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  1. I looked but don't find any assistance to teach me how to send a private message. If I reply to your last post as I am doing now, I accept it is visible to everybody. Please enlighten me how to send a private message on this forum. R
  2. Thank you Igor. I am uploading to Google Drive now and will send you the shared link as soon as it is available. Shall I email that to you directly at <...> rather than posting it here? Roel
  3. Has the cause of this error been discovered and what is the solution? I am having a similar issue with a friend's exe which plays on his machine but on mine I get this error. It is a sizeable file of about 750MB and the show is about 11 minutes. I have larger Wings productions which play without a hitch. Sometimes I may need to specify Nvidia to run them but not always. Now John has the same problem with his project which Jill had and we are lookong for a solution to this frustrating error (attached). regards Roel Error opening Rob's AV.docx
  4. Dear Igor and all, Thank you for taking me seriously and the solution is very good. Regards Roel
  5. Dear all, I did not think it was possible but it is. Not realising the project was already open, I was able to open a second copy of the same file. Murphy intervened and after working on the project I closed one and then saved the other one - it should have been the other way round and all work was lost even though autosave is on. Why is it possible to have two versions of the same project running concurrently? Can this please be removed as default or at least changed to a user setting for those who need it. Thanks Roel
  6. Roel

    Projector Screen

    Thanks. Works well for the end too. Roel
  7. 3rd PORT ELIZABETH CAMERA CLUB INTERNATIONAL AUDIO VISUAL FESTIVAL 2018 All Audio Visual enthusiasts worldwide are cordially invited to enter the Port Elizabeth Camera Club International Audio Visual Festival. The PECC Audio Visual Festival will be held in conjunction with the PSSA AV Convention at Prince Albert, South Africa from 18 – 22 March 2018. FESTIVAL TIMETABLE: Thursday 15 March 2018: Entries close 18 March 2018: Judging at AV Convention in Prince Albert 19 – 22 March 2018: AV Convention and AV Salon Awards, Prince Albert 25 March 2018: Results emailed 18 April 2018: Awards posted 18 April 2018: Public show in Port Elizabeth Entry fee and method of payment: €15 for one AV €25 for two or more AVs via PayPal to capephoto2@gmail.com Entry forms attached. Enquiries: Festival Director: Roel van Oudheusden Telephone: +27 41 367 3994 Mobile: 27 82 739 7679 Email: pecameraclub@gmail.com 15.03.2018 PECC International Audio Visual Festival 2018 English International v5 13.07.pdf PECC AV_Entry_identification_form.xlsx
  8. Is there an easy way to do the same adjustment to a group of images? It appears not to be possible and only one image at a time.
  9. When reading the comparison guide between the two versions one does not get the impression that the Project Options tabs would be different. However in the Online Help guide it states: Defaults Tab This Tab is not available in the Essentials Edition. Please advise; I am busy compiling a guide for our members to create a salon catalogue show and since this will be most often without a sound track, there is no need for the audio features of the DeLuxe version but the insertion of a template for titling each image is critical. If I am to believe the Help file, Essentials is out. Thanks Roel
  10. We have just released the results for a successful 2nd PECC International AV Festival 2016 (view on www.pssa.co.za) The accompanying statistics of the various software used is interesting but needs to be read with the detail of the location of the participants. The UK is PTE country whilst in Australasia ProShow is still popular. In general the number of Wings productions received was down the most. Stats 2016.xlsx
  11. Currently fonts are only included in the back-up zip file if they had been rasterised in the project. Igor has always maintained that rasterising is no longer necessary. However, if you will be working on another computer (someone else's) you are not guaranteed that your existing fonts will be replicated if they don't exist on the other computer. Some design programs do pack all the components including fonts used in their back-up zip. Hence the suggestion that the new version does that too. Then the need for rasterising can be buried for ever. Roel
  12. Roel

    connecting projector

    You are following the right sequence i.e. connect first, power up projector first and then laptop. Power down should be the exact reverse but not as critical; don't move the projector before the fan has stopped running and only then switch off. Most projectors now have more than one input. As already pointed out by others, calibration will always be an issue. My recommendation based on experience is that you use projector port in 1 for your own pc/laptop and port 2 for the 'foreign/guest' pc. Although possible, I would not connect both laptops simultaneously to the projector. I once had an experience with a mac that caused us to reboot both the projector and our laptop to sort out the ghost image that the mac had left on the projector. I concur therefore with the advice to do a dry run with the mac first before the big night and to set that up first if at all possible. If the programme content does not allow that, then create a tea break to do the second set up. Good luck Roel