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  1. The Krakow Salt Mines 2017

    Nicely done! We visited the mines 2 years ago and I especially liked the colorfully lit gnomes. After we had climbed down the initial 800 steps -- which gave my husband some difficulty -- the guide said "Oh, I should have told you we have an elevator." Duh! Anyway thanks for the memory.
  2. THE LOFOTEN ISLANDS - new slideshow

    Incredible scenery, magnificient photography and a well put-together show! Another keeper! As always, thanks so much for sharing with us. One of these days, when I finish putting together photo books of my recent travels, I hope to get around to doing some slideshows. In the meantime, you can catch my photos at https://www.instagram.com/mhwarnerphoto/
  3. The End Of All Our Exploring

    Mark, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your latest show. Very well done and even more amazing considering the fact that it was done only with an iPhone camera. We visited Auschwitz 2 years ago and I think your show conveys the feelings I had during my visit. The black and white is particularly effective. Thanks for sharing this. Also, I should mention that while I downloaded it quite a while back, I just recently had the time to view your Iceland show. Another very well done show. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Made me want to hop on a plane and visit!
  4. SPRING - A new slideshow

    Well done, as usual! Loved the lambs and the boat filled with daffodils. And I especially liked the final image on the credits. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Issue Loading New v 9 [SOLVED]

    Hi Igor, Sorry not to respond sooner. I was busy taking pictures at the Grand Canyon and had no internet connection. I uninstalled PTE 9 and then reinstalled the latest version 9.01. I did not experience the same issue. The demo show loaded and played properly immediately upon first open, so whatever the problem was, it seems to be resolved. Thanks for being so responsive!
  6. Issue Loading New v 9 [SOLVED]

    It does seem to work Ok from "Help\Welcome screen". It has always worked in previous beta versions when I first loaded the program after installation. Not sure why it didn't this time. Thanks for the quick reply.
  7. Thanks! Not sure how I missed it. I thought I looked there. Guess my eyes are getting old.
  8. Sometime around Feb. 1 Igor provide a demonstration of a new "Album" style for PTE 9. I am not finding it in either the Slide Styles selections. I also looked in the Slide Transitions just in case but it was not in either place. Not talking about the Wedding Album style recently posted by Lin but that one referenced in this thread: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19798-album-style/ It is certainly not listed under the "Wedding" category of the styles list and I couldn't find it under any of the other categories.
  9. Not sure where this should go since it isn't about a beta version but the new release. I downloaded and installed according to the defaults (on Win10 home). My last beta install was Beta 14 and I allowed the install to copy my settings from there. The program loaded and attempted to play the automatic video that loads at the initial install. All I got was the frame and a black square in the middle. It never loaded and I received the following error: Exception EAssertionFailed in module PicturesToExe.Exe at 0000AE1F. I had to let Windows shut down the program and restarted it. It opened fine but the video did not display this time (I assume it only displays on the first install). I loaded the "Sample Project" and it displayed just fine.
  10. Do you create DVD video in PicturesToExe?

    I used to make DVDs for sale when I was doing horseback riding event photography, but I haven't done that for about 3 years. Now when doing presentations for friends and family, I simply connect my laptop to a TV via HDMI and run the .exe. High quality and easy to do. Haven't run into any situations where they have old TVs without HDMI inputs. And only one format of presentation to do. Occasionally, though, I do .mp4s for showing on Facebook or Instagram.
  11. Lin's Wedding Style

    Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this and especially for sharing it with us. Much appreciated!
  12. Iceland 2016

    Nicely done, Mark! Amazing waterfalls. I like the subtle zooming. And I loved the bit with the horses. Icelanding horses are so adorable.

    What can I say? Amazing landscape, incredible lighting and beautiful photography -- all put together in a show that I can watch over and over. Thank you for sharing!
  14. Thanks, Lin! At the moment, I am using it to pan through single image panos for posting on Instagram, but your suggestion will be helpful in the future.
  15. I was able to create a 1080 x 1080 video (of a panorama) for use in Instagram by setting the "Virtual Size of Slide" in the "Screen" tab (after searching for a while) but it would be nice to be able to just pick 1:1 aspect ratio on the "Main Tab". P2E is handy for creating videos of panoramas (or anything else) that you want to display taking advantage of the full height and width allowed in Instagram. I don't use "i" products so the "Instapan" app isn't an option plus it has limited controls.