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  1. No, I am okay with both Norton and Malwarebytes, the latter program is not an Anti-Virus one, and fingers crossed, provides another defence barrier. I just mentioned everything that I did to resolve my issue as thought it may help someone else at some stage in the future. Although I guess we'll never know, but my guess is something in the PC Cleaning process somehow resolved the issue. George
  2. Igor, Thankyou for looking at my issues although what has happened in the last 24 hours it looks like I have wasted your time for which I apologise. First though your questions, in case a similar issue arises with someone else. 1) No I do not assign a custom icon. 2) I have both Norton 360 Premier, and Malwarebytes Premium installed and have done so for a number of years. I have found the only slight problem with either is when I download someone else's Exe file and it normally tries to quarantine the file. 3) My programs are kept on the SSD within my Desktop and all Documents, Music & Photos are on the intermal 2Tb hard drive partition. In the last 24 hours I decided to action my monthly back-up and then follow up with my clean-up check routine of my Desktop. What solved my issues, I don't know, so just detail what I did as it might help others. First I ran a Full Scan with Norton. Then I ran a Full Scan with Malwarebytes. Some years ago I decided to have a paid for program to run a system clean scan, Magix PC Check & Tuning is my program, and have had no problems with it so have kept with it. I then ran that program and actioned all the clean-ups suggested. After doing all this I looked to answer your questions. First I ran an Exe that I had put together a few months back (434Mb) and that started running in about 3 seconds. I than ran the Problem Exe file (just 186Mb) that I had just created so could compare start timings, and this time it started in ........................ 3 seconds. Wow! Also there were no problems with any video or audio playback. I then went back to P2E, re-adjusted the timings to match the audio, exported, and again no problems with the Exe file. So somewhere, between these three programs my issues have been solved. Obviously it seems that there was something on my computer that was creating my problems. So thankyou Lin and Igor for your help and suggestions. And the Forum which keeps us all in touch, Thankyou George
  3. Lin I have been making progress and it seems inserting an extra Slide after the Rubiks Cube solved one issue. And now I am slowly working through the remainder, having to adjust timings accordingly. Trouble is that whilst the Project plays perfectly within P2E, when I produce an Exe file and then check the playback, I see issues that are not there when playing back within P2E and so back to the drawing board. I am now up to Exe File No 9 and still I have outstanding issues to resolve. Oddly enough, I have an issue with Slides 46 - 49 and the only animation is in Slide 49. In the first Version, Slides 46 & 47 were 7 seconds but Slide 47 seemed to get stuck, hence I have now reduced the timings but still something is wrong. Think it will be one of those 'sleep on' times, for as you maybe able to see in the screenshot, when I click on Slide 47, it is the next Slide that is appearing in the screen. Might be easier to remove them and start again methinks but that will be for another day. I downloaded your Experiment zip, and despite having to go through the Windows and Anti-Virus warnings, it took us about 17-20 seconds from first clicking on it for it to run. Now my Exe file for which I do not have them warnings and so should start reasonably quickly, it has taken around 50 - 60 seconds before I finally get a black screen, and then, still seeing the little wheel whirring round, it is another 30 seconds, so around 80 - 90 seconds after first clicking on the Exe file that it starts to play. I am running Windows 10 and timed the start up of my Exe file on six occasions. Oh and by the way, the only thing I had opened on the Computer was this Winsoft Forum page. George
  4. Lin I have just run the test, and think, the report is attached. This computer, a Desktop model, I had built around 18months ago. I do also, normally once a month, do a check to make sure all Drivers are up todate. Having now slept on the issue, within my Project and like the one I later resolved by putting an extra Slide between the Infinity Mirror and the Rubiks Cube Styles, I just wondered whether a similar issue was somewhere in the background between the Rubiks Cube Style and the next Slide, which happens to be a map of the London Underground and a train going round to show where we went that day. Just wonder whether that was having a knock on effect. I'll test that out later today. I should add, in case it is relevant, that I did cut down the time allowed for the Rubik's rotation. The idea being that it showed places we could visit and was like a dice revolving whilst the boys made their mind up as to where they would like to go. Well that was the idea. George DxDiag Sept 2017.txt
  5. Over the years I have completed a number of personal family memory audio visuals without any problems, but today, for the first time ever I have suddenly experienced a number of issues when playing back the Exe file (for PC). And can't think why. This new project was to provide permanent memories of a recent grandchildren visit. Within the Project File, my latest project plays well, so I had no inkling of subsequent problems that would be experienced in playback of the Exe version. However for some reason, after exporting and watching the Exe File version, I've immediately noticed the following …. the Exe file seems to take literally ages to start to play (it has 75 slides & size is 184MB. In order to compare to see if it was anything to do with the size of file, I did then re-visit a larger Exe Project completed a few months back that is 434MB in size and that does not seem to take so long to start, nor any problems on Exe playback.) fourth Slide in this new show, in which I used the Rubiks Cube Style, the Rubiks Cube does not complete it’s rotating in the Exe playback, it sticks near to the end of the rotation for several seconds. In the Project File there is no such problem. the first video in the Exe version playing starts off juddery. At least one other is not that great. (All video, I believe, has been converted, but in this Project, they have all been added via the O&A tab although I assume that would not make a difference.) Again, in the Project file playback there is no such problem. the audio jumps in a number of places in the Exe playback. (I imported an MP3 file, the same process as in all previous Exe projects.) Again in the Project file there is no problem with the audio. in another section, again in the Exe playback, a slide with no animation, sticks, meaning that the subsequent slide that should have movement in it, does not, and seemingly subsequent slides are quite abrupt. P2E version is 9.0.12 and am using Windows 10. Incidentally I also had a problem on first export to an Exe file in this same Project after making use of the Infinity Mirror Style (just posted on the Forum). My sequence went straight from that to the Rubiks Cube Style but on Exe playback I had a period where most of the screen was blacked out. Go back to the Project, insert another Title slide between The Infinity Mirror and Rubiks Cube, re-Export and problem was cured. As a result I wonder whether something similar I've done is causing the above issues. Where should I be looking? George
  6. Organisation of Video Conversion advice

