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    Video Clip Conversion

    I have a mixture of JPG photos and MTS video clips loaded into the file display panel. If they are all moved to the timeline they all look OK. If I then go to the timeline panel and select one of the MTS clips to edit, it then comes up with the Video Converter screen. I then adjust the clip start and end times in the trim section and it looks OK. I then press the convert button and the file is converted as expected. When going back to the main PTE screen I can see the converted video in the correct place. It however has a blank trailing section following the file icon which is the discarded section of the original file. It seems impossible to move the next picture back over this section. When the converted video is played on the monitor section it works up to the new end of the video that I have set but then continues as a still shot to the original video clip end time before displaying the next photo. I am not sure how to fix this. Can anyone help. Bazza the farmer from NZ
  2. The software will need to extract the Exif GPS co-ordinates of each image and convert this to a place name, write it to the Exif Description field and then display this at the bottom of the image during creation of the slideshow. It needs to do this as part of the slideshow creation for each photo and if I am really lucky with all movie clips as well. This will save many hours it the descriptions are all inserted manually. Hope someone can guide me to the right solution.