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  1. Is this a bug

    Hi Igor 1. The problem only applies to version 9. I have just tried version 8 and it works OK. In fact as I said above it is one of my normal ways of working, so it took me by surprise. I did note that in version 9 the size of the slide and music tracks can be made much bigger than version 8 probably of the order 25 - 30% bigger. 2. Have just tried another project, different images and different source of music and I get exactly the same results. What I have discovered is that if I dont enlarge the the image track and only enlarge the soundtrack (but not to the maximum size), then there is a degree of control but it is very erratic and not at all precise. Ivor
  2. Is this a bug

    In Time line on Beta 22 when I enlarge the images and the soundtrack so that I can better see the wave form. If I play from any point by using mouse or keyboard I am unable to stop the playback without crashing the program. The soundtrack is 8 minutes long and there are 118 images all together. I have expanded the Timeline area to about 50% of my screen height. The soundtrack and images are about equal height in the Timeline area. My normal procedure is just press the space bar or click in the main image window to either start or stop playing the section I want. No matter what I have tried I am unable to stop the track playback without crashing the program. Have I missed some thing? I expand the Images and the Soundtrack individually by making them active clicking them, holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys and rotating the mouse wheel. (Just run it in the latest release candidate - which is a trial version, same thing happens.) Ivor