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  1. denisb


    I use also MPC-HC (portable). I use relative paths. I put every thing on a usb key. MPC-HC.1.7.7.x86\mpc-hc.exe /play /fullscreen /close video2.mp4 Denis
  2. Hi Pascal, the soft version is very interesting. if I have some time, I will test it with the fractal threshold custom transition http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=42121 Denis
  3. Hi, The threshold works well with level only. When you add saturation=-100 or toning: Grayscale there is a difference as you can see in the project. You have not 256 levels but only about 30, the transition is not fluid (for me) and it is not really a threshold mask transition. Or I made a mistake ? Denis effet de seuil2_Feb5-2019_14-36-34.zip
  4. Not automatic, only if people who construct the custom transitions wants
  5. Hi Bruno and Barry, my explanation was not sufficient. I use this 16:9 picture as a mask of a custom transition I bring this custom transition to a friend and making a 3:2 aspect ration slideshow, the mask become: Not really fine and I am not here to change zoomX or zoomY of the CT I would prefer: That's what I ask for custom transition even if the mask is distorted. I don't think about slide style but I think the problem is similar. Denis
  6. Hi, when I make custom transitions, I make the for the aspect ration I use: 16:9. I often try to make them compatible with other aspect ratio, but sometimes it"s impossible. With a picture as a mask, i should be glad to see more than fit and cover : fit Cover The one I suggest Denis
  7. If Trackers is checked, I can't see the video If Trackers is unchecked, I see the video
  8. Sorry it's in French. With Firefox.
  9. Problem with the facebook's link !
  10. Hi Igor and Jose, a tiny project video1.pte is working good. Adding a slide before the video and the problem arise : see the result(video2.pte) Denis video1_Nov2-2018_15-26-54.zip
  11. Hi Jose, Project options Unsharp mask applies to photos/stills and videos used along the project, and effect is included in published MP4 file. Sharper/smoother in O&A applies only to photos/stills Blur (negative values) applies to photos/stills and videos Denis
  12. I don't think Blur with negative value is a good approach. If you look at the last column and the last line of a 1920x1080 picture, you can see difference in brightness . Denis
  13. Yes the USM applies to the mp4 also
  14. denisb

    error backup

    Hi Pere, the main difference between the "normal" .pte and the .pte creating with Backup in Zip and decompressing is the order where it look for the files . Opening the "normal" pte file, it look for the files with the path written in the pte file, and if it doesn't find it then it look for file in the directory of the .pte file. Opening the .pte file from decompressing the Zip does exactly the inverse search: first it search in the directory of the .pte file and if it doesn't find the file, it look at the complete path in the .pte file. This is simplified: if it doesn't find file, it can look elsewhere. Denis
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