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  1. PicturesToExe 9.0.14 BETA

    Great! That's done the trick. Can now play the entire lecture as a single file. Loads pretty much instantly too. Thank you.
  2. I've put together a presentation consisting of images and videos with the total exe file being just over 2 gb. From PTE when I'm publishing to Executable File for PC the progress bar stays on 0% for what seems an eternity then 100% suddenly appears. When I attempt to open the exe file it just times out. Is this because the file is too large? If so, is there anything i can do about it other than splitting the talk?
  3. User control Exe file

    Thank you. Checked again and you are right! Many thanks.
  4. I've created a slide show of images and video within PTE where I have control over when I move from one slide to the next. When I publish the project as an Exe file for PC I lose all control and it plays as a slideshow. Is there anything I can do to retain control or is it just one of those things and in order to do so do I then need to open up PTE as normal and play it within Preview mode?
  5. Is optimisation necessary?

    Thank you all very much indeed for your help. Greatly appreciated.
  6. Is optimisation necessary?

    Thank you very much indeed. Much clearer now.
  7. Is optimisation necessary?

    Thank you but the question is, is it necessary/advisable or in order to retain the the quality should I just add tbe mp4 and ignore optimising?
  8. I have MP4 video files that I am inserting into a slideshow. The projector is an HD 1920x1280. In order to retain the video's quality is it necessary to optimise the file when prompted by PTE? It states that it is so to ensure snooth playback. I'm concerned that if I do so then the video quality may suffer, or do I have nothing to worry about?
  9. MP4 juddering

    Thank you very much indeed for your response. I shall look into it. Thanks, again.
  10. MP4 juddering

    Hi, I've created an AV (within PTE) which I then converted to an MP4. This was then placed within another slideshow with standalone images that I manually moved from image to image. The whole sequence was then converted to an EXE file. On the PC it works fine but on the laptop the MP4 plays but not smoothly. The only way i can describe it is that is judders. Any clues? .
  11. Slideshow software

    Thank you very much indeed for your help. I found that by using this method with the PTE file (converted to MP4) worked well within Powerpoint.
  12. Slideshow software

    Thank you Lin for your input - much appreciated. Jill, this sounds good. Struggling to find how to Extend the Desktop.....?
  13. Slideshow software

    Hi Lin, yes, I did wonder hence why I also asked if anyone knows of another software that did? Thanks for your reply, though.
  14. Slideshow software

    Hi, thanks for responding. Yes.