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  1. Need help with different views of Slide List.

    Another thought, what is her screen resolution, mine is 1920 by 1080, and are those attachments windows or full screen? Phil
  2. Need help with different views of Slide List.

    Not on my pc. Check out Shirleys font sizes - not normal or default? Phil
  3. Need help with different views of Slide List.

    It controls the HEIGHT of the Slide List and the WIDTH of the Timeline. I read it in the Online Help Hotkey Section. Phil
  4. Need help with different views of Slide List.

    Ctrl + Scroll Wheel ? Phil
  5. how. . mute video within a slideshow style

    Applying a Style after choosing to mute audio will probably negate that setting.Mute the sound AFTER applying the style.Does that help. Phil
  6. Audio Timeline

    Have you tried browsing the online help for timeline and handling audio files? phil
  7. Mixed Disk

    Geoff, A BD player will read it as a data disc and allow the mp4 to run. But it will be subject to "TV Safe" zone and some of the mp4 will b lost. Older DVD Players? Dont know. Phil
  8. How to move several audio files in a track? [SOLVED]

    Shift and Drag works for me. http://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/hotkeys/main Phil
  9. Styles-Error Messa [SOLVED]

    In the third example above; the zip file; you have added an approximate 3x2 image to a 16x9 style. If Lin had put the two instances of the Main Image in Cover Mode it would have worked OK. Also the Main Image used for both the foreground and Background could be Main Image Index 1 and this would further help. Phil.
  10. Shifting Keyframes

    Mick, Right click on a Key-frame and select "Shift Key Frames" (Ctrl+E). But Gogs wants to select and move some of the KF and not all of the KF. I found it in the Online Help - O&A section. Phil
  11. Publishing Problem

    Usually the problem is resources? Are you files too big - do they exceed 2Gb in total? Have you tried reversing your revisions to see if that makes a difference? Do you have plenty of free space on the drive containing your temporary folder? Are you using WAV files instead of MP3? Are your images optimised (resolution)? Are you including Video? Has it been converted and trimmed for use in PTE? Have you tried making an ISO Instead of initiating a DVD burn and does it help? Some detail would help in understanding your problem. Phil
  12. Fonts used to be packed in back-up zip

    Hi Roel, In order to support this request would it be a good idea to name a couple of examples and how they achieve it? Dont fonts have to be "installed" in order to use them - do the softwares automatically install them? What happen's if the user uses a font which has license restrictions that prevent this? Hers a link to the Powerpoint site: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/826832 Phil
  13. PTE not running well in Windows 10 VMware

    "Is anybody else, who has upgraded to Windows 10, ecperiencing this problem?" Is anybody else, who has upgraded to Windows 10 on a MAC with VMWARE, experiencing this problem?
  14. PTE not running well in Windows 10 VMware

    Ronnie, Not sure if you are asking about W10 in general or W10 with a MAC? PTE runs smoothly on a PC with W10 pre-installed. Phil
  15. Slide Show Not Running

    Try splitting it into 2, 4 or 5 smaller chunks and find out what works or doesn't.