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  1. Hi, If you want a behaviour like a text editor, set the zoom according to the number of lines in the text object. For example: zoom 5% for one line, 15% for three lines, 50 % for 10 lines, etc or zoom 4% for one line, 12% for three lines, 40 % for 10 lines, etc Denis
  2. Happy new year to all. Denis
  3. Hi, the max bitrate of your TV is 60 Mbps and I think your mp4 has higher bitrate. Try to lower the quality of the mp4 with PTE, the bitrate will decrease. Note that for the same quality, hardware acceleration use greater Bitrate. Denis
  4. Thanks for the example: it is sometimes important. Denis (not Daniel)
  5. The slider limit is 1024 but not the real value: with keyboard you can use 4096x4096 for example. I'm not sure it is useful
  6. Hi, look at the project Denis Black-or-White_Dec19-2019_5-05-13.zip
  7. Hi, BezierPTE_v3.7.2 http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=249521#p249521 Denis
  8. Hi, as you write: in my case, the two objects with same name are identical. If PTE put only one file in the zip, it will work. and no need to change the name of the file. Denis
  9. Two possibilities *the same picture with the same name in two folders, then PTE add only one file in the zip (ask yes or no) *two different pictures with the same name. The user rename one file itself in the original folder modify it PTE source and make the ZIP. If PTE rename one file, this leads to get the same picture with two different names, one in the zip and one in the original folder. Bof
  10. PTE will rename duplicating file names automatically. I don't want that a soft rename something automatically. In general, if it is the same file with same name in 2 different folders, then put only one file in the zip and it will work. Denis
  11. I have also dB in the timeline, but I want dB to in the project option if I choose dB in preferences I would like a VU meter. Actually, I use Audacity as a VU meter.
  12. I agree for the second point: set the global volume of the slideshow For the first point, as I think you know, we can put the volume of each clip from 0 to 200% with the keyboard, so it's less important. I would prefer a dB indication.
  13. Hi, verify that Loudness equalization is not ticked . Look at the link If it is on, just do the inverse of https://pureinfotech.com/normalize-sound-volume-windows-10/ Denis
  14. Could it be a loudness equalisation ? Sorry, it's in french Denis
  15. Hi, what I do : -select some slides -select comment -select insert text template -select what you want Denis
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