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  1. Slideshow software

    Thank you very much indeed for your help. I found that by using this method with the PTE file (converted to MP4) worked well within Powerpoint.
  2. Slideshow software

    Thank you Lin for your input - much appreciated. Jill, this sounds good. Struggling to find how to Extend the Desktop.....?
  3. Slideshow software

    Hi Lin, yes, I did wonder hence why I also asked if anyone knows of another software that did? Thanks for your reply, though.
  4. Slideshow software

    Hi, thanks for responding. Yes.
  5. Slideshow software

    I wondered if anyone knows of a programme (Windows compatible) that I can use when making a presentation using a PTE .exe file? The presentation will be a mix of AV and still images that I manually key-press to move from one image to the next when commentary is required - not recorded - and it would be extremely useful for me to see the image that follows. I believe Keynote enables this? Can this be achieved within PTE?
  6. Joining projects

    I see. thanks, Jill. Yes, I'm finding the project that I have copied loses all the audio clips so I've just added the clips afterwards and saved it. Seems to work ok though a little long-winded as I have re-do the envelope points.
  7. Freezing

    Thank you so much. Such a steep learning curve!
  8. Joining projects

    Is it possible to join 2 or more projects together to make one continual project? I'm using Deluxe V 9.0.10.
  9. Freezing

    Hi Igor, thanks. Here's the link to Dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mqsf1b0bj9yefqk/AAAf9QZv1EbhIZvF6MiEoTuMa?dl=0
  10. Freezing

    I've produced a slideshow where I manually move from one image to the next (to allow for ad hoc commentary) and then an AV show commences. However, both in preview and as an Exe file as soon as the AV show starts it freezes. I have tried publishing it as a HD MP4 but then it loses the ability to move manually from image to the next and shows it as one continuous AV Show with auto transitions thereby losing all control. Help would be much appreciated.
  11. I've designed a slideshow and when playing it those images which I have added animation to (zooming in/out for example) are appearing wider than those which do not even though all images are of the exact same dimensions. Is this normal or do I need to alter something? Image attached.
  12. I use Windows 7 and it doesn't seem to work on that. I did try the method earlier in the post where you simply cut and paste but I found that although the slides were pasted back in the music associated with it did not. When they say only the Slide List by this do they man the Slides and not Timeline? Also, I hope you don't mind me asking but I'm designing a lecture where I would like to manually move from one image to the next (not to be dictated by time) as I will be speaking about it but when I hit a certain image the AV Slideshow with music begins and at the end of the show it stops and I resume, manually moving from one image to the other. Is this at all possible? Many thanks.
  13. Hi, yes I know. Right. I'll look into that. How does that work?
  14. Is this now possible? The system that jfa suggests doesn't work for me.