    Yes I agree that the converted file does have the suffix 'converted' added but that seems to be at the end of the file name (and probably then my fault, mine have a long header so that I knew what was what and where I want to use it) and it appears I have to 'right click' and go into File Information to find which is which. Gary, and there is me thinking of organising my video clips after just using one video with two files, and there is you with four. But then the more video clips that one may use, in your case you are multiplying up each one by four. Some while ago, and learning from old mistakes, I utilised Barry Beckham's advice and within each Project Folder, I have sub folders, adapted over the years - and for me these are now a) Images for Show, b) Layered Files, c) Movie Images, d) Potential Images, e) Project & Exe and f) Sound Files. So I then move all potential images that I will use into either the Potential or Movie Folder. This means that everything is together just in case I wish to re-visit at some stage in the future. Whilst I don't go through the same process as Gary, I do have another program through which I actually edit Video Clips, maybe merge and also am just watching a tutorial on using a plug-in so that I can use fade in/fade out styles when I join up two video clips. Of course I save work in progress to this same Movie Folder which means the folder gets larger and larger. George
  7. I’d like to ask what are two probably simple questions re the adding of video clips. For the first time I think, I have just added video via the O&A tab. I knew video has to be converted but according to the Manual that I checked after adding the clip, it seems that this can only be done via the File List (and so before insertion) or the Slide List – something I have normally done in the past and thus the video clip, already added to one's Project, is converted. Although then what happens in the conversion process has probably happened to me before it is not something I would have noticed, as removing the video from O&A in order to convert, after conversion in my File List I see I now have two video clips, and so have to check which is the converted one and make sure I add the right one back into the Project. Okay if you add just one clip perhaps but even then I had to scroll to the right to see which one had been converted. So how do others organise their Project File for video insertion? Do you have two Video Folders within the Project Folder, one in which has the original video clip, and the second in which, after changing the destination folder before conversion, all converted video clips are stored here for use? Presumably that is possible? If I then use a number of video clips and perhaps forget and do not convert them straight away, is there any way of telling if they have all been converted? And then what is the effect on playback after exporting to an Exe File if one or more video clip were not converted? Guess if I organise myself as suggested in Point One, then I should know if I have converted all video clips used? Any other thoughts please? George
  8. Display slide number

    Ahh, a trip down Memory Lane. Though not actually relevant to your actual question, I did something similar to your project the other year. However before showing some photos from our wedding, I first showed some of the things that were happening in the year we got married. Here in the UK, Junctions 1 - 4 of the M4 motorway were opened (the English section of this motorway was not completed for another six years), the 70mph limit on our Motorways was introduced, and on the railways we had 1,071 miles of track torn up. Hanging for murder was initially temporarily introduced and we had a Bread Strike. Oh and The Beatles played to 56,000 fans in New York's Shea Stadium. I included other news items that I thought would be of interest to family and for a soundtrack used music that were in the Charts in that year, edited so that I had around 40 seconds of each track then segued into the next. Rather than just leaving those old photos gathering dust in an album somewhere, putting together audio visuals highlighting some of those old memories is on my 'to do' list. I just need that kick-start to get going. George
  9. Lin Brilliant for that explanation. Think the penny has finally dropped. Sorry about being such a dummy! George
  10. Lin, Yes I understand about the instructions and have watched your actual Video Tutorial on the use of the Style that has definitely helped me. But sorry for being really thick about this but regret to say I still need help and clarification. So for those first three images then, I should be using images that I have first selectively cropped to 1500 x 1000? Must also though add a thankyou for the reference to Dave's Album Style that I will be checking out. George
  11. Whilst, I think, I do now finally have a basic understanding of Aspect Ratio, putting together a/v's for family pleasure, it is something that I have never really worried about. I use whatever is the default setting in P2E and the resultant exe file plays okay so seemingly no real problem. However I have started thinking about it again as I want to use Lin's excellent Wedding Style (available on this website) for a belated Wedding Book for our son's wedding when the memories of the day came in prints and so now are tucked away in drawers somewhere. Just thought it would be something different for their coming Anniversary. I have therefore now scanned these photos and those of a landscape size range between 2528 x 1414 - 2158 x 1422. As LIn's Style is in 3:2 Aspect Ratio, should I then also be cropping these images to say 1500 x 1000, which I think is a 3:2 ratio? Is this important? George
  12. Text Circling Object - Template

    Lin I should add that it was all as a result of your 'What Can I Do with PicturesTo Exe?' video that I was reminded of what I should be thinking about. I have just watched it again and thinking about it, like I try a do a monthly back-up of my files, at the same time I must rewatch this video regularly to push me to develop further. When's the sequel coming out? George
  13. Text Circling Object - Template

    Lin, Once again, many thanks. Well I never thought I'd see my name circling Jupiter, so brilliant. My first attempt. George
  14. What Can I Do With PicturesToExe?

    Thankyou for that link. Watching it I realised that I had seen it on the Forum. Funny really, you feature curved text but it was only when Lin put the 'What I Can Do with P2E' video together that for me a penny dropped and I made a connection with old BBC Newsreels. Okay my slideshows are only for family but I like to think that each one is a little better than the last and with monitoring what is being said on the Forum and making more use of the 'Dummies' tutorials, I am keeping those grey cells active. George
  15. What Can I Do With PicturesToExe?

    Dave Thankyou also for that extra tip. Will put that in 'My Slide Style Tips' folder. George