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  1. Is this still available?..I know was free,but even trying to purchase Mastercard rejected..has anyone here got a copy please Cheers Baz
  2. Wow just wonderful so much dedication here for all of us to use, take a Bow Eric, and a really sincere THANKS!
  3. Can`t find option to open or show The Slide View menu left of screen? and help appreciated. thanks
  4. Very nice and easy to use and setup...thank you!
  5. Love this,but although I choose TWO images can`t get the Cover image to show.......I have worked out how to add the cover text.....but need advice please how to add the cover picture..sorry to be a nuisance but am new to this and still learning. Thankyou Update all ok I did not highlight the images before adding effect..sorry
  6. This is just brilliant..but can`t download it....am new to forum...love your work!..it says FREE but do I still have to pay? Thanks
  7. Just joined forum..thanks for this..NICE
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