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  1. Can anyone help - I'm trying to add narration to my show via the 'audio - record' feature, but it is not recording, although it does save a blank recording to the audio folder but there is no sound. It has worked before but I am not sure how to rectify this . . . . . any ideas ? Regards, Ingrid.
  2. Not sure what's happening, . . . . I have and image on the timeline with transparent text and a video behind it. All good when I play back in the mini player but when I play it via the preview option the main image disappears ? The image is selected as the 'main' image in properties and the video is behind the image, why can I not view this in the preview option ? I use this effect often and this is the first time this has happened. I also re-booted my laptop ?
  3. Hi Ivor,

    Having a problem opening PTE 9 - not responding. I have re-booted my laptop but that did not resolve the problem. I took some screen shots as I am  rather challenged on technical matters.The exe works but not the pte.


    Ingrid Gane.



  4. OK, OK . . . . found the problem . . . PTE doesn't permit using the same image with the same extension twice in a show. So I made a copy and remaned it (2) and it worked . . . YAY ! Regards, Ingrid
  5. Can anyone please help me. I've played my show ant all is well. but when i want to create a backup ZIP file the message below appears . I'm not sure what I've done as nothing seems to be wrong ? how do i look at this ? Regards, Ingrid Gane
  6. Please can someone help me. I purchased PTE version 7.5 in December and used the trial version of 8 which expired in February. 1. I keep getting the following message - "Beta Version to Pictures to EXE has expired. Please visit wnsoft website to download and install a final version of this product" 2. I have done this but nothing happens and I keep getting the same message.. . I am not asked to enter my key. How do I fix this ? Regards, Ingrid Gane
  7. I'm new to PTE and have been trying to burn a show onto a DVD. I don't want the "title" at the beginning of the DVD as I want the show to start immediately. The show seemed to burn correctly but when I play it on my TV, it just stays on the title page (I've lost the remote). Please help . . . . what am I doing wrong ? Ingrid
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