options >> Audio >> add audio file an select video files But if you don't have a video in your project, the exe has no sound. You must have a video in your project to ear the sound in the exe. May be when we add a sound from a video, the ffmpeg.dll should be include in the exe. Denis
  12. PTE 9 on laptops with dual graphics

    Hi Igor, Two exe with problems with PTE 9.0.14 are now excellent with this new 9.0.15. The custom transitions are fluid. Congratulations for this new improvement. Denis
  13. Hi Igor, Two exe with problems are now excellent with this new 9.0.15. The custom transitions are fluid. Congratulations for this new improvement. Denis
  14. Yes Igor, this problem occur when I make the transition into a normal slide. http://diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=40146 30000% was used by JPD in January 2009 with PTE 5.6: http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=32829 Could you force Nvidia graphic card when Intel and Nvidia are present ? ( see my first post) NB: for these transitions, I have another solution for other transition, I have not other possibility than make a important zoom (say 10000%) Denis