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  1. Many many thanks for the comments. Some food for thought! George
  2. Although I cannot see or recall recent comment on the Forum, having just upgraded I was wondering whether there has been any change to the administration and ability to organise one's Slide Styles? Folders? Sub Folders? etc etc. George
  3. Gary As you say, there are drives and there are drives. Not sure though now if I fancy the drive yet see you passed some on pedal bikes along the way. Imagine a car breaking down on that road. Or icy. Another brilliant memory. Watching it did take me back to the 1950's here in the UK as on BBC tv, perhaps as an interlude between programmes, it was filmed from the drivers cab as the electric train went from London Victoria to Brighton (south coast) in just 4 minutes, normally a 60 minute journey. It is on youtube now. Your drive is scary enough as it is, but speed it up and .........! Oops! Thankyou for posting as am not on Facebook. Another brilliant watch. George
  4. Gary, Mesmorising. We have been to Scotland a few times over the years so this was a magical journey bringing back loads of memories. I cannot imagine though the number of photos that must have been taken and the hours of video you needed to view and then edit. Video questions though please. Was that a dash cam fitted to your car? Impressive quality whatever. Also how was it you managed to get to Glenfinnan Viaduct at the right time and in the right position to get a video of the steam train. Superb. My personal issue when I shoot any video is camera shake, maybe from the wind or even as I walk behind, say following something/somebody. How did you keep it so still? You should send it to the Scottish Tourist Board. A truly memorable memory of Scotland. Thankyou. George
  5. Jill, No, I was actually just attempting to play the exported MP4 and so when I got the message, I had just clicked on the MP4 file within the Project Folder and also within P2E. Probably, as it turns out, it is actually not an issue but P2E was just giving me another warning to double check to make sure all clips were converted. George
  6. Just an update. The three Video Clips have (again) been converted and this time I also created a new folder within the Project just to make sure these newly converted clips were kept separate and used this time. Exported to MP4 and exactly the same message has appeared. Trying to think if this time I am doing anything different. Not sure! For this first playback I am clicking on the exported file from within the Project File so perhaps this message is just a warning for me to check that I have converted all movie clips used. If not it is then giving me another opportunity to action. George
  7. Lin, Just re-checked. Looked at the 'File Info' of the three video clips used and all show as 'converted'. Presumably though that is what the message is telling me so maybe I should be then re-visiting each clip, double double check/ attempt re-converting to make sure that they have all been converted and then action another export and see if the message appears again. George
  8. Just wondering as I have not seen this message before. I have just put together a short 2 minute Project and exported is a MP4 (Publish HD Video). It does include a couple of very short video sequences but as far as I am aware, these had been 'converted' within the Project before completion. Is this message then telling me that a) one or more of these video sequences were NOT converted, or, b) that an AVI file is a better choice than MP4 for smooth playback, but then I have never seen this message before, even with projects that included video. George
  9. Lin, Just wanted to say thankyou once again, this time for this set of helpful tutorials. Brilliant once again. Although initial interest seems to have centred on adding one's own signature, thinking about it, it would not surprise me to see this ability 'pop up' in a Wedding Style where we see a copy of the Marriage Certificate and then the happy couple sign the register. Just opens a new line of possibilities. Many Thanks Lin, George
  10. Thankyou Dave. Kept reading your answer and looking at the respective page in the Manual. The penny has finally dropped. Thankyou for your help. George
  11. Although I have used P2E for some years, only now am I trying to create my first Slide Style, but seemingly have overlooked something obvious. I am actually about half way through a family holiday a/v project. But following a sudden flash of inspiration I have re-visited one of the early slides in the sequence in which I used O&A and tried to make it a Slide Style. (This sequence has one background slide. Then, one by one, four slides appear and then move to each corner, followed by a fifth that takes up about 80% of the screen. In total six slides.) The creation process seemed to go ok, but … 1) To test this new Slide Style out, when I select six new slides and apply, apart from the background image, the next five slides that appear are those from the original sequence. 2) Now I think my error may be in the creation of the Style, and show two screenshots of that process. George
  12. Jose I am certainly no expert but had thought that VLC was the leader so certainly will now checkout Zoom. Thankyou again, this time for that suggestion. George
  13. Jill The Clip was on my Desktop Computer and where it has been since transferred from the Camera. But panic is over. Phew! As a result of yours and Jose's comments, having found that the Clip does play perfectly in Windows Media Player, I then looked at VLC and found there was an Update available. This has literally just been downloaded and installed and now the same clip plays perfectly in VLC. So for now I can rest in the knowledge, for now at least, that my audio visuals will be available to be viewed by our grandchildren in the years to come. George
  14. Jose, Brilliant. Something I never even considered. Played the same sequence this time using Windows Media Player and it played perfectly. So it looks like my concerns over longevity may not be so critical after all. Many thanks for that. But to answer your question, this Clip had been transferred in November 2014 and I still use this camera in the same way. Not sure what you want from MediaInfo, but here below is some Info. George Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : QuickTime Codec ID : qt 2005.03 (qt ) File size : 11.2 MiB Duration : 42 s 633 ms Overall bit rate : 2 197 kb/s Encoded date : UTC 2014-11-07 19:28:40 Tagged date : UTC 2014-11-07 19:28:40 Writing library : Apple QuickTime Video ID : 1 Format : MPEG-4 Visual Format profile : Advanced Simple@L3 Format settings : BVOP Format settings, BVOP : Yes Format settings, QPel : No Format settings, GMC : No warppoints Format settings, Matrix : Default (H.263) Codec ID : mp4v-20 Duration : 42 s 633 ms Bit rate : 1 490 kb/s Width : 640 pixels Height : 480 pixels Display aspect ratio : 4:3 Frame rate mode : Constant
  15. Not directly related to P2E, I have just encountered an issue with playback of a short MOV. format clip (42secs) within VLC. Transferred from my Camera a few years back, there had been no previous signs of any deterioration so it has gone from nothing to this! (A screenshot is below and one can see the black degradation on the floor and walls and this is the same throughout the Clip.) It is though as a result of seeing this that I have started to wonder and be concerned about the survivability of my exe/mpeg audio visuals and the enabling of our children and grandchildren to view in the years to come. Could this be just an issue with the MOV format, VLC, or this particular video clip, but if not, how should we be saving our audio visual memories in order that they can definitely be viewed in future years? George
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