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  1. colin46

    Xmas Card

    Very nice Dave!! Have yourself a happy Christmas.
  2. Simply amazing great work
  3. colin46

    Wedding AV's - How Long?

    15 to 20 minutes
  4. colin46

    Copyright symbol [SOLVED]

    Hi Igor Yes it works fine without using the NumLock key, Many thanks to you. Colin
  5. colin46

    Copyright symbol [SOLVED]

    Hi Igor Works just fine when I enable NumLock button. Many thanks Colin
  6. colin46

    Copyright symbol [SOLVED]

    Hi Igor Have tried to do a copyright symbol but can not get it to work using V9.0.1. This is how I am doing it, I am holding down the alt key then typing 0169 on my number pad. Many thanks Colin
  7. colin46

    Copyright symbol [SOLVED]

    Hi Jean-Cyrien How I go round it was to work in V8 and then open it up using V9, Many thanks for you tip.
  8. colin46

    Copyright symbol [SOLVED]

    Hi Igor I have tried to enter the copyright symbol in the text editor box by holding down the alt key and typing code 0169 but will not work, It does work in V8. Many Thank Colin
  9. colin46


    Hello Maureen Very nice show, Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Colin
  10. colin46

    Archive of yachtsman1 shows

    Hello Eric Very good show well put together also commentary very good, Thanks for sharing. Colin
  11. colin46

    Cornwall show part2

    Thanks for your comments Andrew.
  12. colin46

    Cornwall show part2

    Took these photos last year of Cornwall, HDR, size of file 20.2mb, 1920 x 1080, Running time 4mins 5secs. http://www.mediafire.com/download/72j3ttxl8e8xi55/Cornwall%20photo%20show%20part%202.zip End text now corrected, Many thanks guys for letting me know. Colin
  13. colin46

    December Morning on the Romney Marsh

    Hi Ray Very nice Show, Thanks for sharing with us, Happy New Year to you. Colin
  14. colin46

    Secret of the Snakestones

    Hi Peter Great show Well done, with a great subject. Colin