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  1. I did a little test by following your explanations and I now understand better how it works Thank you again, Dave!
  2. Thanks Dave! I saw your answer on the forum. I had understood the concept of referenced image, but I wanted to know how to name the image in 'Slide 2' which must refer to an image in 'Slide 1'. For example, if I want to refer to image 5 (index) in 'Slide 1' I must name it '%reference%-1,5'. Is that correct? Bernard PS: What is 'OH'? :-)
  3. Hello Dave, I see in the style that you use object names such as '%reference%-1.5'. I didn't find any information in the user's guide (I may have searched wrong :-) ). Where can I find information about this name structure? Best regards Bernard
  4. Hi, Please, in which folder(s) or file(s) are stored the user styles and user effects? Thanks, Bernard Ribot
  5. Hi Dave! Thank you for this menu. But how to run an application instead of slide? Regards, Bernard
  6. Lin, My best wishes for a good recovery and a big thank you for everything you are doing. Bernard
  7. Hi wideangle, I've already used the Jean-cyprien style and the modified style by Lin. I just didn't understand what 1-4-2-1 meant. :-) Now it's Ok. Regards, Bernard
  8. Yesss Lin! :-) This answer is right for me. I didn't think it could be the numbers to enter when creating a new style if I want to modify o change your own. Thanks Lin. Bernard
  9. Hi Lin, hi Jean-Cyprien, I don't understand : " Use 1, 4, 2, 1 from the top down for the number for "first slide, slide count, number of slides for beginning and number of slides for end." Where should we use these numbers? Best regards, Bernard
  10. Hi Lin, I'm really sorry I bothered you for so little. It was very simple and I should have found it myself! :-( And thank you for all the styles you share (also thanks DaveGee and others members). Best regards, Bernard PS : excuse my english if it's not very correct :-)
  11. Thanks Lin for this superb style! But, how to substitute the bookspine file in Frame2 with my own file? I've found 'Frame2' and 'bookspine' in objects list in O&A, but after? What are the steps to substitute? Regards, Bernard
  12. Thanks Dave, it works ! Bernard
  13. Hi, Export of imported styles is working, but export of integrated styles (installed with PTE) not possible? Styles > Tools > Export is not working with installed styles (tried with PicturesToExe 9). Where these (installed/integrated ) styles are stored? Regards, Bernard
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