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  1. RobC

    MP4 juddering

    Thanks for your suggestion but that's not possible as I incorporate single images that I speak about for an unspecified duration. When is 10.0 likely to launch?
  2. RobC

    MP4 juddering

    1920x1280. Same as originals. 30 FPS. Bit Rate: 256. Sample rate: 44100. Quality 100. I do appreciate your help with this, Igor. It's terribly frustrating, as you can imagine.
  3. RobC

    MP4 juddering

    Just tried it. Still judders.
  4. RobC

    MP4 juddering

    OK. Isn't this, essentially, the same as what you get when you convert the MP4 as this creates an AVI video?
  5. RobC

    MP4 juddering

    Hi all, hoping you can help me here. I produce talks with integrated video and AV sequences. I'm finding that the AVs judder during playback both on my PC and laptop. Once I've created an AV (with sound) within PTE I then convert it to MP4 so that I can place it within the slideshow. With this MP4 I then Convert Video Clip (tried max and normal quality) and place it within the show. My PC's graphics card is a GEForce GTX 1060 6GB which I'm certain is more than up to the job. Many thanks in advance.
  6. RobC

    Music input levels

    Thank you all so much for your assistance. Problem solved! Very, very grateful
  7. RobC

    Music input levels

    Hi all, many thanks for taking the time to answer my question. When inserting a video clip from my SLR the sound doesn't appear separately. Perhaps it's because it's embeded? Also, the question was actually relating to getting sound levels from several AVs within a single presentation all at the same level (decibels) so that they are all at the same volume. I hope you can help?
  8. RobC

    Music input levels

    I'm putting together a slideshow incorporating several AVs and wondered how to set the music input levels so that when presented one AV isn't louder than the other?
  9. RobC

    Black box

    Hi Lin, Thanks for taking the time to help me pout on this. The images are 1920x1280. I have also tested it by setting the project size to 16:9 and uploading onto Vimeo. Some of the images fill the screen Those images without effects (zoom for example) have a thick black box surrounding them and those with zooming fill the screen. here's the link to the AV. 3:2 aspect 16:9.
  10. RobC

    Black box

  11. RobC

    Black box

    Thanks. I understand this but other videos (time lapse for example) that I have created outside of PTE don't have this issue. It's only videos I have created within PTE for some reason.
  12. RobC

    Black box

    Hi all, would appreciate some help with the following. I've produced an AV which I have published to MP4 for Vimeo upload. Once the videos uploaded it doesn't fill the screen but instead has a black box surrounding it. Full Screen doesn't do anything. On the Project Options, I have the aspect set to 3:2. Of course, if I play it on my PC just as an MP4 I can set the screen to Zoom to Fill but you can't do this with Vimeo and Youtube.
  13. RobC

    PicturesToExe 9.0.14 BETA

    Great! That's done the trick. Can now play the entire lecture as a single file. Loads pretty much instantly too. Thank you.
  14. I've put together a presentation consisting of images and videos with the total exe file being just over 2 gb. From PTE when I'm publishing to Executable File for PC the progress bar stays on 0% for what seems an eternity then 100% suddenly appears. When I attempt to open the exe file it just times out. Is this because the file is too large? If so, is there anything i can do about it other than splitting the talk?