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  1. Paiche59

    Blocks set' style

    Bonjour Jean-Cyprien, Congratulations for this style, the effects are spectacular, well designed and pleasant to watch come to life. Thank you. Best regards, Pascal.
  2. Paiche59

    Paint It - A Style To Be Developed Further

    Hi Lin, Thank you for this demonstration. Indeed, the use of a video mask is a possibility that needs to be explored further. Personally, in the case of a complex animation like this one, instead of using a video mask I use the dynamic mask technique as I did with Brush Strokes styles in this post I consider that using a dynamic filter offers more flexibility than a video and allows you to keep the synchronization of animations when the slide duration changes. I explain (in French) how the dynamic filters on my site work on this page. Best regards, Pascal
  3. Paiche59


    Thank you all for these messages of thanks. Thank you Lin for this wonderful sunset slideshow. @Gogs, in fact I first applied the actions to a single confetti. Then I used an Excel macro to generate the other confetti in a pseudo random way. The 300 confetti are created in less than 5 minutes. Best regards, Pascal.
  4. Paiche59


    How to put PTE to the test? With this style, each confetti is an object with its own complex movement (pano, rotation, etc.) and color parameters. Each explosion has 300 confetti. With two confetti throws, PTE has to manage 600 objects at the same time. Other free styles like this one are available on Diaporashop.com. Regards, Pascal. 2 Multicolor confetti.ptestyle
  5. Paiche59

    A PicturesToExe Sample Wedding Show on SSC

    Thank you Lin for this demonstration. I have a wedding slideshow to prepare, I will largely draw inspiration from your example to realize it. Best regards, Pascal.
  6. Paiche59

    Power of Color Filters

    Hi Igor, I'm glad to know you liked my styles. Of course, you can include them in the future PTE version. It is a pleasure for me to contribute a little bit to the development of PTE. Best regards, Paiche.
  7. Paiche59

    Power of Color Filters

    Watercolor effect : Watercolor.ptestyle
  8. Paiche59

    Power of Color Filters

    Thank you Igor for these styles. The color filters available under PicturesToExe 9 actually offer the possibility to create amazing effects. I used a variation of the black and white levels applied to a BW image to get a "dynamic mask". For example, these settings allow the appearance of an image with a brushstroke and watercolor effect. Regards. Brush Strokes.ptestyle
  9. Paiche59


    Hello MUR, Yes absolutely, it's a good tip I used to generate many patterns that appear randomly. Pascal.
  10. Paiche59


    A little more information: All additional parameters (Damping factor, Damping speed and fmod) can be changed in Objects and Animation interface. So, you can easily change the behavior of the bounce. Regards, Pascal.
  11. Paiche59


    You know it because you read these lines, PTE is an impressive software. Version 9 is really accomplished and has greatly facilitated the creation of custom styles and transitions. In the Objects and Animation window, when you copy an object you can obviously paste it into the list of objects. As you may have already noticed, if you paste the contents of the clipboard into a text editor, the description of the object and the settings of the animation appear "readable". You can easily change the values of the parameters in the editor then copy and paste in the list of objects in PicturesToExe to see a new modified object appear. What is surprising is that it is also possible to change the functions « add modify » : Oscillation, Jumping, Ping pong and Shift. All of these functions use the Amplitude, Repeat, and Phase Shift parameters. For fun, I wanted to simulate the movement of a ball that bounces with a progressive damping until the complete stop. For that I modified the Jumping function by adding the parameters Damping factor, Damping speed and fmod (frequency modulation). However, I do not advise to use this new function in a style (other than for fun), because I'm not sure that this possibility is sustainable with future versions of PTE. Tennis ball.ptestyle Regards Pascal
  12. Paiche59

    3D Triptych Styles

    Hello Dave, Thank you for your work. Your styles are really interesting and I will probably be inspired by this setup for my next styles. Pascal
  13. Paiche59

    French website about styles and transitions

    Hello Phil, It is completely possible to create an account and order/payment in English. The payment is only possible with PayPal. Pascal.
  14. Paiche59

    French website about styles and transitions

    Thank you very much Ted, I am happy to know that the proposed effects on DiaporaShop pleased you. I hope that my next creations will also please you. Best regards, Pascal.
  15. Paiche59

    French website about styles and transitions

    Several free styles for PicturesToExe V9 are available on diaporashop.com : • Two styles with a 3D effect featuring the fall of a series of five and six square pictures • A dozen very simple styles showing a legend on a photograph. A tutorial (in French) explains how to customize the first two styles. To download the styles, you will need an account on DiaporaShop. If you do not have one yet, register under MON COMPTE (MY ACCOUNT). The free styles are available in the shop, place them in the shopping cart then proceed to the command to get the download link. No payment will be required. Best regards, Pascal.