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  1. Hey Lin, can you give a link here to the tutorials? Some of us are too lazy to search around for them. :-)
  2. Intriguing effect! Must try it. Thanks for sharing how to do it.
  3. Dav Fitzpatrick, I just purchased the Video Package today and look forward to producing some things to use with PTE shows. I've run into some difficulties and the "Contact" page on your web site won't send my e-mail help request without a Captcha entered and when I enter one I'm sent to a page saying that the feature is no longer available. Can you provide an e-mail address where I can pose my questions or resolve the problem on the site? Thanks, leon
  4. Thanks for this info Lin. Must try this out. denwell, you're a genius for asking for a way of doing this!
  5. OK, Lin, we need a tutorial for this. It’s too good to stay secret.
  6. Looks to me like Win 10 hasn't associated your files with PTE. Try going to properties on one of the files and where it says "Open With" point it to the PTE EXE file. That MAY (maybe, with luck) resolve the issue. But, then again . . .
  7. I downloaded this and it worked perfectly. I'll try to download the original zip later to see if perhaps something got corrupted during the original download. Hopefully, that is what has been causing problems.
  8. NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 It's not the latest, but it's never had a problem with a PTE show up till now.
  9. i7 core, 24 GB ram 3 GB video card. Rather robust. Not sure what's going on. But that's life with a computer -- esp. a PC.
  10. Whenever I try to run the exe file on my Win 10 computer, it opens and the initial image appears for a second or two and then my computer crashes. Anyone else encountering problems? Will test the other file shortly.
  11. I am truly impressed! Especially at full screen. You've really done some nice work here. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  12. Thanks Ken! Hope it's OK for your southern neighbors to read a Canadian Photo magazine. ;-) The section with African photos is making me homesick for my years in Africa. In my day film was expensive and hard to get there, so my photos were too few. Oh, how I wish we'd had digital cameras back then, not to mention digital darkrooms instead of darkness, chemicals and no ctrl-z. I'm really enjoying this mag.
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