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  1. Lin's Wedding Style

    Hi Lin, I'm really sorry I bothered you for so little. It was very simple and I should have found it myself! :-( And thank you for all the styles you share (also thanks DaveGee and others members). Best regards, Bernard PS : excuse my english if it's not very correct :-)
  2. Lin's Wedding Style

    Thanks Lin for this superb style! But, how to substitute the bookspine file in Frame2 with my own file? I've found 'Frame2' and 'bookspine' in objects list in O&A, but after? What are the steps to substitute? Regards, Bernard
  3. How to export styles ?

    Thanks Dave, it works ! Bernard
  4. Hi, Export of imported styles is working, but export of integrated styles (installed with PTE) not possible? Styles > Tools > Export is not working with installed styles (tried with PicturesToExe 9). Where these (installed/integrated ) styles are stored? Regards, Bernard