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  1. cici


    Thank You, Eric
  2. cici


    Hi to all here my wishes for 2014 My link
  3. cici

    From the top ...

    Hi Daniel, very happy to "see" you here. Very nice landscapes and pictures!
  4. Hi Bert, thank You for your kind appreciation. Yes, I spent a long time, but I cannot say how long as the making was spread on several monthes Marry Christmas to You and and your family
  5. Hi Anthony, Thank You for your appreciation. The "little match girl"" says nothing to me; so I did not produce it.
  6. Hi Bert, Please, try this link: it's a zip file Hope it works My link
  7. thank You, Ken, for helping
  8. I'll take this in account for next shows. Thank You
  9. Hello Igor, I checked up and found 1,9/9,5 Go (20%) memory
  10. Maybe. But why no problem in PTE 6,5?
  11. Hello Igor, I removed all the pictures but the girls and the flower (remaining only 9 "objects" instead off + or - 100 in the O&A): I tried 3 times and no more problem at all.
  12. Thank You, Ken but this exe was made in PTE 6,5. No problen with this version of PTE. I donot think to be problem of power: my processor is AMD A4* 4300M APU with Radeon HD Graphics2,50 GHz - 10 Go Ram
  13. I encountered a very strange problem in PTE 7,5 + PTE 8,0 In the last scene of my show "QUANDO SARO'GRANDE" (when I'll be older) some transparent gif where changed just in toa green background without any image! (see picture). Impossible to make an exe: ther was the same green background but NO PROBLEM IN THE DVD where the full shox was correct! I was obliged to open the sho in PTE 6,5 to make the exe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See picture